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From the summer of 1990 through the fall of 2008, COWBOY MAGAZINE was the in-print voice of the working ranch cowboy. During that 17 1/2 year period, Publisher/Editor Darrell Arnold published 74 issues, each containing adventurous and often humorous stories about the daily lives of ranchers and cowboys. The American working ranch cowboy is a highly skilled individual with unique talents -- abilities that enable him to use horses, lariats, and specialized techniques to control and manage herds of cattle. Through hundreds of articles, COWBOY MAGAZINE chronicled the activities of these contemporary American heroes.

This unique magazine is no longer being published, but many back issues are still available. In addition, there is a limited supply of collectors' archival-condition, complete sets.

Find each issue's description below.

Individual issues are $5 plus $3 shipping. The entire collections are $400 plus shipping.


Darrell Arnold
719-782-2000 (cell)

Send cash, check or money orders to:

Darrell Arnold
P.O. Box 733
La Veta, CO 81055


Darrell.gif (52476 bytes)

Darrell Arnold was the editor and publisher of COWBOY MAGAZINE and we're pleased to have his essay, "No Excuse for Lazy Poets," here and a separate feature about him with some of his poetry here.

Also find information about his books here.




  SUMMER 1990
Baxter Black, Americas Favorite Cowboy Poet
; Take Care of Yer Friends; Doug Hirt; Sam Dennis; Cowboy Golf; The Hatband; Cotton Rosser, Don Butler's Custom Cowboy Shop; El Rapido Pistolero; The First Great Pikes Peak Cowboy Poetry Gathering; Keith Christie; The Right Man for the Job; North American Corriente Association; Ronnie Scott; Roving Rodeo Rx; Trappings of the American West; The Redstreak Rider; Manuel's Creations; The Natural Evolution of Western Music.

The Flying W Wranglers; Daniel Webster Wallace; Western Heritage Classic; The Last Cowboy; Caribou Ranch; The Cantankerous Cow Caper; Saving the Range; Stackin' It High; Sarah Smith/Silversmith; Traditional or Closed-Minded; Mike Beck,; Cowboy Lighthouse; Flying W Wranglers; Chuckwagons of the West; An Important Difference; Shorty; Cowboy Gatherings; Snowbound.

New Mexico Roper, Levi Garcia
; A Pair of Levis; Soldier Meadows; Stackin' It High; Ace in the Hole; Pulp Cowboys; Education for Life; Montana Cow Tales; Cariboo Saddlery; Cowboys Are; R. Scott, Western Artist; Return to the Chisholm Trail; Cowboy Attire; Larry Sandvick; Crossing The Red; D Ranch; Crackers; Why God Gave You Two Legs; Pete French, Cattle Baron.

FALL 1993
Slim Walters, New Mexico Cowboy
; Slim Walters; Jack Wright's Saddle Shop; Stackin' It High; Guttersen Ranch; David Stringfield; Louis L'Amour's Legacy Lives On; R. F. Ford, Spurmaker; Woodstone Ranch Cowboys; Who Sez Cowboys Can't Run; Braider Max Godfrey; Purt Near Big Enough; Horse Drive; Tiger; Shakespeare in a Cowboy Hat; One More Notch; Bob Hedricks, Travelin' Man; Country Star Goes Western; Cowboy Gatherings; Bill Black; Mares are Horses, Too; Bear Ring Gulch; The Christmas Healer.

Texas Cowboy, Buster McLaury
; Buster McLaury; More about Custom Saddles; Stackin' It High; The JA Ranch; More on Mules; Vintage Clothiers; Taters; Ranch Diary; This is Progress?; Cowboy Music Today; Cowboy Gatherings; Elfego Baca; Bringin' 'Em Up Cowboy; It Takes More; Northern California Cowboys; Banjo And The Brain Dead.

