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A big holiday welcome from the BAR-D to you all!

We kept Christmas every day  durin' the season, with somethin' new for you each and every day.  

Along with our daily additions, we posted holiday news and features listed below.

Happy holidays folks!

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"Here's a perfect holiday gift...."
Brooke Demetz Oklahoma Today

"An entertaining and heartwarming collection of modern and classic
  Cowboy Poetry.  A wonderful treasury, including many of my favorites."  
Don Edwards, America's favorite Cowboy singer 

 "Cowboy poetry provides an important link to my own rural roots.  The Big Roundup is a fine collection of cowboy poetry -- old and new."
The Honorable Supreme Court Justice
Sandra Day O'Connor, author of Lazy B

"...a wonderful addition to our  cowboy poetry collection..."
Randy Williams, Curator, Fife Folklore Archives

"From the classics to contemporary, Cowboy Poetry is alive and represented well in The Big Roundup anthology.  The 'Best of the West' section is a great information source for folks looking for a directory of events and places representing our Art Form."  
Chris Isaacs, the Cowboy's Cowboy humorist and poet, 
Rhymes, Reasons and Pack Saddle Proverbs
young member of The Cardiac Cowboys

and more praise here.....

Happy holidays folks!




The Big Roundup (the perfect gift!)



Poetry and Stories


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Daily Additions


Happy holidays folks!

Poetry, Stories and More


See details about our 2002 Daily Holiday Additions below

(And there's plenty other news in our most recent Newsletter and 
even more recent news in our News Since the Last Newsletter)


Happy holidays folks!



On December 23, 2002 we received this report:

A CMT film crew was in Anadarko, Ok this past Friday and Saturday (Dec 20 & 21st) at the KJON studios at 102 East Central, to film the 3rd Annual
"Keepin' It Cowboy" Call-in Christmas Show for a CMT Christmas Special that
will air in the 2003 holiday season.  Pre-show interviews were done on
Friday with "Keepin' It Cowboy" host Jo Hargrave and guest cowboy poet Jay Snider.  Jo says, "I think we were able to give them an idea of what we do, our heritage, and how passionate we are about it."

Saturdays in-studio guests, Tim Graham of Weatherford, Tx, Lanny Joe Burnett of Bonham, Tx, Hank Elling of Cache, Ok, Jay Snider of Cyril, Ok, Chuck Milner of Reydon, Ok, Ginnymac of  Ft. Worth,Tx rode through downtown Anadarko and were delivered to the studio in a covered wagon pulled by Belgian horses provided by Swinging T. Hitches of Comanche, Ok.  Owner and driver was Steve Tevebaugh and outrider, on a mule, was his son, Dustin. In addition to filming the ride to the studio in the covered wagon and filming the in-studio guests during the show, there were callers whose poems and songs and holiday greetings also made it on film. Those were Jeff
, Colo., producer of the Encore/Westerns Channel, Donnie Blanz, former Nashville songwriter (co-author of "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" and many others), Bill Barwick, cowboy singer, songwriter and announcer for the Westerns Channel, Hal Swift, poet/author, J. W. Beeson, poet/author, Francine Roark Robison, Oklahoma's Official Cowboy Poet Laureate, Shawnee, Ok, Samuel Passamonte, singer/poet/author, of New York, T. J. Casey, Montana's Singing Cowboy, Janet McBride, Song of the Year Winner/WMA, Stan Pariegen, Edmond, Ok, poet/author, Curly Musgrave, singer/songwriter whose song, "Cowboy True," has been featured on the Westerns Channel, Jim Gough, the voice of many western audio books and western swing performer, Larry Hannon, Garden City, Kansas radio personality/singer/songwriter, Joe Baker, producer of the Backforty
Bunkhouse on KWES in Ruidoso, New Mexico, and Mike Puhallo, Kamloops,
BC,Canada writer/poet, and President of the Charley Russell Western Heritage Association.

"Keepin' It Cowboy" can be heard across southwest Oklahoma and into Texas, each Saturday, noon to 2pm, on 850 AM KJON, and features cowboy music and poetry, interviews, coming events and giveaways.  Jo's Cowboy Gospel program on Sunday mornings airs from 7:30 am to 10:45am.  Find out more about "Keepin' It Cowboy" on the website at


Happy holidays folks!

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We'll be featuring the very best in Cowboy and Western Christmas Books & Music. And each day we'll add other (not just Western & Cowboy) products at very special prices. So come back everyday and shop right in the comfort of your home!

Ride on over and shop with some of the nicest folks in the West.



Happy holidays folks!



Happy holidays folks!


We're always pleased when folks like what they find at the BAR-D, and we thank the followin' folks for linkin' to us on their own Holiday pages:, where you'll find lots of e-cards and holiday links., where you'll find "Christmas Greetings, Ecards, and Other Resources."


  123 Greetings, where they offer "Christmas Ecards, New Year, Kwanzaa Cards, Birthday Greetings, Love E-cards and more..."


Happy holidays folks!




