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Index of Poems and Songs
alphabetically by author


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AnonymousClassic Cowboy Poetry
Bill Venero
The Campfire Has Gone Out
The Cattleman's Prayer
Cowboy Jack
The Cowboy's Dream
The Cowboy's Lament, see: The Dying Cowboy (The Cowboy's Lament/Streets of Laredo)
The Cowboy's Life
The Cowboy's Meditation
The Cowman's Prayer
The Cross Eyed Gal
Doney Gal
The Dreary, Dreary Life 
The Dying Cowboy
Git Along Little Dogies
The Great Round-up
The Hell-Bound Train
I'd Like to be in Texas for the Roundup in the Spring
I Ride an Old Paint
John Garner's Trail Herd
Ma's Old Galvanized Washtub

Make Me a Cowboy Again for a Day
Mustang Gray
Night-Herding Song

No Rest for the Horse
The Old Chisholm Trail
Old Paint
The Pecos Stream
Silver Bells & Golden Spurs
Silver Jack
The Star Planters
Streets of Laredo, see: The Dying Cowboy (The Cowboy's Lament/Streets of Laredo)
Ten Thousand Cattle Straying
The Tenderfoot

The Texas Cowboy
To a Quiet But Useful Class (No Rest for the Horse)
The West 
When Bob Got Throwed
Whoopee Ti Yo Yo, Git Along, Little Dogies
Windy Bill
Zebra Dun


James Barton AdamsClassic Cowboy Poetry
Bill's in Trouble
A Cowboy Toast
The Cowboy's Dance Song" ("The High-Toned Dance")
The Cowboy and the Wheel ("Gol-Darned Wheel")
A Prospector's Thanksgiving
A Song of the Range
Thanksgiving on the Ranch

Keith L. Adams
Christmas on the Porch
If a Cowboy's Boots Could Talk
My Dad's Hat
Ol Buckaroo, Father-in-law & Friend 
This Old House
Tribute to Jon Pentz

Dennis Adkins
Behind the Chutes

August 'Ausprey' Adler
Remnants of a Cowboy

Singin' Sam Agins
Star Boarder
Dude Roundup
Rancher's Widow

J.B. Allen
The Medicine Keepers

G. Casey Allen
The Texas Outlaw (for T. R. Stevenson)

Trey Allen
9 October 2005
Life's Gamble
No Loop Limit Or Rope-O-matic 
You Ain't Sittin' Bull  
The Way I Remember Him
What It Is 

Charlotte Allgood-McCoy
The Arizona Man
Facing the Heat
Rodeo and Me
The Speckled Pup

Rose Mary Allmendinger
All Ya Gotta do is Whinny!
The Best Mother in This World!
Cowboy Culture
Dear Santa,
Fat 'n Pink
Good night, dear Heart...as we part...
Gutsy Gail... and her One-spur Scott ...
Here's Mud-In-Yer-Eye
It's that GOBBLE GOBBLE time of year!
Mistress MOOOOO!
Mistress MOOOOO...
Mistress MOOOOO... too...
Nuts, Cactus & Cans
Money Pit . . .
The Old Barn ..... wood ...
"Public"  . . . "Person"
Remember Windy
There Was an Ol' Cowboy Who Lived in a Boot
Those Were the Days
TIMELESS . . . Keepsake!
When the Old Yella Bus Comes Down the Lane ....
Will the Winter Ice Creak All the Way to the Bank?
WHO Holds the Reins
Ya Wanna Chew?
Your High Horse

Lucille Almquist
Sounds in the Night

David Althouse
Believin' a White Christmas Inta Bein'
Christmas in Cimarron Country
Christmas Out Here
Cowboy Christmas Carol
Christmas Night in Big Elk Country
Cowboy Pirate of the Rio Grande: A Christmas Treasure Tale
The Night Before the Jackalopes Saved Christmas

Eva Lena Ambrose
The Average Housewife

Gloria Anderlini
A Wooly Yarn

Kyle Anders

Jim R. Anderson
They Call Him a Cowboy, with Cody Anderson
The Great Circle
Horse Time
In a Way
The New Bull
Short Grass Hills

John Anderson
Cookin' Lessons
Country Deep
Eatin' Dirt
I Ride the Deep Canyons
In the Country
No Regrets

