From an old photo postcard, Elko, Nevada

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Cowboy Poetry

The round-ups, the brandings,
   The calvings are done,
As ranchers sell out
   And move on one by one.

We must tell the stories,
   So memories live on,
Past time when the tellers
   Themselves are long gone.

?2004, Jane Morton 
written for Cowboy Poetry Week, 2004


Way Of Life

Like snowflakes in blizzards,
   change comes thick and fast,
Obliterates landmarks
   that linked to the past.

We need tell our stories,
   share memories amassed,
To help those who follow
   ride out the storm's blast

?2007, Jane Morton 
written for Cowboy Poetry Week, 2007 



Below are poemsócollected over the years at CowboyPoetry.comóabout cowboy poetry.



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Listed Below Alphabetically by Poet
with poems posted in a haphazard order

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There are 7 pages of poems


Rose Mary Allmendinger
Cowboy Culture

John Anderson
Cowboys 'n Poetry

Darrell Arnold
Cowboy Poultry Gatherin'

C. W. (Charles) Bell
Writin' and Recitin'

Alf Bilton
Wounded or On Writing Cowboy Poetry

Virginia Bennett
We Are The Poets 

Sybella Beyer-Snyder 
Bronc Busters and Bards

Mark Black
Poets of the Cowboy Persuasion

Dan Blair
The Wanted Man

Tony Blisard
First Performance

Paul Bliss
Cowboy Poetry in Motion

Barry Butler
The One That Got Away

Charlie Camden
What is a Cowboy Poet?

Darryl Clark
The Storyteller

V. June Blevins Collins
One-Sided, Treasured Friendships

Van Criddle
I Don't Live on the Ranch Anymore

David Dague
How to Write a Poem in Cowboy

"California Steve" Dirksen
Get Back Mr. Black

French Camp Red (Brad Smith)
Earl's Back from Elko

John Gentry
Cowboy Slam

Dusty Grange
Today's Cowboy Poet

Don Gregory

"Doc" Dale Hayes
Accuracy in the Medium

Yvonne Hollenbeck

Sam Jackson
Cowboy Poetry Competition
A Cowboy Poem
Poetic Stimulation
Cowboy Poets

Jim John ("Kansas Jim")
Whether Fact or Fiction

Jay Jones
Recalling the Rhyme

The Compliment

 "Melancholy" Jones
Ruckus at Rhyme Central

Tim Kauffroath
Range Rhymin'

Mike Keenan
The Cowboys and the Important Poet

Bob E. Lewis
Cowboy Poetry

eric lee
Cowboy Poetry Gathering.. or "How t'write cowboy po'try"

Deanna Dickinson McCall
Feral Words

Monte R. McDonald
Cowboy Poetry

Slim McNaught
This Cowboy Thing

Tim R. "Doc" Mason
Life Goes On
Educated Cowboy

Jane Morton
Cowboy Poetry

Way of Life

Andy Nelson
Cowboy Poet

Rod Nichols
Cowboy Poetry
In God's Hands
A Cowboy Poem

Howard Parker
The Cowboy Poet

Pat Richardson
The Evaluation

Bruce Satta
The Cowboy Poet

Bob Schild
Poetic Horses

The Rustler

Michael "Coyote" Schroll
The Cowboy Poet

Jay Snider
A Real Cowboy Poet

Kip Sorlie
The Rhyme Survives

Ezra Spur
The Poets

Hal Swift
Write, er Git Left Behind

TR Stephenson
The Lie

Don Tidwell
Poetic Competition (Cowboy Style)

Tex Tumbleweed
A Boot Scootin' Verse
Cowboy Poet of Yore
Cowboy Poetry
Cowboy Sonneteer

Omar West
The Cowboy Poet Gathering

Kip Willis
Ode to Cowboy Poetry


Click a title to go direct to a poem, or use the pointers to
go from page to page. There are 7 pages of poems.




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