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2012 Inductee to the Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame



One More Chance

There's no alarm clock needed,
        to get me out of bed,
For today, I'll be a cowboy,
        now lets get them horses fed.

The chores are done
        before the sun tops the eastern hill.
I saddle up ole paint
        and up my back there goes a chill.

For this life it does excite me,
        my dream, it has come true.
For today, I'll be a cowboy,
        a cowboy through and through.

I load ole paint and and start my truck,
        and down the road we go,
Headed for the pastures
        where the greenest grasses grow.

We gather steers, bunch by bunch
        and take em to the pen.
We implant, worm and vaccinate
        and turn em out again.

We drive em back to where they came,
        to graze the summer through.
Where the grass is green, the waters clear
        and the sky is a deep deep blue.

Work's all done, we trailer up
        and head back for the ranch.
The day it passed so quickly,
        that I never had a chance.
A chance to thank my maker,
        the Lord from up above.
For giving me the life,
        the life I really love.
I get back home and do my chores,
        just like the day began.
And ask the Lord please give me one more chance,
        to let me do er all again.
2003, Geff Dawson
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


The Wake-Up Call

We sat in the truck, my neighbor Whitey and me,
                waitin' for the storm to clear.
Lightnin' and thunder that July morn,
                all seemed to be so near.

We're on top of the world in Flint Hills grass
                ready to gather some steers,
Prepared to mount up, and do our job,
                once the boss gives the all clear.

We joked about gettin' struck by lightning
                and wondered if you'd feel the pain.
We had no idea what lie in store,
                riding out there after the rain.

I assured ole Whitey that if he got struck,
                and suddenly lost his life,
I would collect his cowboy wages,
                then deliver it back home to his wife.

About that time, there was a break in the clouds,
                and the rain began to subside.
We unloaded horses, stepped in the stirrup
                and across the pasture began to ride.

We rode clear to the south and then headed west,
                following steers along at a trot.
As the sky grew dark, a new storm blew in
                and the thunder began to POP.

I got an eerie feeling as we topped the hill,
                Whitey 50 yards to the right,
I heard a hheeeck--then a blinding flash,
                and a BOMB sent my horse in a fright.

I was stunned, and like a fish out of water,
                in my saddle I was gasping for air.
Every muscle I had was twitching in spasm,
                as I clinched the back of my hair.

As I regained my senses, and gathered my wits,
                I saw Whitey slumped in his saddle.
Like me, he was stunned, his eyes still closed,
                like a soldier who'd been through a battle.

I glanced down between Whitey and me,
                just 30 feet at the most,
Smoke was rising from the wet prairie grass,
                from a black spot the size of a post.

We abandoned our mission of gathering cattle,
                and headed back for cover.
Loaded our horses and jumped in the truck,
                then sat there and stared at each other.

As I look back on that day, I'm not sure why
                two cowboys like us were spared.
I can't recall before that time,
                two punchers ever bein so scared.

The way I see it, twas a wake-up call,
                with two sinners ridin so close together,
The Lord had a chance to threaten us both
                by landing it right in the center.

2003, Geff Dawson
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Geff told us: My inspiration for the poem came when my neighbor and I were shipping double-stock cattle off a Flint Hills pasture in July, 2005, when a Kansas thunderstorm rolled in.  We were several miles from the catch pens and had to finish the job when a bolt of lightning struck the ground between us as we were gathering cattle horseback.  The other cowboys helping that day saw the strike of lightning hit on the hilltop and from there I think the poem describes the incident


About Geff Dawson:

It's not enough to say that Geff has been a cowboy all his life, but he has been the epitome of a cowboy who has come full circle. His granddad and their family built most of Abilene, Kansas with teams of horses and mules. They built roads to Colorado and beyond with those same teams.

After marriage and two lovely kids and working on ranches in the Flint Hills of Kansas, Geff and his wife Dawn have had a place of their own for nearly 25 years, but Geff now manages the most historic ranch on Wabaunsee County. He does it with some good ranch horses and a beautiful team of Percheron draft horses. Let's just say Geff's carbon imprint isn't as big as it used to be when he hitches the team to feed or put out mineral, or haul wood to the smoke house. "My Dad told me that if my granddad would have lived what kind of horseman, rancher and teamster I had become he would have been smiling ear to ear."

Geff prides himself by doing everything the way it was mean to be done, "horseback." "I make coffee on a hundred-year-old stove in the morning just like they used to, my life is simple but event-filled, and I thank the good Lord for what I have. Some say I was born a hundred years too late, I say I hope a hundred years from now there is another cowboy born to carry on the tradition.

