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Cowboy Poetry and Western Music Events
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Submission information:

We welcome your event information about cowboy poetry and Western music events. Information details get posted in our news and in links from our Events calendar below.

We regret that we can't list individual performers' or groups' shows or "shows" that have just one or two performers or groups, including house concerts; those are too numerous for us to maintain. (We do welcome information for established venues with a roster of regularly-scheduled programs, even if those programs feature just one or two performers. The season's schedule is welcome, at least several weeks before the season begins.)

We sometimes include other events of interest, such as rodeos and art shows.

Email us if you have questions about the inclusion of your event.

Please send the announcement in plain text, not in graphic or pdf format. You can send a logo, photo or small graphic for our front-page news link. Those will be posted at a height no larger than 59 pixels.

Please send information at least several weeks before your event.

Be sure to include date, times, ticket information, a description, and performers' names, along with contact information: a phone number, email address, or web link that can be posted.

Email us your announcement.

We welcome reports after gatherings; links to some are noted below and all listed here.

Our free email newsletter (subscribe) comes out about quarterly. News is posted almost daily in our News Since the Last Newsletter.

See our Internet (and other) Radio Broadcast schedule here.

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Most information below is supplied by gathering and event organizers.

Links lead directly to events' sites.

Dates are posted as  they are received.

Some events notemore . . .(just click it) for expanded
current information here at the BAR-D.
Some events have
links if we have no current details, but did have them from a previous year

We welcome your information (plain text, no graphics please). Email us.

Please send information at least several weeks before your event.

We regret that we can't list individual performers' shows or "shows"
that have just two performers or groups; those are too numerous for us to maintain.



Help spread the word!

Email us us for a free supply of handout cards about CowboyPoetry.com for your event.

The newest cards are the 2015 Cowboy Poetry Week poster image, a painting by noted Western artist Don Dane and a card with the image selected as the cover for the 2014 CD, The BAR-D Roundup: Volume  Nine. It depicts sixth-generation cowboy Rusty McCall (1986-2013) in a photo by Kevin Martini-Fuller.

The reverse sides of the postcards have information about the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry and CowboyPoetry.com. Find larger views, the reverse-side text, and previous years' cards here.

Find larger views, the reverse-side text, and previous years' cards here.

Thanks to the following gatherings, organizations, and individuals for helping to spread the word by making CowboyPoetry.com information cards available to date and for providing space for them:

