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 "...a unique talent, and a welcomed addition to the world of authentic western music."   Jack Hannah, Sons of the San Joaquin

America's Western Sweetheart

Kim Wescott Photography

About Belinda Gail

Belinda Gail and Curly Musgrave

Selected Lyrics


Contacting Belinda Gail, and more

Western Music Association
Top Female Vocalist, Top Female Performer

Academy of Western Artists
Top Female Western Vocalist

About Belinda Gail
    official biography

As a professional western entertainer, Belinda continues to capture the attention of national venues. She tours the mid-west and western United States extensively and has also performed in Iowa, Michigan, Florida, and Illinois. Belinda began her western music career in 1996 when she toured with the Sons Of San Joaquin. She has performed at Michael Martin Murphey's "West Fest" and appeared with the Riders In The Sky, Don Edwards, Baxter Black, the Sons Of The Pioneers, The Oak Ridge Boys, Lynn Anderson, Johnny Western, Tommy Alsup, The Texas Playboys, Rex Allen Jr., and Roy "Dusty" Rogers Jr. just to name a few. Belinda has made appearances at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri with her own show and with Sonny Spencer of the Sons of the Pioneers. She is delighted to have been a part of Silver Dollar City's very first and very successful "Salute to the American Cowboy."  She recently returned from a series of "Cowboy Christmas" performances in Vienna, Austria.  Continued below...

Kim Wescott Photography


Selected Lyrics 

Mail Order Bride

Horse Corral Meadow

She is a Cowgirl



Mail Order Bride

By the pale light of evening the words slowly came
As he sought to covey the life of love that could be
He wrote to the woman he knew but by name
Would she journey westward to the wild cattle country

He could bring her his cattle then naught but his name
And the struggle that comes from a life in the west
He knew we could love her but would she do the same
Embracing the life and the love he professed

Love on the prairie passion and pride,
Forged between cowboy and mail order bride

She opened his letter with trembling hand
Her fingers were ring less but graceful and strong.
As she wrote that she'd hold to a life of the land,
And the hand of the man to whom she'd belong

But she'd bring no dowry no riches or name
Could this man really love her far off in the west
She was of plan manor but prayed that she came
To a man who would render a love heaven blessed

Love on the prairie passion and pride
Forged between cowboy and mail order bride

As she crossed the Red River so wild beat her heart,
When she saw him coming to make her his bride
The longing had ended and life would soon start
With this strong rugged cowboy with kind loving eyes

As their eyes met all doubt and fear flew with the wind
As the love he had hoped for shown there in her gaze
On the banks of Red River new live would soon start
As the cowboy and mail order bride, rode away

Love on the prairie passion and pride
Forged between cowboy and mail order bride
Love on the prairie passion and pride
Forged between cowboy and mail ... order bride

Words and Music by Belinda Gail / Curly Musgrave
2004, All rights reserved
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the authors' written permission.

Horse Corral Meadow

There is a meadow a jewel in the sky
As green as any emerald you've seen
With sprinklings of wildfire touching her hair
Following the snow melt each spring
A wild and wonderful thing

Early in the morning I'm awakened by the sound
of horses thundering by
Out in the meadow the cattle are grazin'
Peaceful in the early morning' light
Oh what a beautiful sight

In horse corral meadow
Nestled it the mountain so high
Horse Corral meadow
Where the pine trees are reaching for the sky

Up in the cabin there's smoke in the chimney
As Betty and Lewis start their day
There are pies in the oven and fences need mending
Hard work and long hours today
And yet with a smile they will say

Come to Horse Corral Meadow
Nestled in the mountains so high
Horse Corral Meadow
Where the pine trees are reaching for the sky

Cowboys and children and friends by the score
Come to this meadow each summer
Some come to work some just to play
But all come to bask in the splendor
So peaceful in Horse Corral Meadow.

So if you're travelin' through the Sierras
Savor each breathtaking mile
And always remember there's lots of hot coffee
But most of all a warm gracious smile
So stop and rest for a while

In horse corral meadow
Nestled it the mountain so high
Horse Corral meadow
Where the pine trees are reaching for the sky

Words by Belinda Gail and Frederic Fridborg / Music by Belinda
1997, All rights reserved
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the authors' written permission.


She Is A Cowgirl

She takes off her gloves... Her chaps and her spurs
hangs 'em up each on their peg
Steps into an evenin' of glittering stars
slaps her dusty ol' hat on her leg

She is a cowgirl ....
Generations of life handed down
Just like her mother and her mother before her
She is steadfastly standing her ground
Cause she is a cowgirl.....
to this life and this land she is bound

A hard days work behind her and another before her
Yet a smile plays on her pretty face
her skin hints of leather she's strong and she's lean 
And moves with a smooth supple grace

She is a cowgirl ....
Generations of life handed down
Just like her mother and her mother before her
She is steadfastly standing her ground
Cause she is a cowgirl.....
to this life and this land  she is bound

He came from the city,  blew in like the wind
And when ranch life grew rough he blew out again'
But the treasure God gave them she clung  to her breast
A  small baby girl, a daughter ....of the west.