Geff Dawson performs around the country and his wife Dawn is the co-host of a syndicated radio show, Better Horses Radio.

Awards and Honors:

2009  Chosen to be the featured cowboy on the commemorative buckle of the Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo in  his hometown of Abilene, Kansas

2009   Selected performer for the returning troops, Fort Riley, Kansas

2009    For the third year, chosen by Purina Mills and Olathe Boots to represent the cowboy image for their companies

2007-2008  Featured performer for the Salute to the Great American Cowboy, Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri

2006  National Champion Cowboy Poetr, Kanab, Utah

2006  Champion Cowboy Poet, Colorado State Fair, Peoples' Choice Award

You can contact Geff:

2 Bar D Ranch
34843 K99 Hwy.
Alma, KS  66401


Web site:


A Tougher Horse

A combination of cowboy poetry, western music and comedy

Released August 1, 2009


A Cowboy
Tougher Horses
Promised Land
90-Mile an Hour
One Good Horse
Bronco Twister's Prayer
Ghost Cowboy
I Hear the Trailer Comin'
Johnny Western Sang Cowpoke
Daddy Told Me
Cowboy Dream
The Day Would Come
Branson Missouri Blues

Find more here at

Available for $17 postpaid

2 Bar D Ranch
34843 K99 Hwy.
Alma, KS  66401


110% Cowboy

Released December, 2005

A collection of original poems by Geff Dawson, including "The North & Judd Spur," "One More Chance," "The Camel Roping," and more.  The title comes from his personal motto, which he has lived all of his life: that you must give 110% to reach your goals.


Cowboy Try
North & Judd Spur
Mad Cow Disease
Hereford Jeckel & Mrs. Hyde
Camel Roping
The Wake-up Call
One More Chance
Kansas Legends of Cutting

With background music by Jed Wymore, Manhattan, Kansas

Read more at his web site.

$15.00 plus postage

Visa, Mastercard and Paypal accepted 

2 Bar D Ranch
34843 K99 Hwy.
Alma, KS  66401


A Tribute to the Million Dollar Horsemen

This CD is a single release of Geff Dawson's poem, "A Tribute to the Million Dollar Horsemen," which he was asked to write in honor of the members of the Million Dollar Club of the NRHA in 2005. 

Read more at his web site.


Visa, Mastercard and Paypal accepted 

2 Bar D Ranch
34843 K99 Hwy.
Alma, KS  66401



In December, 2005, Geff Dawson was featured in a Christmas Music Special honoring the troops and their families at Fort Riley, Kansas, produced by Best of America by Horseback and shown on RFD-TV.  Following is a press release about that show:

Cowboy poet Geff Dawson of Alma, Kansas was chosen to be a featured performer in a special Christmas music show honoring the troops and their families at Fort Riley, Kansas.

Executive Producer, Tom Seay of Culpeper, Virginia invited Geff to perform after he heard his poetry at Purina's Dream Ride this past fall.  The weekly horseback television show, Best of America by Horseback, taped the music special live at Fort Riley on November 29, 2005 before a "standing room  only" audience.

Highlights of the show also included special Christmas messages written and sent from Nancy Reagan, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, and Clifton Truman Daniel, President Truman's grandson.  Other special messages included one from the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, Roy Roger's family and from Ms. Diedre Downs, Miss America 2005.

Seay said, "I usually don't tell anyone that I was an English major in college.  When I heard Geff Dawson's cowboy poetry, I can tell anyone from a cowboy point of view, his work is true to life and, from a literary point of view, his work is unsurpassed.  Perhaps, better than that he is a true gentlemen."  During the Christmas special at Fort Riley, one of the highlights of the show was the children's involvement.  "Geff Dawson had them in awe and listening intently.  He really brought the Christmas spirit home.  We welcome him to a long and lasting relationship with Best of America by Horseback."

The Christmas Music Special will air on satellite on the RFD-TV channel via DirecTV channel 379 and Dish TV Network on channel 9409.  It will air December 23, 2005 at 3 PM (EST) and 11 PM (EST), in addition to Christmas Day at 6 PM (EST).  The Armed Forces Television Network will also air this special to 28 major US cities and over 120 countries worldwide.

More information about the Best of America by Horseback show series visit them at  For information or to contact Geff Dawson about his new CD, 110% Cowboy, visit



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