The Heritage of the American West show; the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Saddle Up! in Pigeon Forge, Sierra Vista's Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, Wyoming Wintercamp Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Chadron State College Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Red Rock Writers, Montana Cowboy and Ranchwomen Dinner Show, Montana Country Poets and Pickers Annual Gathering, Festival of the West, Alpine Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering, National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo, Kamloops Cowboy Gathering, Estes Park Cowboy Poetry and Music Round-Up, Wyoming's Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering, Lee Earl Memorial Scholarship Gathering, Oklahoma Cowboy Poetry and Songs, Kane County Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Dollarwatch Cowboy Show, Gila Valley Poets Spring Gathering, Idaho City Gathering, Booth Western Art Museum, Los Rios Rancho and Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Cowboy Culture Corner, Truckee Western Week and ProRodeo Cowboy Poetry and Music, Conifer Trails and Tales, Triple Creek Ranch, Eldorado Running of the Bull, Oklahoma Centennial Covered Wagon Rendezvous, Annual Reno Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, Friends of Marty Robbins, Southwestern Idaho Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Visalia Fall Roundup, Annual Grand Union Gathering, Badger Clark Hometown Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, Old West Days, Pinedale Roundup, Grand Junction Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Grass Valley Elks' Cowboy Poetry, Annual Gila River Heritage Round-Up, Cowboy Poetry Hootenanny, Spirit of the West, Annual Bosque County Chuckwagon Cookoff & John A. Lomax Music Festival, Annual Stony Plain Cowboy Poetry, Music & Art Gathering, and First Annual Utah, Arizona, Nevada (& Neighbors) Cowboy Poetry Gathering & "Old Timers" Get Together, First Annual Golden Spike Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival, Annual Missouri Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Boys Town Nevada, Songs, Stories, and Cowboy Poetry—Celebrating the American West, Chama Cowboy Days, South Dakota Spirit of the West, Steppin' Back Guest Ranch, Cowboy Culture Extravaganza, Them Cowboys is Headin' Downtown, Riding 4 the Brand Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Rhymers Rodeer, Missouri Cowboy Poets Association An Evening in the West, Texas Independence Day Celebration and Cowboy Gathering, Annual Tyrone Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, Southern Oregon Farm Festival, The Very First Ojai Valley Cowboy Show, Benicia Cowboy Poetry and Music Relay for Life Benefit, and Benefit Concert for the National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy, Third Annual Historic Ritzville Days Western Art Show, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho, White Mountains Roundup of Cowboy Poetry, Music and Art, San Juan Western Heritage Festival, East Texas Wild West Fest, Open Range Magazine Cowboy Dinner Show, Them Cowboys is Trailin' North, Permian Basin Poetry Society, Cowboy Boot Camp, Wild West Days at Rough Cut, Annual Columbia Gorge Cowboy Gathering, Campfire Tales at the Ft. Worth Stock Show, Texas Crossroads Cowboy Poetry Gathering, KBHB radio, Vinton Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Scofield's Cowboy Campfire at Red Mule Ranch, Pincher Creek Cowboy Gathering, Durango Cowboy Gathering, Annual Bear Lake Cowboy Gathering, "This One's for the Cowboys," and A Montana Christmas, Cache Valley Cowboy Rendezvous, Cowboy Concert Series, Rapid City Public Library, Echoes of the Trail, Lost 'n Lava Cowboy Poetry Gathering, High Country Summer, and CSU Equine Teaching & Research Center; and Tom Morgan, Jeri Dobrowski, Smoke Wade, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Susan Parker, Ken Cook, Linda Kirkpatrick, DW Groethe, Gwen Petersen, Janice Coggin, Sandi and Jay Snider, Nika Nordbrock, Karen Neurohr, Jo Lynne Kirkwood, Lauralee Northcott, Kathy and Van Criddle, Doris Daley, Tex Tumbleweed, Laurali Noteman, Alfred Janssen, Hal Swift, Diane Tribitt, Ann Blackford, Doc Stovall, Bobbie Hunter, Jim Hawkins, Al Mehl, Don Hilmer, Geff Dawson, Mick Vernon, PJ and Dallas McCord, Carla Bell, Jim Runge, Tom Cole, Linda Record, Cheryl Park, Lowell Moore, Jon Chandler, Jerry Brooks, Juanita Buckley, Almeda Terry, Ronna Lee Sharpe, Laura and Tony Argento, Sr., Ralph Smith, Steve Conroy, Donnette Engebrecht, Fred Liese, Harlo Birkholz, Mark McMillan, Beth Bender, Kay Duke, Jackson Mackenzie, Francie Ganje, Pat Richardson, Sam Jackson, Stan Tixier, Tom Weatherby, Jennie Cummings, Maryanne Patterson, Mike Moutoux, Cimarron Sue and Nevada Slim, Ted Flaum, Rick Nagle, Christopher Martinez, Janice Gilbertson, Cass Swanson, Jan Billups, Thayne Beard, Larry Krause, Kathryn Trigg, Bill Henderson, Don Collop, Mark Miller, Sally Smith, Laurel Paulson-Pierce, Terri Taylor (STAMPEDE!), Woody Woodruff, Pete Kennedy, Mikki Dennis, Joe Baker, Kathy Barlow, Diane Tribitt, Paul R. Hirdler, Denise Keary, Gari Merendino, Stephen McFadden, Rose Sanders, Jo Baeza, Doc Davis, Clark Crouch, Larry Krause, Kat Copeland, Jim Moore, Shawn Gannon, Duane Nelson, Jim Cardwell, Cindy Quiqley, Buck Helton, Bob Kinford, Betty Ramelli, Steven Spalding, Thomas Scofield, Martyn Hill, Linda Mannix, Arden Gailey, Laura O'Connor, T.J. Casey, Rod Miller, Dale Major, Rod Miller, John Pappas, Jerry Schleicher, Judy Howser, Payson Reese, Vi Tara,  Chuck Peterson, Marci Broyhill, and Kay Higdon.

Email us if you or your event should be on this list, and if you'd like a supply of cards.

Email us for a free supply for your event, shop, or places in your community that would welcome the information.

We do our best to provide accurate information, but please confirm dates directly with gathering organizers.





By month: January (below)February | March | April | May | June

July  | AugustSeptemberOctober  | November | December


through January 1, 2017
The 69th Annual Arizona National Stock Show Phoenix, Arizona


Dates not yet received for 2017
Cowboy Poets of Utah Symposium  Payson, Utah


January 17-27, 2017
5th Annual Clear Out West (C.O.W.) Cruise 


Dates not yet received for 2017
Cowboys of Color Rodeo Fort Worth, Texas

Dates not yet received for 2017
28th Annual Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering Golden, Colorado

Read Rex Rideout's report on the 2014 event
Read Doris Daley's report on the 2013 event
Read Rex Rideout's report on the 2012 event
Read Doris Daley and Rex Rideout's reports on the 2011 event
Read Doris Daley and Rex Rideout's reports on the 2010 event
Yvonne Hollenbeck's report on the 2008 event
Yvonne Hollenbeck's report and Donna Hatton's report on the 2007 event
Read Yvonne Hollenbeck's report about the 2006 event
Read Yvonne Hollenbeck's report about the 2005 event
Read Jeri Dobrowski's report about the 2004 event
Read Pat Richardson's report about the 2003 event


Dates not yet received for 2017
12th Annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Lawler, Iowa

Dates not yet received for 2017
4th Annual "A Night of Western Music & Cowboy Poetry" Tooele, Utah

Dates not yet received for 2017
Cowboy Campfire Tales - Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering  Ft. Worth Stock Show, Texas


January 30-February 4, 2017
The 33rd National Cowboy Poetry Gathering  Elko, Nevada 

See our feature with all years' programs and a list of all years' performers

2016 news
2012 reports
2011 reports
2010 reports
2008 reports


2006 reports

2005 reports
2004 20th anniversary feature
2003 reports

2002 reports

Visit our Sponsor supporter
s: The Western Folklife Center


Dates not yet received for 2017
Eighth Annual Silver State Trade Show Elko, Nevada
(during the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering)

Dates not yet received for 2017
71st annual Montana Winter Fair  Lewiston, Montana



Find the February events here.



Find the March events here.


Find all April events here.

15th annual Cowboy Poetry Week


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