Buckaroo, Waddie Mitchell, Cowboys and Buckaroos
; Care of the Western Saddle; Oregon Fishiness; Cows Can Make Comments; Staking a Claim; Stackin' It High; Why Cowboy Fever?; The Rough String Rider; Making Rawhide Thongs; Learning from the Masters; Mr. Chaps; Dancer Davis and his Cowboy Gazette; The Cowboy Spirit; I What?; Zack Miller's Horses. (issue available only in complete set)

Jeff Lane, Bell Ranch
; He Earned His Spurs; Listen to the Cowboy; Saddlemaking 101; Stackin' it High; Cowboys Don't Do Diapers; A Month at Millers; Ol' Bill; A Change in Thinking; The Angels Never Knew; Forty-Two Years as a Pitchfork Cowboy; the Steer Brandin' Wreck; Hitcher Jeff Sailors: Speakin' From Experience: A Cowboy Handicraft; Worth It?; The Good Ol' Boys; Brother Lallie Rode Herd For God; Adios Amigos.

  SUMMER 1995
Don Edwards, "The Minstrel of the Range"; Too Good for the Mainstream; Bill Jones Rides Again; Stackin' It High; Tom Hirt, Western Hatter; Wagon Mound Ranch Supply; Garcia Bit & Spur; Vicki Mullen & Hitchin' Post Supply; Malpai Borderlands Group; On Buckaroos and Such; Arizona's Grand Adventures; Dear Doctor Sharp; Steel Art and Silver Spurs; Catchin' Him is the Easy Part; Steve Sieg, Custom Saddlemaker; Buck Fever; The Hat Butte Wreck; A Letter From Blue; The Code.

FALL 1995
Arizona Cowboy, Mack Hughes
; Rough-Country Cowboy; Don't Quit Your Day Job; This Ain't No B.S., But ; Diggin' Deeper; Fittin A Stirrup; Photographic Tribute; Colaborative Holism; Almost; Breaker In The Pen; Rangeland Etiquitte; The Custom Boot & Shoemakers Guild; Levi's Good Pants; Chasing the Wild Ones.

Texas Ranchers, Pipp and Guy Gillette
; On Home Ground; Holiday in the Cedars; Terminal Knots; Ghost Cows; Remembering Turk Greenough, Roman Riding For John Ford; My Life as a Cowboy; High Praise For A Two-Hand Outfit; Easy Money; Sons of the San Joaquin; A Man Saddles His Own Horse; The Making of a Maker; Sourdough; Storyteller in Bronze; Night School.

Colorado Ranchers, Karen and Lowell Goemmer
; Goemmer Ranch; A Pretty Good Wreck; Ghost Riders of the Range; Indiana Saddlemaker; Rodeo When the West Was Young; Gettin' Even; The Turning Point; Brush Country Cowboys; The Dutch Oven; What's Best in the West; Bucky T and the Big, Bad Bull; Lead Steers; A Few Good Heroes; The First Time I Met Bill Kane; Charlie Daniels; How I Met Will James; The Stray; Saddlemaker Mike Hanson.

New Mexico Cowboy, R. W. Hampton
; R.W. Hampton; The Future of the Cowboy; Ben Johnson; Thanks for the Help; When Dreams Die, End of the Hard Ridin' Cowboy; A Cowboy Birthday Party; Kevin Adams, Bits & Spurs; The Romantic Life; MQM Publishing; I Never Cared for Cowboy Movies; Joe; Rocky Mountain Hats; Zeke Speak; Metrical, Crackers and Cheese; A Sunday Ride.

FALL 1996
New Mexico Cowboy Artist, Tim Cox
; Tim Cox; Shannon Ranch Fall Works; Buckaroo Bogey; The Greatest Horse I Ever Rode; Geraldo Investigates the Cattle Industry; A Cowboy Has To Sing, But Why?; Horse Traders; The Funeral; Home Sweet Home; The Ingalls Cowboys; The Perfect Saddle.

