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2014 Reports

27th Annual Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering (Sul Ross) Alpine, Texas, February (page two)

On page 1:

25th Annual Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Golden, Colorado, January

21st Annual Bootheel Cowboy Poetry Fiesta, Lordsburg, New Mexico, February

14th Annual Saddle Up! Celebration, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, February

Fourth Annual Cache Valley Cowboy Rendezvous, Hyrum, Utah, February

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February, 2014
27th Annual Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering (Sul Ross) Alpine, Texas


(...continued from page one)

This report has three parts:

report and photos by Nika Nordbrock (page one)

photos by Barbara Richerson, Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering photographer,  and by Dana C. Jones  (page one and continued below)

story and photos by Jane Baxter Lynn (below)


Photos by Barbara Richerson, Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering Photographer
 and by Dana C. Jones
(find more at

...continued from page one

photo by Barbara Richerson
Terry Nash

photo by Barbara Richerson
Randy and Hannah Houston

photo by Barbara Richerson
Mike Blakely

photo by Barbara Richerson
Kevin Davis

photo by Barbara Richerson
Kristyn Harris

photo by Barbara Richerson
Mary Kaye

photo by Barbara Richerson
The Milner Family

photo by Barbara Richerson
Rod Taylor


photo by Barbara Richerson
Joel Nelson

photo by Barbara Richerson
Linda Kirkpatrick

photo by Barbara Richerson
Gail Steiger

photo by Barbara Richerson
Cowboy Celtic

photo by Barbara Richerson
Ken Cook

photo by Barbara Richerson
Jill Jones and Three Hands High



   From Jane Baxter Lynn of Austin, Texas:

My mother, Margaret Baxter, from Suffolk, England, visited us (my husband Frank Lynn, a Texan, and me) in Austin in 2009. Ever since I can recall, she has been a fan of cowboys, seeing every cowboy movie there was and reading books from such authors as Larry McMurtry. So, as a treat, we brought her (aged 86 and still as sharp as ever) to the Gathering in Alpine that year.

She had a wonderful time. While there, Mum made friends (she does that!) with Doris Daley and Lynne Baldwin. She also participated in one of the Open Sessions, moderated by Linda Kirkpatrick, reading one of the two Cowboy poems she had written prior to our going out there. Attached are the two poems, along with an e-mail poem my Mum wrote to Linda after the Gathering and photos of her performing.

Fast forward to 2014 (my husband and I had been unable to go to the Gathering since 2009). Linda, Doris and Lynne all immediately remembered her (she is fairly unforgettable—great presence, plummy British accent and really good poetry—unbiased opinions!). Attached are photos of Linda and me and Lynne and me that we took to send to my Mum (now aged 90 and still very "with it") to let her know that they remembered her. She was thrilled.




We invite you to send in reports about gatherings and other events.



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