Keith K. Anderson
Accidental Shooting?
Courting the Country School Teacher
The Enemy
Johnnie's Hairpiece
The Pitcher Show
Slim 'n Vern's Hootch
Trailhead Rodeo

John Andrus
The Ballad of the Prairie Posse

Bryce Angell
White-Haired Man

Sally Learned Antram
Sagebrush in Your Veins

Darrell Arnold
Cow Work is All That I Know
Cowboy Home
Cowboy Poultry Gatherin
Gettin' Acquainted
Partners, Really?
So Sad the Sensitive Artist
Summer Sky

Ben ArnoldClassic Cowboy Poetry
His Campfire Has Gone Out

The Campfire Has Gone Out (in Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys)

Ross Christian Arvidson
Poem for Coyotes

Esther Ash
Stuck Again

Carlos Ashley Classic Cowboy Poetry
Aunt Cordie
Bob Sears' Chili Joint
Ole Edgar Martin
That Spotted Sow

Robert C. Atkin
Eagle Dancer
The Longest Trail Home (A Christmas Mystery)

Wild Horses

Bill Atkinson
Gritty Girl

G. M. Atwater
Cowboy Life

The Home Place

Amy Hale Auker
"Frankie" (prose)
"Full Moon" (prose)
Snowed in with Tulips

Jason Avants
Headin' to Arizona
Ya Got It To Do

"Australie" (Mrs. Heron; Emily Manning)Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Muster

Danielle Lee Avera
Perfect Pattern

Robert "Bob" Hood Reeves AxtellClassic Cowboy Poetry
Ballad of a Trail-Weary Trail-Herder

Don Ayers
Chicken De-Light
Cowboy Tenure
The Gate
The Good Hand
ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH...wind warning
Simple Truths



Jennifer Bain
Cowboy Heaven

Barbara G. Baker
The Cowboy Carousel
The Same Moon
The Sardine Virgin

Nathan A. Baker
Grandpa's Mule

J. C. Baldwin
Daddy's Farm

S. Omar Barker Classic Cowboy Poetry
Bear Ropin' Buckaroo
Breed of the Brave
Bruin Wooin'
Bunkhouse Christmas
Bunkhouse Thanksgiving
Canned Termaters
Careful, Cowboy!
Christmas Promise
Code of the Cow Country
Cowboy Factory--Old Style
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
Cowboy's New Year's Resolutions
Curly Wolf College
Draggin' the Tree
Drifter's Thanksgivin'
Drylander's Christmas
The Empty Bunk
Empty Saddles at Christmas
Four-Footed Dynamite
Grand Canyon Cowboy
"He'll Do!"
Horses Versus Hosses
Into the West
Jack Potter's' Courtin'
Line-Camp Christmas
Line-Camp Christmas Letter
Love's Hobbles
The Norther
Old Fence Rider
Old-Time Cowboys
Pullin' Leather
Purt Near!
Ranch Mother
The Riders
Rope Music
Saddle Lure
Shepherds of the Range
Songs for a Land of Horseback Men
Tackin' on the Shoes
Tall Men Riding
Thanksgiving Argument
Three Wise Men
Useless Question
Watchin' Em Ride
What's a Bronco?
The White Mustang

Sally Harper Bates
Arizona Winds
For My Friends, Larry & Andrea (for Larry and Andrea McWhorter)
From an Old Ranch Wife

Generic Titles
A Leap of Faith
Mixed Blessings
Ridin' Drag
They're Comin' in to Water
What a Ride We've Had!!

When Granny Wore an Apron

Gary Bauder
Rainbow, the Mustang
Stringin' Fence
Summer Gather

Floyd Beard
The Buyer's Type
Papa Noel Visits Mi Casa

Valerie Beard
No Better Life

Mike Beck
Don't Tell Me
Amanda Come Home
In Old California

J. W. Beeson
The Bear Trap
Christmas Serenade
Last of a Breed
Nevada Blue Memories
Rosie's Eagle
The Teacher
The Time Machine