Texas Personality, Red Steagall
; Texas Troubadour Red Steagall; Roy Rogers Holsters; Dennis Yadon, Cowpuncher; Range Country Windies; Turk's Head Knots; The Pacific Northwest Cowboy; Pulled North; The Setter; Ballad Hunter; Montana Cowboy Russell Larson; Uncle Jerry's Hired Cowboys; Reel Cowboy Hero, Tim McCoy; Good Medicine; Brownie; California Ranching; Kissineyooway'O (The Wind Blows Cold); Life of a Young Cowboy.

Colorado Cowboy, Wade Collins
; Wade Collins, Mountain Cowboy; Out With the 06 Wagon; Changing Times, Changing Minds; Wild West In Georgia; Crik Crossin'; Reflections On the Cowboy Code; Catchin' A Little (?) Bull; Lead Rope Eye Splice; Understanding The Little Woman; Cowboy Up And Ride; Letter From Zay; The Shivaree; The Note; The Stranger.

Sandhills Rancher Terry Schmidt
; Tribute to Skinny; It Ain't No Cowboy Town; Cowboy and Western Music; Ol' Alpo; Clarence, Calves, and Cottonwoods; Cowboy Philosophers; Brasadero; Well, Burn 'Er Up Then; Jerky Bill; Rodeo's A Gamble; Living Out My Cowboy Fantasy; Fourth of July Stampede; Some Cowboy Logic. (issue available only in complete set)

FALL 1997
Texas Cowboy Fiddler, Frankie McWhorter
; Frankie McWhorter; An Afternoon With Tom; Ranchettes, Ranchers, and Rancor; Kids 'N' Cow Work Don't Mix; Barney Baldeschwiler; Pete's Story; Las Vegas; That Damned Hubie; Herding the Elkhorns; Will You Still Love Me When My Puppies Are Dogs?; Sixty Days For One Pair of Gloves; Cowpie Pie; Rodeo Tales; Old Timers; Lee and the Bad Horse; Scott: the Downhill Champion; A Bad Brandin'; Suburban Saddle Maker.

Colorado Ranchman, Bob Hasenack; Forty-Three Years a Ranchman; Summa Cum Saddler, Jim Darden; The Cattlebury Trails; All-Time Show Stopper; Just a Lot About Bulls; Cowboy For Hire; It Wasn't Funny at the Time; A Cowboy's Good Day; D. D. Potter, Saddler; K. B. Barfield; God's Creatures; Monk Maxwell; Saving Grandma; Leonard Vaughn; Mad Cow Disease; The Toyota-Heifer Incident.

Montana Rancher, Wallace McRae
; No Trespassing; Where the Princess Wore Horns; Tonto Rim Trading Company; Gary Ericsson; Wanted: A New Old Pickup; Outlaws of the Teacup Brand; Music on Their Heels; One Way to Do It; Portrait of a Cowman; Memoirs of a Dude Wrangler; The First Day; Ol' Duck; Snake River Hat Company; Adios Compadres; Dot Com; Cowboy or Indian?; Stompin' Broncs; A Salute to Riders in the Sky; Diggin' Deeper.

Arizona Cowboy, Gail Steiger
; Ridin' the Spider; Dreams and Determination, Truett Davis; The Wilson Meadow Cabin; Wood and Leather; The Men Who Ride No More; A Pretty Good Thing To Know; Spreadin' It Thin; John and Mildred Ware; The Sawtooth Saddle Company; 'Meanie' Made the Best; Transference; Custom Made Means One at a Time; The New Yorker; Pumpjacks and Horses Don't Mix; Viv's Wedding.

FALL 1998
Texas Cowgirl, Marilyn Cheatham
; Day-workin' Cowgirl; Gates; Brush Poppers; Of Stubborn Steers and Cowboys; Horse Whisperer; Line Camp Christmas; Just Another Day; Eighty-nine Years a Cowboy; They Made 'em Tough; Cowboyin' Florida Style; A Cowboy's City Adventure; Nebraska Cooks; Happy Trails, Roy; Farewell Montie; La Jolla Bootmaker; Brandy the Christmas Dog; Ol' Blackie.

