The eighth recording from renowned Cowboy Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill is Rodeo Heaven: a collection of 14 all-new, all-original songs that celebrate life’s most profound rites of passage and the immortality of one of the world’s most iconic figures—the cowboy.

It features “live” studio recordings-Brenn playing and singing each song with no auto-tune or studio tricks in chain.  Surrounded by an assortment of some of the West’s finest roots musicians, the result is an array of deeply emotional performances carefully sculpted by Brenn and Acoustic Music Producer-Extraordinaire Ryan Tilby.

“The subject matter of this recording is deep and personal,” expounds Hill, “and we wanted to convey raw emotion. It was heavy at times, I’m not going to lie to you, I shed a tear or two on this one.”

With songs like “Rodeo Heaven,” “Hey Dawson,” “Single Winter Rose,” “A Mother’s Love,” and “Horses In Heaven,” the passage of lives and the iconic characters that are so honorably portrayed are both tragic and triumphant, sorrowful and celebrated. Clear messages of hope and love abound in the parting messages that Hill weaves into his words and melodies about life, the land, horses, and the indomitable western spirit.

“Courage in the Saddle” and “Just Gettin’ Started” offer praise to Western Legends like Bobby Adair and “Junior” Naisbitt who graced the Quarter Horse Racetrack and the Rodeo Arena touching thousands of lives on their journeys.  “Purple Heart” celebrates the life of a haunted soldier that turns to the Great Bob Marshall Wilderness to stave off the grasp of Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome. And “Carissa” pays tribute to the Music Therapist that helped Hill’s young son, Briggs, survive the impossible.

Rodeo Heaven is layered with emotion and cinematic imagery rich with captivating melodies and acoustic purity.  It is a fitting showcase for an artist that so purely represents the deep faith and courage of the Cowboys and Cowgirls he sings about.  Brenn Hill is an artist in full stride on Rodeo Heaven and this collection of recordings gives profound insight to the West that Hill calls Heaven.