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With special thanks to Archivist Steve Green of Western Folklife Center, we're pleased to present program covers, information and lists of invited performers for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, held at Elko, Nevada each year since 1985. 

See the program information below. The actual programs include much additional information. 

This is page 3 of program information.  Page 1 is here.

We celebrated the 20th anniversary in 2004 with additional special features on separate pages:

The First Time....
recollections from the stage and the audience...send us your story about your first visit to Elko... 

poems celebrating the Gathering
(separate page)


Western Folklife Center

Visit the Western Folklife Center web site for information about the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and other Western Folklife Center programs and events,  membership information, and to participate in their on-line activities.






National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Programs


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This is page 3 of program information. 

Additional pages:


1994-1997 below

All years' index of participants



Tenth Anniversary
January  25-30, 1994

Cover by Buckeye Blake

 Program Contents

"Welcome!" by Cyd McMullen

"Some Things Never Change" by Wallace McRae

"Cowboy Poetry: Honest American Poetry" by Scott Preston

"Cowboy Poetry -- The First Hundred Years" by Jim Griffith

"Cowboy Poetry:The Right Place at the Right Time" by Hal Cannon

"Poetry of the Cowboys" by Guy Logsdon

"How You Came by What You Got" by Kim Stafford

"The Tenth Gathering of Gear Exhibit -- State of the Art" by Meg Glaser

Special Guests:  
     The Della Johns Honorary Scholarship, 
          Della Johns, Elko, Nevada
     Craig Pascual, John DeJesus and Corky Bryan, Hawaii
     Ted Egan and Nerys Evans  Australia
     Alejandro Solis and Ramiro Ramirez Texas

Featured and Invited Poets (all poets from past years are listed in this program and those who have passed away are noted)  

Guide to Locations and Special Attractions


Ranch Culture Panels

Films & Videos

Exhibit descriptions:  "Trappings of the Great Basin Buckaroo," "Ten years Gathering Exhibit," and "John I. White Collection"


Biographies of Featured Participants


Coming Events

"The Cowboy Poetry Gathering" by Baxter Black
"Elko the Eighth" by Sue Wallis
"Poets Gathering, 1985" by Charles Kortes
"Cowboys and Cowpony Poems" by Paul Zarzyski

Keynote Speaker: Wallace McRae


Featured Poets:

J. B. Allen, Whiteface, Texas
Virginia Bennett, Winthrop, Washington
Hank Real Bird, Garryowen, Montana
Baxter Black, Brighton, Colorado
Walter "Bimbo" Cheney, Elko, Nevada
Bob Christensen, Syracuse, Utah
Lyn Denaeyer, Seneca, Nebraska
John Dofflemyer, Lemon Cove, California
Tom Eaton, Nye, Montana
Elizabeth Ebert, Lemmon, South Dakota
Don Edwards, Weatherford, Texas
Ernie Fanning, Reno, Nevada
Leon Flick, Plush, Oregon
Dick Gibford, Bishop, California
June Brander Gilman, Garrison, Montana
Peggy Godfrey, Moffat, Colorado
Sunny Hancock, Lakeview, Oregon
Bill Hirschi, Rexburg, Idaho
Yula Sue Hunting, Beryl, Utah
Linda Hussa, Cedarville, California
Tony Ilardi, Truckee, California
Della Johns, Elko, Nevada
Bill Jones, Lander, Wyoming
Ross Knox, Grand Canyon, Colorado
Bill Larsen, Kaycee, Wyoming
Ray Lashley, Syracuse, Utah
Mike Logan, Helena, Montana
Bill Lowman, Sentinel Butte, North Dakota
Phil Martin, Guymon, Oklahoma
Sunny Martin, Ely, Nevada
Tom McBeth, Latham, Kansas
The McCall Family, Butte Valley, Nevada
Buster McLaury, Alanreed, Texas
Gary McMahan, Bellvue, Colorado
Rod McQueary, Ruby Valley, Nevada
Wallace McRae, Forsyth, Montana
Larry McWhorter, Fort Worth, Texas
Waddie Mitchell, Elko, Nevada
Joel Nelson, Reklaw, Texas
Glenn Ohrlin, Mt. View, Arkansas
Gwen Peterson, Big Timber, Montana
Vess Quinlan, Alamosa, Colorado
Buck Ramsey, Amarillo, Texas
Randy Rieman, Carmel Valley, California
Connie Satterthwaite, Tuscarora, Nevada
Bob Schild, Blackfoot, Idaho
Paul Schmitt, Stagecoach, Nevada
Buck Ramsey, Grand Junction, Colorado
Georgie Sicking, Fallon, Nevada
Jesse Smith, Porterville, California
Marie W. Smith, Somers, Montana
Red Steagall, Fort Worth, Texas
Randy Stowell, Ely, Nevada
Colen Sweeten, Malad, Idaho
Harry Taylor, Jackson, Wyoming
Charlotte Thompson, Battle Mountain, Nevada
Sue Wallis, Deeth, Nevada
Jack Walther, Lamoille, Nevada
Bill Wood, Newell, South Dakota
Paul Zarzyski, Augusta, Montana