Now they work the cattle, and they love their horses
And the land that's wrapped round their soul
When she sees that passion in the eyes of her daughter
 Knows for her... She must never let go.

She is a cowgirl ....
Generations of life handed down
Just like her mother and her mother before her
She is steadfastly standing her ground
Cause she is a cowgirl.....
to this life and this land  she is bound

Ending Chorus:
She is a cowgirl..
And she'll do what  she has to do
She is a cowgirl...
To this life and this land.... She is true

Words and Music by Belinda Gail  
2004, All rights reserved
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the authors' written permission.


Forever West


I'll Twine 'Midst the Ringlets/For Lovin' Me, Maude Irving/J.P. Webster (Traditional), Gordon Lightfoot
The Old Waxed Jacket, Diane Tribitt, Curly Musgrave
Roly Poly, Frank Rose
I Gave My Love a Cherry (The Riddle Song), Traditional / The Twelfth of Never, J. Livingston/P. Webster
Zinnia Pawley, Belinda Gail/Curly Musgrave
Silver Spurs, Ray Kraft/Jack Hannah
Last Thing on My Mind, Tom Paxton
La Fille de Valeton (Maid of Valeton), Curly Musgrave
Mule Ears in the Sand, Belinda Gail/Curly Musgrave
Wheels, Dave Stamey
This Cowboy's Missing You, Curly Musgrave
My Horse's Heart, Belinda Gail/Curly Musgrave
Only a River, Lee Domann
Texas Plains, C. Stuart Hamblen

$17 postpaid from:

Curly J. Productions
PO Box 512
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

 Rick Huff's review:

Obviously a new CD from (arguably) the best known duo in Western Music is going to be well done!  But another aspect of this newest release from the multi-award winners is impressive in its own right.  More than ever before, I was struck with the feeling it's not just a display of performing prowess.  There are specific and appropriate reasons for the intricacies to be used...which means, even as good as they are, Belinda & Curly still have more they will show us! 

New visions and perspectives abound in this one.  There are strong cowboy images in "The Old Waxed Jacket," (Diane Tribitt's moving poem given melody and set to music), Ray Kraft & Jack Hannah's contemporary classic "Silver Spurs" and there are acknowledged classics like "Texas Plains" and "Roly Poly" here.  And they've "claimed" yet another song for the Western side (Tom Paxton's "Last Thing On My Mind").  But some nicely startling medley work (1859's "I'll Twine 'Midst The Ringlets"...basis for "Wildwood Flower"...hooked to Gordon Lightfoot's "For Lovin' Me" and "I Gave My Love A Cherry" dating from the 18th century teamed with "Twelfth Of Never!") will keep you on your toes.  And if they don't, try "Mule Ears In The Sand," or the portrait of Silkville and Kansas/French immigrant "silk ranching" called "La Fille de Valeton!!" 

There's much more in this CD to recommend than we have space for, which is a huge reason you should snap this one up! 

CD:  $17 ppd from Curly J Productions, P.O. Box 512, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 and also available through www.cdbaby.com.

2008, Rick Huff


Red Rock Moon


Ghost Riders in the Sky by Stan Jones
Somewhere in the Rubies by Ian Tyson
You Can't Put a Brand on Me by Curly Musgrave, Belinda Gail
Three Quarter Time by Curly Musgrave, Belinda Gail
Dance Cowboy Dance by Curly Musgrave, Belinda Gail
Creakin' of the Leather by Curly Musgrave, Belinda Gail
The Remember Song by Steve Walters
Streets of Laredo Traditional adapted by Musgrave/Belinda Gail
Red Rock Moon by Curly Musgrave, Belinda Gail
El Fuego by Virginia Bennett, Curly Musgrave
Wind Beneath My Wings by L. Henley/J. Silbar
Wild Montana Skies by John Denver (Cherry Mountain Music)
Bonus track: Veterans' Dedication

Rich Callaci: Keyboards, Percussion, Bass, String Arrangements
Rich Dixon: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro
Ryan Shupe: Fiddle (except tracks 7,8,10) Mandolin
Aaron Ashton: Fiddle (tracks 7,8,10)
Steve Alred: Pedal Steel Guitar
Belinda Gail: Rhythm Guitar, Vocal Arrangements, Lead and Harmony Vocals
Curly Musgrave: Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Arrangements, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Cover by Don Dane, Olathe, Kansas www.dondanestudio.com

Read more here, including a review by Marvin O'Dell of Around the Campfire.