  WINTER 1999
Colorado/New Mexico Cowboy, Louis Cusimano
; Multi-Era Cowboy; Emus: They've Gotta be on Drugs; Cowboy School; I Ain't Much Cowboy; Chino; Poetry; Working Gear or Art?; Snake, Westbound, and Down; The Last Cow Hunt; One of the Wilder Ones; Bad Ride; The Old Lousy Cow; Braveheart; Bob Dellis; Maybe.

Canyon Cowboy, Dusty Ray
; Canyon Cowboy, Dusty Ray; Grandpa was a Hard Learner; Rodeo Cowboys in the '20s; Confessions of a Sale Barn Junkie; Cowboy Craig Lewis; Cowboys and Tempers Don't Mix; The Halter Catch; Traps; A Government Cattle Sale; Calvin' Tales; Bitmaker Gene Klein; How the King Lost His Crown; Bob Burris; Northern Grasslands; Long Ricochet; Brandin' with Dad; Uncle Fritz.

  SUMMER 1999
Max Evans, New Mexico Author
; Max Evans, Cowboy Author; The Munson Pens; Plans for 38; Albert Pickell, Braider; A-10 and Batman's Wife; The Forgotten Winchester; When Cows, Horses and Water Don't Mix; A Gray Horse, Some Cows, and a Mule; Summer Cow Camp; Ronnie Jones; New Cuisine; Trailbikes, Hunters, and Cows; Emergency Hackamore; I'm Only Gonna Tell One Person; Bareback Rider.

FALL 1999
Peggy Godfrey, Colorado Ranchwoman
; Ranchwoman, Peggy Godfrey; A Piece of the Old West; Gadzooks; Pop Mulkins; The Dying Breed; The Kelpie Cross; Paul Bond; Where is the Bull?; Hell for Stout; A South Texas Christmas; Hooked on Barbed Wire; Pasture Roping; Western Writers of America.

Nebraska Rancher, Glen Nutter
; Glen Nutter, Remount Cowboy; Horse Catchin', The Little Red Heifer; Holloway Grace; Lightheart; Making His First Saddle; The Art of Survival; Meet Your Maker; Doll; Ol' Blackie; Charley; Ralph Fussell Doubleday; Horse Trading; What to Rope?; The Veach Family Tradition; The Cowboy Cadillac; Running Martingale.

  SPRING 2000
Arizona Cowpuncher, John Andrews
; The Cowboy's Cowboy, John Andrews; Bishop Boots; Zipper Control; Rex Allen; Junie and the Loooooooong Trailer; The Double-Action Frontier Revolver; Cornman Saddlery; Ol' Monk's High Dive; The Montana Cowboy; cowboy Crafters; Diver Deakins; Good Fences; The Benefits of Red Devil Ham and Black Cuban Cigarss; Tiger Stripes and Chain Saws; Letter of Resignation; Hard Luck Cowboy; It Boils Down to Teamwork.

Colorado Ranch Family, Malcolm, Marge, and Bill Riggins
; Riggins Ranch; Turkey Stew; Kerry Jack Saddles; A Sagebrush Bakery; Jake and Pete; A Labor Day Labor of Love; The Race; Audry; John Lopez; Too Quick on the Trigger; How Lucky Can Ya Get?; Laws of the Cow Business; Rattlesnakes; The Saddle Tree; The Flash Flood; Pony Express, Almost; 2000 Spur Awards.

FALL 2000
New Mexico Rancher, Jeff Nourse
; The Outlaw Canadian Mountie Horse; The Rafter X Files; Texas Spurmaker, Jimmy Koranek; 'Bob War' Revenge; Paul's Spur; Cornman Stirrups; Twisted; Turkey Tracks; Chaps; Advise to a Young Cowboy; Poetry; The Red Bandanna; Cowboy Pride; Dosier's Steer; Babe.

