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The Big Roundup

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The Big Roundup, our 2001 anthology of over 140 classic and contemporary Cowboy poems and songs, was awarded the Academy of Western Artists' Buck Ramsey Award, the 2002 Best Poetry Book at the Seventh Annual Will Rogers Awards for Outstanding Achievement of Contemporary Cowboy Skills ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas, July 9, 2002.

A list of other years' recipients is below.

The award is named for the beloved late Buck Ramsey.  The program described the award: "Every now and then, a unique and very special person comes along who touches all of us in a memorable and lasting way.  Buck was one of those rare individuals.  Beside the considerable body of poetry and songs he left us, his quiet courage, his gentle friendship, his joyful sense of humor and his constant encouragement, both by example and by eloquent expression, left an indelible impression on those who knew him or ever saw him perform.  The Academy of Western Artists is proud to announce, that to honor Buck's memory and keep it vital, the Poetry Book Award will hereafter be called 'The Buck Ramsey Award.'"

You can read much more about Buck Ramsey and some of his 
poetry in our feature right here

The other finalists in 2002 were:

Chris Isaacs, Cowboy Poetry; Rhymes, Reasons and Pack Saddle Proverbs

Dennis Fischer, Fixin' to Get Exciting

Red Steagall, The Fence That Me and Shorty Built

Lloyd Shelby, Rainman

Linda Kirkpatrick, Somewhere in the West

Mike Puhallo, Piled Higher and Deeper on the Cariboo Trail

Missouri Cowboy Poets Association, Missouri Cowboy Poetry

Cade Schalla, What's A Steer?

Allen "Hook" Hill,  Cactus, Mesquite and Dry Grass 


Buck Ramsey Poetry Book Award Winners


  1996  Cowboy Curmudgeon and Other Poems by Wallace McRae  

  1997  Cowhide 'n Calico by Ann Sochat

  1998  Poetry of Bruce Kiskaddon edited by Mason & Janice Coggin  

  1999  My Cowboy's Gift by Andy Wilkinson

  2001  Cow's Tail for a Compass by Leon Flick

  2002  The Big Roundup edited by Margo Metegrano

  2003  Horse Tracks Through the Sage by Sunny Hancock and Jesse Smith

  2004  Born to This Land by Red Steagall with photographs by Skeeter Hagler

  2005  Cowboy Poetry: Cloud Watchers by Rolf Flake

  2006  Buck Ramsey's Grass, with essays on his life and work edited by Bette Ramsey and Scott Braucher 

  2007  The Campfire Ain't Quite Out by Kent Stockton

2008  No award

   2009  Tracks that Won't Blow Out by Ray Owens






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