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When the Snow Flies

The smell of old Carhartts in the cold
Stiff leather work gloves, cedar wood smoke
The feel of horse hair thatís been sun-soaked
By the Montana winter

Gates run smooth and silent with the frost
Ice shatters in the steel stock trough
Silhouetted horses greet me with the dawn
Saddled with snow

     When the snow flies my spirits rise
     Dancing through the meadow, dry and light
     And the blue sky brings tears to my eyes
     On a cold Montana morning

The sun just misses our cabin in the draw
Threshold ice never gets to thaw
Drifts on the ranch road get mighty tall
Walking down the fences

The road gets quiet, polishing the sounds
Patterns emerge on our frozen hay ground
A day to hole up, forget about town
Bake some cornbread

     When the snow flies my spirits rise
     A skiff in the stubble, a dusting in the pines
     And the blue light beckons the night
     On a cold Montana evening

Heís a cowboy that rides alone
I donít like him getting too far from home
He says that old sandy roan
Would never let him get hurt

But itís ten below, hooves pack with snow
Makes it harder to dig in his toes
His hands canít help getting froze
Switching from pocket to pocket

     But when the snow flies his spirits rise
     Horses wheel to see him as he rides
     In the moonlight the cabinís bathed in white
     In the cold Montana winter

     When the snow flies my spirits rise
     A glow in the tie barn tells me heís all right
     And his blue eyes laughing and bright
     Warm my soul in the cold Montana winter

© 2014, Brigid and John Reedy, All Rights Reserved
These lyrics may not be reprinted or reposted without the authors' permission.


Listen to Brigid Reedy sing "When the Snow Flies," with musical backup
 and photography by John Reedy, in a beautiful video, here.



  About Brigid Reedy
provided 2014

Musician Brigid Reedy has grown up homeschooled on ranches in Colorado and Montana. Daughter of musician, poet, and photographer John Reedy, she has been steeped in Western music from the very start. She learned to yodel at the age of two and began playing the fiddle a few years later. Her musical repertoire runs the full gamut of the American West, from the most traditional cowboy tunes to new songs by contemporary singer-songwriters. She lives with her family near Boulder, Montana.

Brigid Reedy has been an invited performer at events and gatherings, including the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival, and Songs of the Cowboys.


An outstanding EP is available from Brigid Reedy.

When the Snow Flies by Brigid and John Reedy
Frosty Morning Waltz by Brigid Reedy
Dill Pickle Rag traditional, arranged by Brigid Reedy
Out Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by John Reedy
Montana Cowboy by D. Pieffer

Brigid Reedy's painting, "Johnny's Boots," is a part of the album's attractive design.


Brigid Reedy is available for $6 postpaid from:



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