Texas Cowboy, David Ross
; He's Punchy; Huh?; "Without the Taste of Water"; Ben Choate; a Horse Name Rat and a Matchless Friend; Outlaw Saddlery; The Moorhouse Wagon; Heifers; Tommy Thomas; Chris Tornow; Ed Walker and the 7D Wildlife; Ron Ross; Bill Chappell, Cowboy Artist; Cowboys and Westerners.

California Cowboy, Jesse Smith
; Family Help; Ol' Blue; The Ranch Women's Code; Shauna Hicks, Northwest Ranch Hand; Good Wives; Murph's New-Saddle Law; I Never Rode a Cheap Saddle; A Million-To-One Odds, Times Five; Headgate Harris; The Spring of '56; Getting Hired; Steers to the Railroad; Boss of the Pitchfork; The Jumper; Varmint Calling on the Three Bs; final Run of the Deadwood Stage; Black Bulls and Pink Leisure Suits.

Joel Nelson, Texas Cowboy
; 'Every Educated Feller Ain't a Plumb Greenhorn; Joel Nelson Speaks; The Round Up; Spurmaker Scott Summerlatte; Horse Buyer's Handy Phrase Guide; Suffering Old Fools Wisely; Winning the Cultural War; The Fourth of July; The First Windy; Injuns; 2001 Spur Awards; Singin' to 'Em; Tales From Texas; The Yellow Mare; Cowgirl; Camp Man; Saddlemaker Rusty May; Ice Ball Rodeo; The Outhouse Repair.

  FALL 2001
The Late Richard Farnsworth
; A Tribute to Richard Farnsworth; Bulldogger With Wings; Famous Last Cowboy Words; Back Pasture Vet; Fly'n 'O' Saddlery; Ol' Blue; Snake Stories; One Handy Fella; I Wanta Be A Cowboy; What A Life; Monroe And The Goop; Makin' Hay; Horses Remembered; I Need A Flashlight.

Arizona Cowboy Mike McFarland
; Barc; Gene D'Ambrose; Two Mad Cows; A Very Sad Story; Gettin' Started; Texas Boy Scout Wranglers; The Butfirst Syndrome; WMA Awards; A Horse Called Yellowhead; Bill Tatom, Cowboy; The Lucky Steer; The Charro Saddle; Ol' Red and the Weekend Cowboys; The Dove and Mr. McCall; Patriotism Ain't a Dirty Word. (issue available only in complete set)

Nebraska Cowboy Brad Wilson at WRCA Finals;
Runnin' Horses; Smiley's Bull; Old Freds; The Eyes of a Cowman; The Gun That Won The East; Save That Rope; Stockman's Stall Custom Saddles; Fast Bucks; A Day in Cow Camp; Dad and My Team; Some Things Weren't Meant To Be Roped; Camp Street Live; Marc Oliver's Working Sculpture; A Bronc Named Ben; Looking for Mr. Wrong. (issue available only in complete set)

  SUMMER 2002

New Mexico Cowboy, Ron Kil; Restless Cowboy; Too Much Horse; Sandhills Saddlery; Dad and the Footsore Cow; Lyman's Legs; Geretta's Cowboy Camp Dogs; Virtual Reality; The Walking Stick; When Cowboy Fiction Went to War; Highways and Wild Cattle; Salt Water Cowboy; The Idaho Jeep; Word of Honor; Dick Shepherd Memorial Gathering; Tiger With a Pitchfork; Old Rodeo Man; They Sell Horses, Don't They?. (issue available only in complete set)

FALL 2002
Kansas Cowboy, Rex Bugbee
; Chain Ranch Cowboy Rex Bugbee; Jimmkane; Cowboy; The Cowboy's Worst Fear; The Legacy of Harvey Caplin; Interrogated; Colts 'n' Cookin'; Bill Kelsey, Cowboy; Garetta Mae's Exotic Skins; J. H. Johnsen; Small Outfit; Pat Parelli's Horseman's Experience; Donnie; Emu; Windmills; Old Pueblo Saddle Company