Happy holidays folks!



Daily Treats!

Somethin' new for you each and every day


Happy holidays folks!

December 2002

1st  It's beginnin' to look a lot like Christmas. We have First Lariat Laureate Rod Nichols' poem, A Cowboy Christmas Carol and a letter from our special columnist Charlie Camden as he rides into the season.  

2nd  The season calls for dancin' of course.  And that's what's happenin' in Lariat Laureate runner up Francine Roark Robison's The Cowboy Christmas Ball, Carl Condray's Winter Stampede, and one of our favorite classic holiday poems, William Lawrence "Larry" Chittenden's The Cowboys' Christmas Ball.

3rd  Past Lariat Laureate Jo Lynne Kirkwood tells us her fine Christmas on the North Fork is based in part on events from a Christmas passed about ten years ago up on the Salmon Fork in Idaho, and we have another of our favorite classic holiday poems, S. Omar Barker's Drylander's Christmas.

4th  We welcome our newest Honored Guest Carole Jarvis with her Desert Cowboy's Christmas. Then turnin' to another sort of reverent, we have Honored Guest Virginia Bennett's Sermon on the Mount;  an old favorite, The Star and a Humble Cowboy from Honored Guest Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson) with special meanin' this year;  old pard Mike Henley's The Gate Cut; and a fittin' classic holiday poem from S. Omar Barker, A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer.

5th  Honored Guest and proud Texan Jim Fish delivers a fine message in his Christmas Time's Around the Bend and so does Australian Henry Lawson, in a poem written well over a century ago, The Fire at Ross's Farm.  

6th  Old pard Yvonne Hollenbeck has somethin' to say on behalf of American cattlemen in her All American Christmas and with similar thoughts for our pards to the north, we have another of our favorite holiday classics by Canadian Rhoda Sivell, Happy Days

7th  Now the spirit of Christmas comes in all shapes and sizes, and Hilda the trail drive cook, six foot four and three hundred pounds, shows that's a fact in Lariat Laureate runner up Brenda "Sam" DeLeeuw's Christmas Gift -- A Sack of Dreams.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lariat Laureate runner up Jean Mathisen offers up her God Rest Ye Merry Cattlemen

8th  A fittin' poem for an Advent Sunday comes from Honored Guest Colen Sweeten, Christmas Beneath the Stars

9th  Santa's workin' overtime right answerin' his mail, and Ron Brinegar's Letter to Santa gives us a peek into the mailbag and over his shoulder and let's us know about two extra special helpers.  Meanwhile Santa's makin' his list and checkin' it twice and his criteria is the same everywhere, as shown in Santa in the Bush, a favorite classic by Australia's A. B. "Banjo" Paterson.

10th  Still thinkin' on Santa and seein' him through the little pokes' eyes, Lariat Laureate runner up Byrd Woodward brings us A Four-Year-Old's Christmas Truth and Lariat Laureate runner up Janice Gilbertson adds A "Little Cowboy" Conversation.

11th  Well there's plenty more to say about Santa Claus, and Lariat Laureate runner up Ezra Spur says some of it in The Visit and "Banjo" Paterson adds more in another classic, Santa Claus.

12th  Harkin' back to when the world was a kindlier a more gentle place, Mike Dunn remembers good times in Wrappings & Bows.

13th  As to donkeys and mules, humble and otherwise, several folks have Christmas tales about 'em.  One old favorite of ours is Connie Rossignol's Of Donkeys and Reindeer and we're also pleased to have a couple new ones: Lariate Laureate runner up David Dill's Jefferson's Christmas (yes, it has somethin' to do with a president) and Lynne Hendrickson's Reindeer Disguise.

14th  Our old pard Paul Hatch's An Arizona Christmas put us to thinkin' about offerin' a kinda buffet of poems today, and we're glad to bring you Honored Guest Mike Puhallo's latest Meadow Muffin, Countdown to Christmas; and poems from two Lariat Laureate runners up:  Tex Tumbleweed's The Cowboy's Christmas Ball and Steve Dirksen's Cowboy Christmas Light

15th  Nona Kelley Carver has a way of combinin' nostalgia and inspiration in her  When The Cowboys Came For Christmas, a fine mix for another Advent Sunday.

16th  Monday is serious enough on its own, so how about a "reel" cowboy in Suzann Darnall's The Night Before Christmas...Texas Style; Honored Guest Pat Richardson's Christmas card messages, Howdy Friend and Merry Christmas; and a favorite old classic by Arthur Chapman, Christmas Shopping in Cactus Center.

17th   Old pard Jim Fox stopped by with his A Penner's Letter to Santa; Lariat Laureate runner up Sam DeLeeuw weighs in with A Rancher's Wife's Christmas, and new pard Eric Wyman counts his blessin's in Progress.

18th   Lariat Laureate runner up Jean Mathisen brings us a Wyoming tale in Dust and Snow and we're sharin' another BAR-D favorite classic poem, Bruce Kiskaddon's The Old Time Christmas.