Invited Poets:

Darrell Arnold, La Veta, Colorado
Bob Bird, Aztec, New Mexico
Ellie Corrigan, Challis, Idaho
Ethie Corrigan, Challis, Idaho
Buck Ramsey, Oroville, California
Lloyd Gerber, Eagle, Idaho
Barbara Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada
Audrey Hankins, Wickenberg, Arizona
Stan Lehman, Fallon, Nevada
Harvey Mawson, Dundurn, Saskatchewan
Bud McKague, Peachland, British Columbia
Scott McKendrick, Logan, Utah
Wayne Nelson, American Falls, Idaho
Jess Newsom, Marshall, Texas
Kent Peterson, Ferron, Utah
Shadd Piehl, Minto, North Dakota
Kent Reeves, Mt. Shasta, California
Doug Richards, Cochrane, Alberta
Steve Rone, Elko, Nevada
Bob Ross, Bozeman, Montana
Jim Ross, Palo Cedro, California
Larry Schutte, Oasis, Nevada
Donald "Bud" Stewart, Royal City, Washington
Kent Stockton, Riverton, Wyoming
Debbie Thompson, Devish, Elko, Nevada
Clarence Wagner, Lincoln, California
Dick Warwick, Oakesdale, Washington
Jan Swan Wood, Newell, South Dakota


Special Evening and Daytime Performances:

Wednesday:  Cowboy Jubilee

Waddie Mitchell
Don Edwards
The Sons of the San Joaquin

Thursday:  Real Women Buck Bales

Teresa Jordan
Stephanie Davis
Elizabeth Ebert
Gary McMahan
Sue Wallis

Friday:  Michael Martin Murphey

Friday:  Ten Years Gathering, hosted by Hal Cannon

Sunny Hancock
Horse Sense (Justin Bishop, Richie Lawrence, Paul Zarzyski)
Yula Sue Hunting
Rod McQueary
Kani Alu
Harry Taylor

Saturday:  Ian Tyson Debuts His New Album

Saturday:  Cowboy Humor

Baxter Black
Wallace McRae
Red Steagall
and others (not listed)

Saturday:  A Decade of Poetry and Song hosted by Riders in the Sky

Riders in the Sky (Ranger Doug, Woody Paul, and Too Slim)
Virginia Bennett
Ted Egan & Berys Evans
Joel Nelson
Jesse Smith

Saturday:  The Cowboy Chatauqua Company

Phil Martin
J. B. Allen
Curt Brummett
R. W. Hampton
Guy and Phyllis Logsdon
Tom McBeth
Mike Logan
Rod McQueary
Rich O'Brien
Buck Ramsey
Andy Wilkinson

Saturday:  Best of the Cowboy Music Jubilee

Tom Hayden

Sunday:  Ranch Family Show

Red Steagall
Muzzie Braun and the Boys
Ted Egan & Nerys Evans
Cowboy Puppets (Gretchen Reynolds, Lara McIntosh)
Deseret String Banck (Ron Kane, Leonard Coulson, Hal Cannon, Thomas Carter, Meghan Mercker)

Cowboy Dances

Muzzie Braun and the Boys
Ian Tyson


January  21-28, 1995

Cover: Beaded bag by Ceclia Totus (Yakama), Elaine Horwitch Collection, 
The Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona

