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Nuts and Bolts

I remember it was years ago
Back when I was green
A driftin' about from place to place
Young, hungry and lean
I hired on a horse ranch
Up the Colorado way
Breakin' colts which suited me fine
So I decided I would stay
There was and old cowboy by the name of Ben
Who worked for this outfit
And when it came to taming horses
I've seen nobody better yet
He could take a wild, white eyed nag
And in an hour or two
The horse would do just about anything
Ol' Ben asked him to do
His voice was low and smooth
And his hands had a velvet touch
I figured there must be a trick to it all
So I asked him if there was such
Now he sat there and thought awhile
A scratchin' on his chin
Spit out a string of tobacco
Then looked up at me and grinned
"Well... son when it comes to hosses
There ain't no formula on key
They all pretty much want to be a man's friend
But if your asking me
Of some wise words of some sort
That you can put down in some quotes
Well when it comes down to horses
It's just all about nut's and bolts"
And he must of caught my puzzled look
for he continued to explain
"It's really pretty simple
And it works just the same
For studs, mares, fillies
Or even a feisty colt
If the rider is a little nuts
The horse is sure to bolt!"

© 2002, Cade Schalla
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



Colored Water

Nothin' is really simple these days
When it comes to choosing
And if you happen to be the indecisive type
Well it's a battle you are losing
The clothes you wear, the car you drive
Even the food you buy
And that's the one that gets to me
A let me tell you why

For example a bag of taters
Different kinds from one to three
But I can't seem to tell 'em apart
They all look the same to me
And even though they appear the same
One will cost you a nickle more
And you can bet they'll be switched around
Down the street at a different store
Less fat here, no fat there
A third less fat per cup
But does it really matter
Cause when your number's up it's up

And I have to really wonder
How they take some poor milk cow
And extract from her this colored water
Folks seem to be drinking now
And water is really all it is
If you look from where I sit
That gets strained through some ol' cow
To get some white to stick to it

And if you stop to think about it
Heck it's really quite a prank
Cause it ain't even mountain spring water
But that from the ol' stock tank!

© 2004, Cade Schalla
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Empty Saddles

The room it was a cluttered mess
It’s where I kept my tack
As I tried to clean it up
I saw it in the back

And it froze me in my boots
It struck an inner chord
It took me back twenty years
To a man whom I adored

He gave that saddle to me
A few days before he died
I promised him I wouldn’t
But the Lord knows that I cried

Taught me how to swing a rope
Taught me how to ride a horse
Passed on to me his values
Said a man should stay the course

Told me stories ‘bout the old days
When the west was still a bit wild
And when he talked of his rodeo years
I always noticed that he smiled

Said he roped a bear once
But I think he was pulling my leg
Was in the circus for a few years
You should have seen him juggle an egg

Said he’d been in a fight or two
Known a few women but only loved one
Drank his share of whiskey
Believed in the Father and in the Son

I came back to the present
And tried to shake off all the dust
But memories tend to stick to you
Like steel all covered with rust

And I thought about mortality
Old ones die and new are born
There’s the sowing of the seed
And the harvest of the corn

Generations pass like seasons
Trying to remember yesterday
Bracing for tomorrow
With what time don’t wash away

We make our way the best we can
On life’s river without any paddles
And the traces that we leave behind
Are dusty memories and empty saddles

© 2009, Cade Schalla
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Cade comments: Memories of my grandfather inspired me to write this poem. I think we all have things that have sentimental value to us, whether it be something that has been passed down from generation to generation or something that was given to us by a dear friend, and oftentimes just a glimpse of that object or even the thought of it brings back memories.


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  About Cade Schalla:

I am a cowboy poet, entertainer, writer and columnist. I currently hail from Sealy,Texas but grew up in the wilds of Montana and later in the deserts of New Mexico. My father trained racehorses and I was loping colts on the track from the age of 12. I started riding bulls and bucking horses in High School and earned a College scholarship to Odessa College in Odessa, Texas. I later got my pro card and rodeoed in the PRCA and the PBR. I worked for several cattle ranches throughout New Mexico, Texas and Colorado and also shoed a few horses to finance my rodeo ambitions. I am veteran of the U.S. Navy and have been writing and performing cowboy poetry at various events for over 10 years I write a weekly column for my local newspaper on a variety of subjects, all told from a cowboy’s point of view. My poem “Looking For America” has achieved some national acclaim and has been published is several magazines and several major newspapers throughout the West.


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