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Find information about The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six (2011) here.

The BAR-D Roundup News


The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six (2011) is a compilation of vintage and contemporary recordings of some of the  best cowboy poetry. A wide range of voices present tales that express this venerable art form, words that uncover "the heartbeat of the working West."


(Find a narrative description of the CD's contents with poem excerpts below.)

This sixth annual edition of The BAR-D Roundup has several threads running through it. Among them: the passing down of traditions through generations, enduring friendships, connections, and the Lone Star state. There are several poems written by Texas poet Larry McWhorter (1957-2003). Texas singer, songwriter, and poet Andy Hedges recites Larry McWhorter's "Trilogy for Cissy." Larry McWhorter's daughter Abi McWhorter recites his poem, "Therapy." Top cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell—in a recording that he and Larry McWhorter had wanted to make and was made possible after Larry McWhorter's death through technology—recites "Cowboy, Count Yer Blessings" along with Larry McWhorter. A fine complement to that poem is the respected Buck Ramsey's (1938-1998) rendition of the traditional "Windy Bill."

Additional Texas voices are heard: J.B. Allen (1938-2005), whose image is on the Cowboy Poetry Week poster in a painting by Duward Campbell, recites his poem, "The Medicine Keepers." Joel Nelson recites his tale of "The Song of the Packer" and Linda Kirkpatrick recites Berta Harte Nance's ((1883–1958) defining poem, "Cattle." Top cowboy troubadour Don Edwards lends a spoken-word piece, "The Devil's Hatband." Premier singer, songwriter, and cowboy poet Red Steagall tells his "McCorkle and the Wire."

Jay Snider recites a modern classic, "The Bear Tale," by Sunny Hancock (1931-2003). Noted reciter Randy Rieman opens the CD with a fragment of "Looking Backward" by Bruce Kiskaddon (1878-1950) and Jesse Smith recites Kiskaddon's "Forgotten." Dick Morton presents Sharlot Mabridth Hall's (1870-1943) "Beyond the Range," and Jerry Brooks recites "The Old Prospector" by Charles Badger Clark, Jr. (1883-1957). 

There are many additional tracks of contemporary poems, most from poets who frequently please audiences from today's gathering stages, including: Doris Daley, Elizabeth Ebert, DW Groethe, Linda M. Hasselstrom,
Yvonne Hollenbeck, Sam Jackson, Carole Jarvis, Rod Miller, Jane Morton, Andy Nelson, Rodney Nelson, Pat Richardson, and Bob Schild.

Every year's CD includes a radio public service announcement about the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry. This year, it is delivered by popular singer, songwriter and poet Brenn Hill.

The BAR-D Roundup cover images are vintage photos of poets or their forebears. This year's cover features legendary fiddler and cowboy Frankie McWhorter (1931-2008) and his dog, Hank. Frankie McWhorter was the father of cowboy and poet Larry McWhorter (1957-2003) and grandfather of reciter Abi McWhorter. The photograph was taken in about 1986 by Kris Erickson (www.hankthecowdog.com).

Inside each year's CD, a contemporary ranch family photo is featured. For 2011, there's a photo of  Andrea McWhorter Waitley, Frank Waitley, and Abi McWhorter, along with Sunday, a horse started by Larry McWhorter as a two-year old. Sunday, who was ridden by four generations of McWhorters, was nearly 30 when he died in 2010.

Poems and permissions were generously donated by poets, musicians, families, organizations, and publishers.

Wyoming's Andy Nelson, poet, humorist, popular emcee and co-host of the award-winning Clear Out West (C. O. W.) Radio show is the CD's engineer and co-producer (with Margo Metegrano).

The BAR-D Roundup CDs are sent to rural libraries as a part of Cowboy Poetry Week's Rural Library Project. They are also a premium for supporters of CowboyPoetry.com and the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, and are offered for sale.

Find complete information here, along with a narrative description of the CD's contents, with poem excerpts.

Read more and find order information and special offers in our feature here.


Volume Six (2011)

The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six (2011) is available, postpaid, for a $20 donation, and is offered to new and renewing supporters of the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry at the Partner level and above.

Proceeds from The BAR-D Roundup support the Center. CowboyPoetry.com is a project of the Center. 

You can order by mail using the form here or send $20 (check or money order in U.S. funds) per copy to:

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Postage is included for the U.S. and Canada. Add $5 US for other countries.

You can also pay by a secure, on-line credit card payment (a Paypal account is not required):

CowboyPoetry.com is a project of the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, Inc. a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Act. Contributions are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes. The BAR-D Roundup fair market value is $15 and no amount of the $20 donation for its postpaid delivery is tax deductible as a charitable contribution.


 Thanks to the radio shows who frequently play tracks from The BAR-D Roundup.

Clear Out West (C.O.W.)
Cowboy Culture Corner
Real West from the Old West
Calling All Cowboys
The Western Hour
Back at the Ranch
Western Heritage Show
Spirit of the West
and others, noted below

  Sue Thurman reviews The BAR-D Roundup: Volume 6 in a December 6, 2011 column at Examiner.com. She writes, "The wonderful poetry on this CD is a colorful tapestry of voices, mixed with the sounds of nature, music, and sprinkled with humor...It  was an experience to listen to the different voices paint amazing stories, much like old time radio shows. Truly a delight."

Read the review here.

Posted 12/8

Find a comprehensive index of all volumes of The BAR-D Roundup here. There are indexes by poem title, author, and performer for all six volumes.

Posted 11/14

   The Summer, 2011 issue of The Western Way magazine, the official publication of the Western Music Association (WMA), includes Rick Huff's review of The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six.

He writes, "....The BAR-D Roundup series marks and presents the best of the best. The CDs rank beyond any reviewer’s wooing words. They are fabulous, and this one…once again…needless to say…is a must-have!"

Read the complete review

Also in that issue, The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six is listed as the top-played cowboy poetry CD on Western radio.

The Western Way is a benefit of WMA membership and is also available to the public for reading at the WMA web site.

Posted 7/21

   In our new "Bring a Friend" program, when you refer a new supporter at the $40 level or higher, you'll receive a copy of your choice of any one of the The BAR-D Roundup CDs (Volumes 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6).  Enjoy the CDs for yourself or for a gift.

(Recently, donor premiums were increased so that donors at the $40 level receive The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six, and donors at the next level receive that CD and additional one of their choice. Find information about all levels of support here.)

If you are not already a supporter, buddy up with someone and bring two new (and needed) supporters to the BAR-D.

After your friend makes a donation, simply email us and request your CD.

Posted 7/18

 American Cowboy magazine's July/August 2011 issue features a review of CowboyPoetry.com's The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six. Charley Engel of Calling All Cowboys radio, a frequent American Cowboy reviewer, writes about the compilation of classic and contemporary cowboy poetry recordings, "...The authentic voices of Randy Rieman, Larry McWhorter, J.B. Allen, Red Steagall, Jerry Brooks, and others, transport the listener to everyday domains and grand vistas inhabited by humble and colorful cowpokes, packers, and prospectors." Read more about The BAR-D Roundup here at the BAR-D.

American Cowboy includes many additional articles and features of interest. Find more at www.americancowboy.com.