 Program Contents

"Welcome" by Tara S, McCarty, Executive Director

"Indian Cowboys and Ranchers, Views from an Ongoing Project"

"A Cultural Riata:  Duck Valley Ranchers and Buckaroos" by Robert McCarl and Winona Manning

"Feeling Between the Eyes" by Henry Real Bird

Traditional Cowboy Arts Scholarship Fund Recipient:  Sandy Smith, Porterville, California

Della Johns Scholarship:  Elizabeth Ebert

Maverick Scholarship:  Linda Hussa

Empty Saddles:  Ernest Johnson, Vern Mortensen, Paul Bear

Native American Ranch Culture Sessions and Special Guests
  Thom Blackbird, Rogerson, Idaho
  Art Cavanaugh, Fort McDermitt Paiute-Shoshone Reservation
  Charlie Colimbe, Rosebud Sioux Reservation
  Vincent Craig (Navajo)
  Painted Horse, Owyhee, Nevada
  The Plainsmen, Owyhee and Elko, Nevada
  Henry Real Bird, Montana
  The Santa Rosa Band, southern Arizona
  Dave Red Boy Schildt, Billings, Montana
  Jake Waller (Osage) 

Other Special Guests
  Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Moscow

  Logger Poetry:
      Linda Marcellus, Plain, Washington
      Lon Minkler, Castle Rock, Washington
      Hank Nelson, Craig, Alaska
      Sunny Hancock, Lakeview, Oregon (emcee)

Guide to Locations and Maps


Films & Videos



Plans for the Western Folklife Center

Books and Tapes

Biographies of Featured Participants


Coming Events


Keynote Speaker: Charlie Colombe, South Dakota Rancher. Introduced by Henry Real Bird

Featured Participants:

Mike Beck, Gallatin Gateway, Montana
Baxter Black
Laurie Wagner Buyer
, near Fairplay, Colorado
Darin Brookman, near Hollis, Oklahoma
Ed Brown
Craig Chambers and the Good Cowboy 
     Band (Greg Hardy, Ricky Solomon, Rich O'Brien)
The Cowdaddies (Kennard Machol, Rex Flinner, Harold Carr,
     and Craig Crowther)
Don Edwards
Leon Flick
, Plush, Oregon
Skip Gorman 
R. W. and Denise Hampton
Sunny Hancock
Joel Hayes
, West Georgia
Carole Jarvis
, Wickenburg, Arizona
Mick Kaser, near Ranchester, Wyoming
Ross Knox, Grand Canyon, Colorado
Ray Lashley, Colorado
Mike Logan
, Helena, Montana
Janalee Martin, Elko, Nevada
Rod McQueary
, Ruby Valley, Nevada
Wallace McRae, Forsythe, Montana
Waddie Mitchell
Joel Nelson
Rod Nelson
, near Almont, North Dakota
Tim and Millie O'Biren and the 
      O'Boys (Mark Schatz and Scott Nygaard)
Tom Perlman
, Butte, Montana
Shadd Piehl, Fargo, North Dakota
Vess Quinlan, near Alamosa, Colorado
Buck Ramsey, Amarillo, Texas
Ray Reed, Ruidoso, New Mexico
Randy Rieman, Montana
Steve Rone
Jim Ross, California
Tom Sharpe, Grand Junction, Colorado
Soudough Slim and the Saddle Pals
Jesse Smith, near Porterville, California
Paul Steuermann
Charlotte Thompson, northern Elko County, Nevada
Delores Tozer, near Cortez, Colorado
Ian Tyson, near High River, Alberta
Bob Urry, Utah
Jerry Warren, Georgia
Andy Wilkinson, Lubbock, Texas
Merrily Wright, Elko County, Nevada
Paul Zarzyski, Flat Crik, Montana



January  27 - February 3, 1996

 Program Contents

"Welcome!" by Tara S. McCarty, Executive Director

"The Indian Cowboy Project"

Educational Programs


Films & Videos

Guide to Locations and Special Attractions

Silent auction and list of contributors

Major sponsors

"Cowboy Chrome" (article about exhibit)
by Jeremiah Watt


Biographies of Featured Participants


News from the Western Folklife Center

Cowboy Poets on the Internet

The Cowboy Mercantile

Autograph Sessions

Upcoming Events

Empty Saddles:  Owen Barton, Ethie Corrigan, Slim Kite, Doug McCutcheon, Luis Ortega  and memorials

an untitled poem for Wallace McRae by Henry Real Bird
"A Tribute to 'Shorty'" by Blaine Nordvold

