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About Bodie Dominguez

Corridos Project

Selected Lyrics

Contact Information

Visit the following web sites for Bodie Dominguez'
tour dates, photos, and MP3 files:



About Boniface (Bodie) Dominguez 
    official biography, 2005

I have been involved in performing for over 32 years. I have played every kind of venue from backyard BBQs, weddings, and picnics, to clubs and seedy bars within a 200 mile radius of my home. I live in the Lewiston, Idaho-Clarkston, Washington valley. I  have worked as a mechanic for Potlatch Corp. for 32+ years. About 15 years ago I started putting my own recording studio together and now have produced some Top 10 CDs for friends. I had been asked to get involved with the Western Cowboy Gatherings for about 10 years, but my regular job and my performing schedule did not let up until about five years ago.

I spent about $5,000.00 the first two years traveling to gatherings and getting to know the performers. I have since found a happy medium between Cowboy Gatherings and my club dates. Anytime I can afford to go to a Gathering I make the time. It was a great struggle for me to leave a good paying venue to attend the gatherings that don't generate enough
revenue to cover even my traveling costs. I now have enough CDs and merchandizing to at least cover my expenses. I have also concentrated on Gatherings that can afford to pay their performers.

From the beginning it has been a great adventure to attend the Cowboy Gatherings and to meet all these great performers that are a part of this genre. Because of my involvement in the Cowboy Gatherings, I have gone from a 200 mile radius to a world wide audience that listens to my music. Because of the Western Heritage radio show at KRLC and Tommy Tucker, I have a great new number of fans that keep me busy locally with house concerts and acoustic entertainment. The clubs and bars have also kept me busy in my old venues and they don't seem to mind the people who listen to the radio show who come into their venue to catch a live performance in a dance type of atmosphere. 
Continued below...

Selected Lyrics 

Fifty's Just A Number

A Cowboy's Heaven

Merry Christmas



Fifty's Just A Number

Ridin' along the river trail
A soft April rain is falling
Above its subtle whisper
I hear weary wild geeze callin'

I close my eyes and drift a while
To hoof prints on the soft ground
The damp earth smell the sounds of spring
Envelope and surround me

And fifty's just a number
My life has been a dream
Good friends a loving family
And the first wild flowers of spring

Time really had no meaning
It hasn't changed the things that count
The sights and smells of April
A gentle rain and a willing mount

And fifty's but a number
My life has been a dream
Good friends a loving family
Like the first wild  flowers in the spring

2004, Bodie Dominquez and Mike Puhallo
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


I search the net and known poets to see if there is something that I like. I set a melody, set down maybe one guitar, or like with Mike Puhallo's "50's Just A Number," I wrote all the guitar, bass, lead guitar, and used an Alesis drum machine for a click track. I use a Yamaha AW4416 mixing board  I wrote one more verse and used it as the chorus.  The weird chord that starts out that song is derived from a "C" chord. If anyone knows what that chord is, let me know. I just happen to land my fingers in the wrong position and that chord was born. That's the track that is in the Knocking Down Fences CD compilation that was nominated and was in the Top 5 finalists in the 2005 AWA awards.

A Cowboy's Heaven

There are many verses written about the cowboy,
Some of them are not so always true,
But the cowboy lives in a corner of heaven
and I'm gonna try to prove it just to you.

Have you ever rode a cross the rolling prairie,
Have you ever crossed the mountains wild and high,
Have you ever watched the sunset in the evening,
Painting streaks of gold across the western sky?

Have you ever seen the flowers in the springtime,
Have you ever seen the bloom upon the sage,
Have you ever seen the cactus on the dessert,
Just reaching to the sky for one more rain?

Have you ever watched a firefly in the evening,
Have you ever watched the nighthawk in the sky,
Have you ever watched the cattle head for bedground,
As evening shadows warn that night is nigh?

Have you ever sat beside a glowing campfire ,
As the moon is shining gently through the trees,
And the stars provide a sparkling bit of backdrop,
And you hear the night sounds floating on the breeze?

You can hear the cattle lowing in the stillness,
And the coyotes playful yapping from a far,
And the crickets gently chirping out their love call,
To the popping of the pine knots and the tar.

So you see there is some logic to my story
And the cowboy life is more than you can see.
If you don't believe the words that I have told you.
Just come and ride a day or two with me.

O yes, come and ride this cowboy's trail with me.

2005, Bodie Dominquez and Phil Crawford
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Phil Crawford put his poem, "Cowboy Heaven," in a Yahoo Groups message  to
get some feedback,  and I wrote a melody, put down all the instrumentation, sent it back to him in an MP3, and we had a song.


Merry Christmas

A red crayon colored Santa,
and a rumpled paper dove,
memories of Christmas past,
made with paper, paste and love.

