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A Cowboy's Ego

You know, learning how to cowboy ain't an easy chore.
Every time we saddle up we learn a little more.

Like the time down on the desert helping my granddad
With all our wranglers, twenty-two's, and our shirts, they was plaid.

Grandpa had Caib and me pushin' more then just one cow.
I had my rope out and started ropin' like I knew how.

I told Caib that I could rope a white calf of Gary's
right after he jumped through a patch of buffalo berrie.

I pulled out my rope shook it and swung out a loop.
I kicked and spurred my horse and the loop went in a swoop.

I threw the rope at the calf and just like a circus ring,
The calf jumped right straight through it as smooth as anything.

I figured I had missed it he'd jumped clean through my rope.
I quickly pulled and dallied it without any hope.

But suddenly my rope went tight I'd caught that young bovine.
Pride slowly started creepin' in I thought, "The glory's mine."

But quickly I realized the pride was premature
And getting back my rope was a haughty ego cure.

2009, Braden Brian
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Braden told us: This poem is just about an experience I had gathering cows down on the desert near Lake Powell.


About Braden Brian:

In 2009, Brian told us:

I am 12 years old and I have lived on a little farm in Wayne County. I've been cowboyin' since the day I was born.

Braden is not the only poet in his family. His brother, Caib Brian, who is mentioned in his poem, also has poetry at Their mother, Cathy Brian is a Lariat Laureate runner up. In commenting on her poem, "The Day the Cows Go Out," she wrote that she is "...the mother of five wonderful, slightly dirty, mischievous, kids..." She added that "The oldest four have recited my cowboy poetry on stage for the last nine years. Each has tried his or her hand at writing about their own cowboy dreams."



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