Keynote Speaker: Bess Lomax Hawes


Featured Participants:

J. B. Allen 
Gloria Atwater, Bishop, California
Morgan Baillargeon, Canada
Mike Beck, Gallatin Gateway, Montana
Virginia Bennett, Twisp, Washington
Nate Brown, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Bunkhouse Orchestra, aka Deseret String Band (Hal Cannon,
    Tom Carter, Ron Kane, Leonard Coulson, Meghan Merker
Curt Brummett
Laurie Wagner Buyer, near Fairplay, Colorado
Douglas Carson, Elko, Nevada
Robert and Sherry Crutcher, Owyhee, Nevada
Vincent Craig
Lynn and Sherwood Cuch
, northeastern Utah
Stephanie Davis
John Dofflemyer
, California
Elizabeth Ebert, Lemmon, South Dakota
Don Edwards
Paul Ethabah
, White Mountain Apache Nation
Rolf Flake, Arizona
Gordon Frazier, Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation
R. W. Hampton
Linda Hasselstrom
Bess Lomax Hawes
John Hollis, Washington
Lom Hooper, Owyhee, Nevada
Linda Hussa, near Cedarville, California
Chris Isaacs
Diane Josephy-Peavey
, Idaho
Ross Knox, Grand Canyon
John (Jay) Kulm 
Lorna and the Latrines (Lorna Gray, Ann Lydon, and 
   Ingrid Shoden) 
Arthur Manning, Owyhee, Nevada
Winona Manning, Owyhee, Nevada
Bronco Martinez, Navajo Nation
Rod McQueary, Ruby Valley, Nevada
Wallace McRae, Forsyth, Montana
Andrew Miller, northern England
Jerry Millet, central Nevada
Waddie Mitchell, Elko, Nevada
Jamie Moore, Wyoming
Rooster Morris
Dave Munsick and the Powder River Boys (Dave Pardee,
    Tom Lulias, Bob Z., Derrick Husmith, Don Christensen)
Michael Martin Murphey
Joel Nelson
, Texas
Blaine Nordvold, Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, S. Dakota
Rich O'Brien, Fort Worth, Texas
Glenn Ohrlin
Tom Perlman
, Montana
The Pfeiffer Brothers (Wiley Jim and David Earl)
Gwen Peterson
The Plainsmen (Lindsey Manning, Emerson Baker, Sr., Perry
    McIntosh, Larry Manning, Dale Shaw Sr.) 
Owyhee and
   Elko, Nevada
Jim Polkinghorne
, Nevada
The Prairie Crooners (Rod Maxfield, Robert Wilson, Bob
, Utah
Henry Oso Quintero, Mescalero Apache, recipient of the
   Maverick Scholarship
David Pratt, Saskatchewan
Vess Quinlan, near Alamosa, Colorado
Buck Ramsey, Amarillo, Texas
Henry Real Bird, Montana
Gretchen Reynolds, Madigan
Pat Richardson
Randy Rieman, California
Riders in the Sky (Ranger Doug, Too Slim, Woody Paul)
The Ringling 5 (Don Overquell, Larry Lovely, Ken Arthun, Les Arthurn, Chuck Dallas, Ron Arthun, Don Seifert)
, Montana
Victor and Jack Runnels, South Dakota
Tom Russell, Austin, Texas
Connie Satterthwaite, Tuscarora, Nevada
Dave Schildt, Billings, Montana
Sandy Seaton, Montana
Georgie Sicking, Fallon, Nevada
Reggie Sope, Owyhee, Nevada
Don Spigarelli, New England
Clara Spotted Elk, Montana
Arden Stewart
Kent Stockton
, near Riverton, Wyoming
Ed Strickland 
Colen Sweeten, Malad, Idaho
Spider Teller, Owyhee, Nevada
Ian Tyson, near High River, Alberta
Dick Ufford, Vernal, Utah
Ira Walker, Owyhee, Nevada
Myrt Wallis, northern Wyoming
Jack Walther, Elko County, Nevada
Andy Wilkinson, Lubbock, Texas
Merrily Wright, Elko County, Nevada
Preston Wright, Deeth, Nevada
Joe Young
Paul Zarzyski


