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Happy holidays all!

We add new poetry every day in December, through Christmas and list them below.

You can also enjoy the poems from past years' celebrations: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2000 and see a list of all those poems here.



Along with our daily additions, we post holiday news and features here.



'Tis the season.

If you enjoy features such as Christmas at the BAR-D,  there's no better time to show your support.


Become a Founder, make a donation, perhaps in memory of someone who treasured our Western Heritage: Make a difference.

Read some of our first supporters' comments here,  visit the Wall of Support, and donate!

Read all about our history, the Center, and about how you can be a part of it all right here.

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All Holiday Poems


Listed Below Alphabetically by Poet, Classic Poets First
with poems posted in a haphazard order

At least one new poem is added each day through Christmas,
along with selected classic and contemporary favorites from past years' celebrations

Our Christmas Art Spur project has a collection of poems inspired by 
"A Christmas Tale" by Mick Harrison.  Links to those poems are included below.

Click a title to go direct to a poem or use the pointer to
just enjoy goin' from page to page


S. Omar Barker

Christmas Promise
Empty Saddles at Christmas
Shepherds of the Range
Three Wise Men

Arthur Chapman

Christmas Shopping in Cactus Center  from Christmas 2001

Badger Clark

The Christmas Trail
from Christmas 2001

Bruce Kiskaddon

The Christmas Tree
from Christmas 2004
Old Time Christmas from Christmas 2001

D. J. O'Malley

 Busted Cowboy's Christmas from Christmas 2001

Buck Ramsey

Christmas Waltz 
from Christmas 2003

Rhoda Sivell

Happy Days
from Christmas 2001

Owen Wister

A Journey in Search of Christmas



David Althouse
The Night Before the Jackalopes Saved Christmas

J. W. Beeson
Christmas Serenade
from Christmas 2002

C. W. (Charles) Bell
Two Gifts for Christmas

 Virginia Bennett
Sermon on the Mount from Christmas 2002

Alf Bilton
The Lord's Own Prayer?

George Bourbeau
The Gift

Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson)
The Star and a Humble Cowboy
from Christmas 2001

Gail T. Burton
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
from Christmas 2000

Jim Cardwell
Prelude to a Drought

TJ Casey
Cowboy Christmas Time

Carl Condray
A Wild, Turkey Dinner

Van Criddle
Merry Christmas?
A Christmas Tale
Art Spur (separate section)

Clark Crouch
Christmas in '05
 A Christmas Tale
Art Spur (separate section)

Doris Daley
A Christmas Prayer from Christmas 2003

Robert Dennis
The Gift

Cathering Lilbit Devine
Christmas for Cowgirls

Glen Enloe
Moon Shadows on the Snow Art Spur (separate section)
The Christmas Orange

Dave P. Fisher
What Santa Gave Jack  Art Spur (separate section)

Dennis Gaines
Jim Quaternight's Gift  from Christmas 2000

Greg Gilbert
A Cowboy Christmas Prayer

DW Groethe
Out My Window

Terry Henderson
The Boy in Sheepskin Shoes
Old Santa Won't Come to Our Ranch

Audrey Hankins
Christmas at the Ranch

Michael Henley
The Gate Cut from Christmas 2002

Jeff Hildebrandt
Angels Aren't the Only Ones Playing Harps
A Christmas Tale
Art Spur (separate section)

Yvonne Hollenbeck
A Christmas Tale
Art Spur (separate section)

LaVonne Houlton
The Christmases of My Childhood (1930's) (prose)

D. T. Johannsen
A Cowboy's First Christmas

Joyce Johnson
Santa's Shadow
Art Spur (separate section)
Santa Through the Years

Sue Jones
The Silver Spurs

Paul Kern
The Christmas Celebration of Helen Dutton

Tom King
Holy Smoke!

Jo Lynne Kirkwood
It's Sure Startin' to Feel Like Christmas

eric lee
Christmas Cattle-Call

Slim McNaught
The Tale of "A Christmas Tale"
Art Spur (separate section)

Harold Roy Miller
A Christmas Tall Tale
Art Spur (separate section)
Christmas Cap Pistol

Jane Morton
Christmas Voices

Rod Nichols
A Badger Clark Christmas
 A Christmas Tale Art Spur (separate section)

Mike Puhallo
An Uptown Affair

Bruce Satta
Christmas Eve, Near Rabbit Creek
A Fact That I'm Believin'
Art Spur (separate section)

Cade Schalla
When Cowboys Saved Christmas

Jerry Schleicher
Moonlight Spectre
Art Spur (separate section)

Jay Snider
Santa's Helper from Christmas 2001

Colen Sweeten
Christmas Beneath the Stars from Christmas 2003

Hal Swift
The Twinkle Dust Machine Art Spur (separate section)

Diane Tribitt
A Christmas Tale Art Spur (separate section)

Dave Watson
A Christmas Tale Art Spur (separate section)

Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Cowboy Choir

Ken Whitecotton
The Stable

Byrd Woodward
One Night on th' Prairie


more to come ...



Visit our Art Spur project for a collection of poems inspired by 
"A Christmas Tale" by Mick Harrison. 



See a complete list of all the holiday poems from 2000-2005 here.

See the links here for holiday news and more.


Click a title to go direct to a poem, use the pointers to
just enjoy goin' from page to page. 




See the links here for holiday news and more; our regular News Since the Last Newsletter is here.

See a complete list of all the holiday poems from 2000-2005 here.

See the list of all the poems at the BAR-D here.



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