Arizona Cowboy Bill Murphy
; Bill and Robert Murphy; Team Ropin'; The Stranger; From A Dog's Point Of View; The Roosevelt Saddle; The Range Riders Of The Pulps; We Don't Need 9-1-1; My New Horse; The 'Hunky Bar' Horse; Just Another Day At The Office; Wild Cow Milking; Bronco Sue Hats; Wyoming Ditch; Cary Schwarz; Do I Hear Rain?; Calf Trainer; Cowboy For Hire; Born In Paradise.

New Mexico Rancher, Jack Cates
; Sooty; Summer Job; Born in Paradise, Part II; Heroes & Saddle-Pals; Cowboy Paranoia; Rambo; Short of Horses; Florida Cow; WRCA National Finals Rodeo; Liniment, Creosote, and Iodine; Perkins Ranch; J. R. Saddlery; What Cowboys Must Endure; Going Postal; Tough Time On The Mountain.

Alberta Cowboy, Blaine George
; The Tulliby Lake Stockman's Association; Doctorin' Pairs; Steers To The Railroad; The Origins And Evolution of the Cattle Drive; Dennis Ranch Shop; The Tongue River Wagon; Bubba Smith; Larry McWhorter; Vermejo Park; The Horse; Sam Kennedy; The Cwoboy Life Of A City Kid; Cowboying In Eastern Oregon.

  FALL 2003
Arizona Cowboy, Ross Knox
; Ross Knox; The Only Kid on the Outfit; Summer Job; Spurred to Excellence; Amos & Andy; Dirty Work; Christmas Poems; Willieboy Custom Saddles; Long-eared Lambs; Teton Horse Adventure; A Long Way Home; My Mom; Gary Anderson Hats; Don't Argue with a Good Mule.

Colorado Rancher, Eugene C. Vories
; Gene Vories; Wild Cowboy Marion Arneson; The Hat; The Devil's Garden; Brightwell's Stirrups and Spurs; Riding Waggoner Horses; The Ice Cream Outfit; A Cowboy's Wife; Please, Not My Little Boy; Al Fowler and the Wild West; Snow Angels; Cow Camp Moose; Sandy Allen, Artist in Saddlery; A Lesson to Remember; Double Rafter Ranch; The Cattle Buyer.

Texas Cowboy, Stoney Jones
; World Championship Ranch Rodeo; Screw Worms, Bogs, and Girls; Ramblin' Jack Elliot; Brothers; Getting Started; How Roping Came To Be; Momma's Memory Book; Spring Is Calvin' Time; Dawn of a Rancher; Reed Tack; A Glorious Season; Doc; Marvin Hunt; Along The Gunsel Trail; Squirt and the Prolapse.

Cowboy Humorist, Baxter Black
; Ponderings; Incidents and Accidents; Uncle Jess and the Snow Angel; Mountain Meadow; Mark Dahl, Silversmith; The Tom Cat Wreck; Madison Saddlery; Elbow's Floppin' and Pinkies Wavin'; What Would Martha Do?; Granddad's Bull; Memories Amoung the Ashes; The Hickory Whistles; They Called Him King; I Never Got a Bicycle.

FALL 2004
Arizona Rancher, Jim Miller Jr.
; Move Over Geronimo; Five Generations of Millers; Trickle Down; Ol' Sol; Jeff Feil, Saddlemaker; Gathering Outlaws; Well, I Tried to Help; Double Grab?; Fidel; Yeller and the Pig; The Omega and the Alpha; Christmas Night; The Blizzard; Jicks; Falling Horses.