Order from Belinda Gail's web site or from Curly Musgrave


She Is A Cowgirl

"She is a cowgirl and the selections on it embody much of what is know of
Belinda Gail.  You will experience her warmth, whimsy, sharing, passion,
depth, joy (even what her friends refer to as 'cutsie') and an inimitable
and infectious ENERGY.  I'm honored to be affiliated with Belinda both as a
friend and professionally.  She is a producer's dream whose work ethic is as
impeccable and joyful as the rest of her and, even with her considerable
talents, she continues to embrace the challenge to evolve as a performer and
writer.  That growth is reflected in this collection beginning with her
wonderful title composition 'She is a Cowgirl'.

From this producer's personal view, the crown jewel of this CD is the
performance of 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus.'  It is the least 'produced'
yet most inspiring selection.  In my considerable years in this business I
cannot recall such a seamless flawless, vocal performance and it was and
awesome experience to be in the studio as a picker for Belinda ... and Him"

Curly Musgrave


"Her personality and gift for choosing just the right songs come through
clearly on this new release. She's penned some new ones you're sure to
enjoy, in two cases sharing the writing chores with Curly Musgrave and Kip
. But Kip and Curly also sing duets with Belinda, and they're among
the highlights of the album! Just listen to the beautiful ballad, "O'
Wyoming" with Curly and the catchy "Hooked on Cowboys" with Kip. Fantastic renditions! And you'll hear guests Jill Jones, Jean Prescott and Frederic Fridborg as well!"   - OJ Sikes


She is a Cowgirl
Below The Old Kinney Rim
O' Wyoming
Montana Cowgirl
Two Seated Saddle One Gaited Horse
Warm Owyhee Wind
Hooked On Cowboys
I've Just Got To Be A Cowgirl
Till The Sagebrush Doesn't Roll
Daddy's Little Cowgirl
Cowboy Sweetheart
'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Order from Belinda Gail's web site


Blessed Trails

"This gospel CD is without a doubt Belinda's best CD to date.  Wes and I know that she put much prayer into this on before she did it.  The songs she chose are great and it is obvious the Holy Spirit speaks through each one. This is one CD we will listen to for many years.  Thanks Belinda for letting us share just a little bit in the making of it."

Marilyn and Wes Tuttle

"Ever since Belinda Gail sang with our band 'The Texas Playboys' in Ruidoso NM, I've been a big fan.  I've been fortunate to have played on records the last 30 years with most of the great country & pop singers, and I rank her right up with the best of them.  So, when she decided to record her first gospel CD, I was honored she picked me to play on it and produce it.  It fits right in the mode of her western music CDs.  I promise, you'll be blessed when you hear it, It was a delight to record and a pleasure to listen to."

Tommy Allsup


Wings Of A Dove
Old Rugged Cross
I Rejoice
In The Garden
Known Only To Him
The Gift
If That Isn't Love
Have Thine Own Way
Nothing But The Blood
Power In The Blood

What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Blessed Trails
Haven Of Rest

Order from Belinda Gail's web site

When Trails Meet
with Curly Musgrave

"I love to hear Belinda Gail Sing!  I love to hear Curly Musgrave Sing!
Here's a great chance to hear both of these award winning WMA performers on one great CD.  Listen closely to the songs on this CD and you will see why Belinda and Curly are so deserving of everything that is coming their way!"

Johnny Western


Gallivantin' Galveston Gal
High Sonoita
Prairie Girl
Yodel Blues
Texas Moon
Now That I Found You
Ol' Nevada Moon
Montana Lullaby
Cowboy / Cowgirl Blues
Eight Second Ride
Place Where I Worship
Wild Sierras
Singing On The Trail

Order from Belinda Gail's web site

Lass of the San Joaquin

"Belinda Gail has it all and she proves it on this superb piece of musical art. Not only has she hit a 'home run' on every song on this recording, she has written a fine song entitled 'Horse Corral Meadow,' proving that she can do more than sing beautifully.  You'll have to agree with me after you hear this original that we've got us another budding songwriter on the western scene.  And this cowgirl doesn't only sing pretty, she is pretty - just as pretty as the music she creates.

Belinda's voice is perfectly suited for this brand of music.  It is crisp
and crystal clear, possessing both warmth and vibrancy, reminding me of a spring day ablaze in all it's glory.  Yet, when she is singing a serious ballad, shades of autumn and winter easily appear.

This recording is loaded with great stuff, and better yet, there' a great variety of sound and subject matter. Because of Belinda's exquisite interpretation of the selections on this recording I felt as though I was listening for the first time to songs I have known and sung for years. Naturally I was 'blown away' by her rendition of my own 'Sierra Nevada.' Wow, what a fabulous arrangement.  Thank you Belinda and Dennis Mack (the producer) for doing such a marvelous job.  It was especially gratifying to me because this song was the result of an interview I had with Bobbie Green, a cowgirl - rancher friend of mine who has lived the life and worked cattle in the 'high country' her entire lifetime.

