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That Old Fence

I like that old fence!
It don't make sense
To see an old fence.
I don't know why
But it makes me want to try
To fix that old fence.

2005, Caib Brian
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Caib wrote "That Old Fence" when he was six. He told us: One day I was kinda bored so I asked my mom if I could play on the computer. She set up the computer on the Microsoft Word program instead of a game and I decided to write my own poem. Two hours later I showed my mom what I had written. I called it "That Old Fence." I've gone lots of times with my dad and my grandpa to help them fix fence. I love tools and making things and I guess that's why when I see an old fence I want to try to fix it.

About Caib Brian:

In 2005, Caib told us:

I just turned 7 years old. I live in Loa, Utah My family owns about three hundred cows and three hundred sheep.  My favorite thing in the whole world is getting to herd the cows all summer long.  I love to ride my horse, Buck.

Three years ago when I was 4 years old my mom entered me and my brother in a cowboy poetry contest in Richfield, Utah. I was kinda young so she wrote my poem for me and I memorized it and performed it.  I was surprised when I took first place and my brother took second place.  But, I had so much fun that  did it again the next year. I've now had a few invitations to perform my poems at different cowboy poetry gatherings. It's been really fun.


Caib is not the only poet in his family. His brother, Braden Brian, also has poetry at Their mother, Cathy Brian is a Lariat Laureate runner up. In commenting on her poem, "The Day the Cows Go Out," she wrote that she is "...the mother of five wonderful, slightly dirty, mischievous, kids..." She added that "The oldest four have recited my cowboy poetry on stage for the last nine years. Each has tried his or her hand at writing about their own cowboy dreams."



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