Montana Ranch Manager, Mark Silverstein
; Mark Silverstein; Tucker; Cowboy Fun; One-Armed Cowboy; Lucky, Most of the Time; The Changing Years; The Great Hay Yard Assault; Why an Old Man Putters; On Cowboy Coffee; Me and John B.; Wilson Saddlery; Len Babb Saddlery; Finding the Silver Lining; Danny's Arrowhead; Ladies' Day at the CV; Training Roping Steers; Excuses.

Arizona Cowboy, Harry Chiantaretto
; Good Medicine; The Funeral, Harry Chiantaretto; Larry Lancaster; Half Our Heifers are Missing; Ranch Ropin'; Hop; Cow Chips; He Didn't Look Much Like a Cowboy; Too Much Talkin'; Growing up on the Yakima Reservation; DNA Solves Cattle Homicide; Home Again to the Valley; 'Mean Jean' Stimson; Trail Drive; Recalcitrant Horses.

Wyoming Cowboy, Robert Gaskell
; Robert Gaskell; Psycho Blue Dog from Hell; Calving Time; The Promise; El Sillero Custom Saddles; A Good Horse Loved and Lost; This is the Law Speaking; Some Days are more Interesting than Others; Ol' Spot; A Ranch is Born; My Best Friend; Peter E. Davis from Austin, Nevada; Branding Pranks; Cow Camp; The Side-Hill Gouger.

FALL 2005

Wyoming Cowboy, Jesse Ballantyne; Jesse Ballantyne; Kid Gentle; Cowboy Kneivel; Breakin' Ol' Moon; The Grass Is Always Greener; Unconventional Rodeo; Extreme Makeover Cowboy Style; Poet Laureate; CAA Show; Tom's Best Friend; Round-Up Hawaiian Style; E.F. Blanchard; The Happiest Days; Cat-tast-tra-fee; Magdalena Stock Trail; National Day of the Cowboy; At The Local Waterhole

South Dakota Rancher, Robert Dennis
; Scratchin' an Itch; There's a Silence; Robert Dennis; Don't "Tech" My Hat; Waterloo Cowboy Style; The Gift Horse; Ajax and the Banana-Horned Bull; Satin's Field; A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Barn; Short; A Good Day's Work; Snakebite; Forward for Cowboy Country; Bucking Horses Are Still Fun; Dear Mama; The Soddie: Castle of the Prairie; Bethel Saddlery.

Mackey Hedges, High Desert Buckaroo
; A Tribute to My Dad; The Cowboy and the Vet; Tied Hard; Moonlighting; Cow Catchin'; Rock; The Counterfeit; Milk Cows, Wives, and Cow Horses; Hollywood Still Doesn't Get It; Visiting Buckaroos and Cattle; K-9-1-1; First Cow Camp; The Indian Torture Trick; The Prison-Farm Appaloosa; Snake Bitten.

South Dakota Chapmaker, Jack Gulley
; Home to South Dakota; The Loner; The Longhorn Bull and the Pillowcase; Some People; Renegade Bull; Black Betty; Cowboys; Cowboy Craftsman, Blake Knowlton; Old-Time Careers in the Modern World; 2005 Spur Awards Honor Best Westerns; We've Lost a Good One; J.B. Coming To Rope; Ed Ashurst; Mad Cow Disease; The Umbrella; Delmer Wingo and the Goat Ranch; Chico.

FALL 2006
Nebraska Cowboy, Marty Blocker
; Jingling His Spurs; Snake in the Bag; COWBOY MAGAZINE Plays Cupid; On Horses and Kindness; Keith Valley; Calamity's Story; And They Call Us Horse Lovers; The Two-Legged Variety; Cowboy Medicine; Wow, There Goes Dan's Cow!; The Left-Handed Horse; A True Daughter of Wyoming; Military Takeover of Colorado Ranches; 5L, Ranch Horse.