Belinda Gail you are a unique talent, and a welcomed addition to the world of authentic western music."

Jack Hannah - Sons of the San Joaquin

"Because of Belinda's exquisite interpretation of the selections on this
recording, I felt as though I was listening for the first time to songs I
have known and sung for years. Wow!"
 Jack Hannah, Sons Of San Joaquin


Cattle Call
Lass of the San Joaquin
He's Courtin' Annie
Sierra Nevada
Montana Lullaby
Horse Corral Meadow
Red River Valley
Headin Back (to San Antonio)
My Only Love
He's Bein' a Kid Again
Amazing Grace

Order from Belinda Gail's web site

The Cowboy Code

"Her business card states that Belinda Gail is a 'Western Music
Entertainer.' I can tell you that this description does not do justice to
this lovely lady.  What really comes through with Belinda is a true love not only for her audience, but also for Western Music.

My mother used to tell me that everyone and everything has an angel.  How fortunate for us that Western Music has its angel in Belinda Gail.  A truly remarkable talent!"

Roy 'Dusty' Rogers, Jr.

Belinda Gail and Wild Wind's CD includes 12 excellent songs, some are
familiar and some are new, but they are all excellent works that talk about
the West and exemplify "The Cowboy Code"


 Cowboy Code
 Western Trilogy (Tumblin' Tumbleweeds/Cool Water/Blue Shadows on the Trail)
 Poem and Song: She Belongs to the Land (Just like her old man...)
Cowboys are a Girl's Best Friend
Amilia Crane
Fair Blows the Wind
Ghost Riders
Wild Sierras
Starlightin' Time
Girl with a Broken Heart
Cowboy Polka
Followin' on That Star

Order from Belinda Gail's web site



Our First Noel


Our First Noel, with Belinda Gail, Curly Musgrave, Kip Calahan, and R.W. Hampton, a compilation of Christmas songs CD includes 14 tracks:

Two Step Round the Christmas Tree  / Belinda Gail/Curly Musgrave
This Year My Christmas Wish is Mexico / Kip Calahan
Long Canyon Christmas / RW Hampton
Mary Did You Know / Belinda Gail
Christmas Cookies / Curly Musgrave
The Meaning of Christmas / Kip Calahan
 Mary's Little Boy Child / RW Hampton
 Till The Season Comes Round Again / Curly Musgrave
 Cowboy Christmas Eve / Kip Calahan
 Wrapped In Glory  / Curly Musgrave/Belinda Gail
 When My Heart Finds Christmas / RW Hampton
 What Child is This / Belinda Gail
 Once Upon a Christmas / Kip Calahan, Belinda Gail, RW Hampton, Curly Musgrave
Traditional Christmas Medley / Kip Calahan, Belinda Gail, RW Hampton, Curly Musgrave

Order from Belinda Gail's web site


More About Belinda Gail (continued from above)

It has been her high energy and breathtaking performances that have earned her the Western Music Association's 2005 "Top Female Vocalist award" and "Female Performer of the Year" awards for an unprecedented four consecutive years 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. She was also nominated for "Performer of the Year." Belinda has also received the Will Rogers Cowboy Award in 1999 and 2004 in the category of "Female Vocalist of the Year," presented by the Academy of Western Artists. Additionally, Belinda has also been named "Arizona's Veteran Sweetheart" for her work to bring about heightened awareness of the difficulties facing our nations disabled veterans. She is very proud to have been part of the "Spirit of America Tour" bringing Western Music to our military bases.

Belinda has recently teamed up for selected shows with the Western Music Association's Male Performer of the Year, Curly Musgrave, and they were awarded the 2005 "Traditional Duo/Group of the Year" award by the WMA.

Curly Musgrave died in December, 2009. See tributes to him here.

Kim Wescott Photography

 2005 Western Music Association "Traditional Duo/Group of the Year"


Belinda Gail's Web Site, Fan Club, and Contact Information


Visit Belinda Gail's web site for more about her and her music, to listen to sound clips, to order CDs, and more.


Email Belinda Gail


Kim Wescott Photography

For bookings and information contact:

Broken Diamond Entertainment
2120 East Harvard Court, Visalia California, 93292
Phone: 559-733-0808
Cell: 559-786-4872
Fax 559-735-9253


Visit Belinda Gail's web site for information about her fan club, or contact:

Judi Wittwer
12320 S. Sierrita Mtn. Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85736

Belinda Gail and Diane Tribitt have joined together for performances, seminars, and workshops as "Cowgirl True." The collaboration is described, "Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community and work towards a greater good through our inspirational seminars, music and poetry...."

Find more at their web site, www.cowgirltrue.org.






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