Amid the lights and tinsel,
that adorn our Christmas tree,
it's these precious family treasures,
that mean the most to me.

Some times... among the clutter
we fail to see the gift of love.
A red crayon colored Santa
and a rumpled paper dove.

Merry Christmas

2004, Bodie Dominquez and Mike Puhallo
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Mike Puhallo sends me all his "Meadow Muffins," and when I see something that I like, I just sit down and write a tune to it. The chord progression on "Merry Christmas" comes from a study that I was doing on an old Agustin Lara song that my mother loved. That's the reason for all those strange chord changes that are in that tune

More About Bodie Dominguez (continued from above)

My deep thanks to all the people behind the scenes who don't realize the impact that they have on our success. Margo Metegrano, Bobby Newton, Charlie & Kathy Camden, Tommy Tucker, the radio stations that play our music and have the weekly radio programs that give us the exposure, and all the people that serve on as officers and board of directors for these organizations. They donate a lot of their time and money to keep these organizations and this type of music out there.

I hope to someday be independent enough to be able to generate enough return to do more of this type of music that I love. My heart goes out to all the performers out there that are struggling to stay performing and to keep this music and poetry going. Whenever possible I try to sponsor their travel and performances to our valley. I will support their efforts as
long as I'm able. You have given me a venue that I greatly enjoy and friends that I will always treasure. Thank You

Traditional Western Music/Country Music/Latin

32+ years performing in all venues Clubs/Lodges/Casuals/Honky Tonks

Last 5 years performing with Academy of Western Artists and Western Music Association in Las Vegas, Fort Worth, and Santa Clarita.

Opened two shows for Joni Harms in Lewiston, Idaho in 2003, and opened for Brenn Hill September, 2004

Multiple Academy of Western Artists nominations

Helps to host the Western Heritage Radio Show KRLC 1350 AM, Lewiston,  Idaho

President of the Christian Cowboy Balladeers

Vice President of the Palouse Cowboy Poets Association and talent coordinator for their events 

Treasurer of the Northwest chapter of the Western Music Association  

Olmito, Texas 1948 (Texas/Mexico border town near Brownsville, Texas)

Senior Mechanic for Potlatch Corp Lewiston, Idaho 33 years


1962 Came up North to Oregon in 1962 as migrant worker
1968 World travel courtesy of USMC (Vietnam-Honk Kong-Taiwan-Philippines-Okinawa)
1972 Started working for Potlatch Corp Lewiston, Idaho/Started playing music in local bands


Bought first guitar at 14 (owns 16 guitars at the moment + miscellaneous other instruments)
Attended 5 years of school in Mexico/Eight grades in US/GED in Okinawa
Associate degrees in Drafting-Electronics-Industrial Management (LCSC Lewiston, Idaho)
Staff Photographer for Happy Trails Magazine 


TWIN RIVER RECORDING (24 track digital studio)
18 years recording in my own studio
8 years recording for other musicians and performers
One CD project with a nomination in the 2005 Academy of Western Artists Will Rogers' Awards Top 5; a 2003 Top 10 nomination




My show consists of background music with most of my guitar tracks played live with my vocals for clubs or weddings). I love performing with just my guitar and doing an acoustic set for Cowboy Gatherings, BBQs, private parties, house concerts, and so on. 

Bodie and Charlie Camden

Corridos Project

Beginning in 2010, Bodie Dominguez worked with Boise State University (BSU), the Idaho Humanities Council and Mujeres Unidas de Idaho and other organizations and songwriters on a "corridos" project. Corridos are traditional folk ballads about people and events. 

The project resulted in a 2010 concert that celebrated 150 years of Mexican/Latino history in Idaho through corridos written by Idaho and Washington musicians about Idaho's Mexican and Mexican-American history. A CD is in production. See articles about the concerts here and here.
Bodie Dominguez told us about his involvement in the project: 
I learned so much that I did not know about the history of how the Mexican families came North, not just in the period of the worker shortage in WWI, but also in the gold rush in Idaho at Orofino, Idaho, and Pierce Creek in the early 1800s where  gold was first discovered there. Mexican miners had a knowledge of processing gold and minerals that few in North America had.

One of the most interesting things about having to put on workshops at BSU was having to deliver the workshop first in one language and then another so that all the songwriters could take it in. I struggled for about the first four hours since I had not spoken my language in about 30 years, but it came back  very fast once we got started. We had some songwriters who spoke either one language or the other, but not both, so we had fun.
Find some of Bodie Dominguez'  corridos at: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=156166



Contact Information

Bodie and Richette Dominguez

Visit the following web sites for tour dates, photos, and MP3 files:



1021 15th Street
Clarkston, WA 99403

home 509-758-0447
studio 509-751-9451
cell 208-791-5301

Email: bdominguez@cableone.net





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