January  25 - February 1, 1997

Cover: Adam Jahiel photo and Randy Rieman riata


 Program Contents

"Dear Friends" by Sue Wallis and the crew at the Western Folklife Center

"The Whoop up Range" by Ian Tyson

"British Isles Roots of Cowboy Poetry and Music Project"

"A Revival Meeting and its Missionaries" by Buck Ramsey

Special Evening and Daytime Performances

The Gathering at a Glance

Taking Part -- Open Sessions at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Empty Saddles:  Alta S. Fife

Featured Participants

Lifelong Learning


Western Folklife Center News



Visitor Services and Map


"Chasin' the Moon" by Ian Tyson and Baxter Black
"A Cool Cowboy" by Don Marino
"Deer Heart (& Gentle People)" by Paul Zarzyski

Keynote Speaker: Ian Tyson


Featured Participants:

J. B. Allen, Whiteface, Texas
Mike Beck, Bozeman, Montana
Baxter Black
The Dancer's Company from Brigham Young University accompanied
     by poet Dan Bradshaw and musician Ken Bradshaw
Ed Brown
Cindy Church
E. T. Collingsworth III
, recipient of the Maverick Scholarship
Cowboy Celtic (David Wilkie, Denise Withnell, Terry McDade,
   Amelia Kaminski)
, Alberta
Stephanie Davis,
Bob Dennis, near Red Owl, South Dakota
Elizabeth Ebert, Lemmon, South Dakota
Don Edwards, near Fort Worth, Texas
Ramblin' Jack Elliott
John Erickson
, Perryton, Texas
Frank Gleeson, Williams Lake, British Columbia
R. W. Hampton
Sunny Hancock
, Lakeview, Oregon
Linda Hasselstrom, South Dakota
Jess Howard, Marmoth, North Dakotaa
Chris Isaacs
Carole Jarvis
, near Wickenburg, Arizona Della Johns Scholarship recipient
Ross Knox
, Grand Canyon
Chuck Larsen, near Saratoga, Wyoming
Guy Logsdon, Oklahoma
Bob Loper, Cody, Wyoming
Bill Lowman, western North Dakota
Bud McKague, Peachland, British Columbia
Terri Mason, Airdrie, Alberta
Wallace McRae, Forsyth, Montana
Rooster Morris, near Dalhart, Texas
Michael Martin Murphey
, Taos, New Mexico
Joel Nelson, Texas
Rod Nelson, Sims Creek, North Dakota
Rich O'Brien
, Fort Worth, Texas
Painted Horse (Reggie Sope), Owyhee, Nevada
Glenny Palmer, Australia
Charles Potts, Walla Walla, Washington
Buck Ramsey, Amarillo, Texas
Lorraine Rawls, Oregon
Henry Real Bird, Montana
Ray Reed, Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico
Pat Richardson, Merced, California
Randy Rieman, Hawaii and Montana
Jim Ross, California
Echo Roy, Shoshoni, Wyoming
Tom Russell with Andrew Hardin
Shelley & Kelly Band
, Jackson, Wyoming
Jesse Smith
Sons of the San Joaquin
Stark & Dunn (Paul Larsen, Lowell Larsen, Glen Vaagen)
North Dakota
Red Steagall
, Texas
Kent Stockton, Riverton, Wyoming
Milton Taylor, Queensland, Australia
Ian Tyson, Alberta
Jack Walther, Lamoille, Nevada

Other Contributing Poets and Musicians

John Dofflemyer, Lemon Cove, California
Vess Quinlan, San Luis, Colorado
Bill Jones, Tennessee
Janalee Martin, Elko, Nevada
Connie Sattherwaite, Tuscarora, Nevada
Jim Polkinghorne, Elko, Nevada
Bimbo Cheney, Spring Creek, Nevada
Dave, Deanna, and Rusty McCall, Butte Valley, Nevada
Jay Dalton, Clover Valley, Nevada
Patti Knox, Grand Canyon, Arizona
Rod McQueary, Deeth, Nevada
Gary McMahan, Bellevue, Colorado


This is page 3 of program information.  

Additional pages:






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