19th  Hats off to Santa, the Mrs., and other sidekicks today with a few favorites from last year:  past Lariat Laureate Jay Snider's Santa's Helper;  Lariat Laureate runner up Linda Kirkpatrick's Santa Claus' Sidekick; and old pard Rose Mary Allmendinger's Dear Santa.  And Santa's makin' appearances in new poems incudin' Laureate runner up Hal Swift's Santy Claus Truly is Real; old pards Jim Owen's One of Those Nights Before Christmas and Keith L. Adams' Christmas on the Porch; and new pard Lee Young's When Santa Met Saddle Tramp Lee.

20th  Today we're bringin' you another classic favorite by Bruce Kiskaddon, The Cowboys Christmas Dance;  Lariat Laureate runner up McCloud's Cowboys and Christmas; and old pard Glen Enloe's Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle.

21st  It's a kind of ranchin' "Wonderful Life" today, with Lariat Laureate Jane Morton's Ranch Christmas and Honored Guest Colen Sweeten's Memories of Christmas, while Howard Norskog's tale is about The Old Cowboy's Christmas.

22nd  On a last Advent Sunday, we're bringin' you poems that all were inspired by the Story: Honored Guest Colen Sweeten's In a Manger;  S. J.  Passamonte's In the Barn on Christmas Eve, Bobby Cohoon's It Happened One Christmas;  Lee Earl's A Helping Hand; and Timothy Carrier's The First Christmas.

23rd  Today we're sharin' two of our favorite classic Christmas Cowboy poems:  S. Omar Barker's Line-Camp Christmas Letter and Robert Service's The Trapper's Christmas Eve.

24th  It's Christmas Eve, and J. W. Beeson's fine Christmas Serenade marks the day in a pert' near perfect way.  

25th  Merry Christmas to all our BAR-D pards and poets!  We have an extra special treat from first Lariat Laureate Rod Nichols right here, a surprise for the BAR-D crew from "deep in the heart of Texas" that we are happy to share with all of you pards out there.  

There's always room at the BAR-D for a late visitor, and besides we'd never deprive our pards of Honored Guest Larry Maurice's inspired Peace on Earth.  

Finally, we leave you all to what we hope are plenty fine festivities with maybe our all-time favorite classic Cowboy Christmas poem, Badger Clark's "The Christmas Trail":


The Christmas Trail

The wind is blowin' cold down the mountain tips of snow
   And 'cross the ranges layin' brown and dead;
It's cryin' through the valley trees that wear the mistletoe
   And mournin' with the gray clouds overhead.
Yes it's sweet with the beat of my little hawse's feet
   And I whistle like the air was warm and blue
For I'm ridin' up the Christmas trail to you, 
                  Old folks,
   I'm a-ridin' up the Christmas trail to you.

Oh, mebbe it was good when the whinny of the Spring
   Had weedled me to hoppin' of the bars.
And livin' in the shadow of a sailin' buzzard's wing
   And sleepin' underneath a roof of stars.
But the bright campfire light only dances for a night,
   While the home-fire burns forever clear and true,
So 'round the year I circle back to you, 
                   Old folks,
   'Round the rovin' year I circle back to you.

Oh, mebbe it was good when the reckless Summer sun
   Had shot a charge of fire through my veins,
And I milled around the whiskey and the fightin' and fun
   'Mong the mav'ricks drifted from the plains.
Ay, the pot bubbled hot, while you reckoned I'd forgot,
   And the devil smacked the young blood in his stew,
Yet I'm lovin' every mile that's nearer you,
                   Good folks,
   Lovin' every blessed mile that's nearer you.

Oh, mebbe it was good at the roundup in the Fall,
   When the clouds of bawlin' dust before us ran,
And the pride of rope and saddle was a-drivin' of us all
   To stretch of nerve and muscle, man and man.
But the pride sort of died when the man got weary eyed;
   'Twas a sleepy boy that rode the nightguard through,
And he dreamed himself along a trail to you,
                    Old folks,
   Dreamed himself along a happy trail to you.

The coyote's Winter howl cuts the dusk behind the hill,
   But the ranch's shinin' window I kin see,
And though I don't deserve it and, I reckon, never will,
   There'll be room beside the fire kep' for me.
Skimp my plate 'cause I'm late.  Let me hit the old kid gait,
   For tonight I'm stumblin' tired of the new
And I'm ridin' up the Christmas trail to you,
                     Old folks,
   I'm a-ridin' up the Christmas trail to you.

Badger Clark 


You can read more classic poetry by Badger Clark right
at the BAR-D.

He is:

Featured in "The Big Roundup," an anthology of the best of


Happy holidays folks!


Wishin' All Folks Peace on Earth and Merry Christmas!


And see the links above for holiday news and more; 
our regular News Since the Last Newsletter is here.


Read a few new and classic New Year's poems right here.



 Happy holidays folks!


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See a complete list of all the holiday poems from 2000-2005 here.

See the list of all the poems at the BAR-D here.

See our regular newsletter and our news since the last newsletter, too!



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