Oklahoma Cowboy, Bob Payne
; Cowboy Jack Rides on Ahead; Bob Payne, a Cowboy for Life; My Last Grabble; Bumps and Bruises; There But for the Will of God Go I; The Horse Barn; Born to Trade; The Clovis Blue; Hamley's­As Good As It Ever Was; Sale Barns, Cowtowns, and Animal Cops; Sometimes Cowboys Swim; How I Lost a Wife and a Ranch; Buckaroo Country Ghosts; A Good Horse; Ranch Rodeos.

Montana Cowboy, Charles Ferguson
; In the Badlands of Montana; Branding with Victoria's (Tammy's) Secret; Cabezón; Calvin' Season; For a Hundred Dollars; Spooks; A Little Sugar; Thomas Angle Saddlery; Horse Thief; Ol' Jute; Kenneth Johnson; Precious; Reflections on Calving; Rahja; Not All California Cowboys Are Wannabes; The Nap; Cow Campin' With Scruffy; Chimp; Rattler for Supper; Not So Funny.

Arizona Cowboy, Heath DeNell
; Common Sese Is Uncommon; Cowboys of the Diamond A; Ropin' A Bull; Slade Saddlery; The Legend of Hoss; Bush Whacked; The Stampede; Adventures with a Rope; Seeing the Prize Bull; Toppers; Make-Do Cowboy Gear; Instinct or Wisdom; Taco the Bull; Opinions on Horse Disposal; Shippin' Steers; Buyer Beware; Impressing Mary; Cowboy Etiquette.

FALL 2007
Texas Cowboy, Chris O'Neal
; Chris O'Neal, Top Hand; My Most Unusual Wreck; Gathering the Montcrest Cattle; Wild Horse Runners; Learning the Ropes; Cope Saddlery; The Tumbleweed Tree; A Bull Story; Spider, Mike, and Geronimo; A Morning Circle; My Mother Wouldn't Say That; Truth or Fertilizer; The Old Barn; My Dad Is Tough; Homing Instinct; Coffee Can Be Hazardous to Your Health.

  WINTER 2008
The World Championship Ranch Rodeo
; World Championship Ranch Rodeo; The Clothesline; What Goes Around Comes Around; Reflections on Cowboying; Oliver Saddle Shop; Life in the Far West; A Cowboy's Ranch; 83­My Brand; Hollywood Cowboys; Swiss Helm Maverick; Maybe; Locked In; Daisy; Barbed Wire; The Feed Truck Blues; A Bell Ranch Cowboy; The Brisket Submarine; The Bobwire Wreck.

  SPRING 2008
South Dakota Cowboy & Author Ray Hunter
; The Last Real Cowboys; Germany's Western Saddlemakers; My School Bus Ate Hay: The Mired Mare; The Fudge Roundup; A Misunderstanding: The Lantern Globe; Thy Neighbor's Horses; Ranch Buildings; Trailing to Mack; Before ATVs; The Electric Fence; A Horse Called Snake; A Winter Swim. (issue available only in complete set)

  SUMMER 2008
Cowboy Artist, Justin Wells
; Cowboy Artist Justin Wells; Slow Horses; A Cowboy Takes a Wife; Jayson Jones - Spurmaker; Heel Fly; 2008 Spur Awards; What the Hell a Critter Is?; $.75 in Change; Shoulderblade Line Camp; Don't Mess With My Hat; The Lineshack Mystery; The Kid Cowboy; Pig in a Poke; Poncho and Lefty; Cuz the Cowboy, He's Still Here; Crescent Mountain Wreck; Who's in Charge?

  FALL 2008
Colorado Saddlemaker Pete Gorrell
; Jolly the App; Seven For Seven, Snowball; The Crackeroo; How Westerns Nearly Got Me Killed; Little Diamond; Ornery Ol' Cows; Life-Saving Post; A Long Way Home; Hung Up; Chiletepinos; Cowboy Thanksgiving; Yesterday's Rodeo Man; A Cowboy's Christmas Song; Slicker Breakin'; Top 100 Westerns.






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