Chuck Beggs
Western Swing

C. W. (Charles) Bell
After the Gather
Autumn Days
Bad Winter, Good Spring
The Ballad of the Old Kitchen Stove
Being Prepared
Big Jake's Christmas
Cheyenne Weather
Cowboy Christmas Play
Cowboy Dance
Cowboy Pretense
Cowboy Swim
Cowboy Reflection on a Spring Morning
Cowboy's Revenge
A Day in the Lar'mie Range
Dry Pasture
The Greenhorn
Heading Home
Horse Liniment
Horses I Have Known and Loved
Jake and the Grulla Mare
Line Cabin Night
Moving at My Own Pace
Old Cowboy's Last Drive
A Perfect Day
Rachel's Quest
Remembering Dave at Christmas
Ridin' Bull (7-1/2 Seconds)
Rosie's Western Christmas
Trompin' the Wool
Two Burros
Two Gifts for Christmas
The Unwanted Christmas Tree
When My Ranching Days are Over
Writin' and Recitin'
Young Cowboy Learns a Lesson

Megan A. Bell
Lament of an Aging Cowboy

Christine Echeverria Bender
Hard to Kill
Oysters of the Rocky Mountains
There in the Shadow

Stephen Vincent Benét
The Ballad of William Sycamore

Virginia Bennett
Addressing Paul, stocked and pilloried, at a ceremony
 of public humiliation (have you ever heard of "private 
humiliation?"), Elko, 2003
for Paul Zarzyski 
All That is Left
As You Ride
Bells of December
Canyon of the Forgotten
El Fuego
The Hazards of Braggin'
I Like to Think I Know
Joelle Smith a tribute
The Lion
Lookin' for Cows, Fawn Creek, 1993
Nature Lessons
On the Brink of Forever
Ramona's Christmas Box
Sermon on the Mount
Songs on the Nightwind
Such Control
Tapestry of Knots
Truth of the Matter
Ty and I
Uncle Lou
We Are The Poets
The West Had Its Way With Me

Kenneth Bennight
Hot and Dry in Texas

Christine Gillette Benrud
Bull Fright
The Last Cowboy

Sidney M. "Sid" Benson
A Bare Facts Situation
Rodeo Dance
We Called Him Vinegaroon
Whiskey Bill

Lavern "Straw" Berry
A Christmas Ride/Jinglin' Bells
Cowboying with Jace
Selling Off the Place

Flavis Bertrand
The Homesteader
The Old Empty House
The Prairies

Risky Betts
The Conversation
Cowboys Purpose
First Try
Good Preparation
The Organic and the Yuppie
The Packer
The Rich and Wealthy Shoer
Ropin Good, Drawin Bad
Some, Other, Poem
Top Hand

Ivan L Biehn
The Least of These

Alf Bilton
The Arts (in tribute to Rod Nichols)
Be it Elko or Eldorado
Beyond This River
Call of the North
The Campfire Olympics
Even on Christmas Day
The Free North
The Freight Musher's Tale
The Home Place
I Have Known Cowboys
If You're Gonna Be a Cowboy
Is a Cowboy Still a Cowboy?

Kin to the Cowboy

The Lord's Own Prayer
The Morning That Pedro Blew

On Reflection
The One That Was Waitin' at Home

The Pixie Horse
Red Lady

Regret (in tribute to Rod Nichols)


Rules; An' When to Break 'Em (essay)
The Sad Saga of Parsimonious Murray
The Search Party
Sunset Gold

That Ride!

Tin-horn Tale Number 1001
Trails North Advisory
Waiting for Nightmare
Wall Thoughts
When Walls Forgot

Workin' a Verbal Herd  (essay)
Wounded or On Writing Cowboy Poetry

The Wrangler's Hat

Alexander Bingham
My Dream Ride

Doris Bircham
Cowboy Christmas Concerts
Preparation for the Last Roundup
When Jake Got Sick

Aspen Black
Hoofprints on the Clouds
A Letter Home
Plight of the Musical Cowgirl
Where the West Isn't Dead

Baxter Black
The Buckskin Mare
Good Bye, Old Man
Legacy of the Rodeo Man

Bill Black
Courage is Easy When a Tame Horse You Ride
Irritated Girlfriend

Mark Black
The New Ole Grey Mare
Poets of the Cowboy Persuasion

Billy Blackman
Trimming Flash

Sherri Blaylock
My Job
Stop and Smell the Flowers

Tony Blisard
The Bull Rider
Cattleyard Cowboy
Cowboy Christmas
Cutting Hay
Early Morn
First Kiss
First Performance
Getting Short Changed
A Go To the Gates
I Am
My Old Hat
The Round Pen
Stormy Nights
Suite Kitten

Paul Bliss
The Bust
Cowboy Poetry in Motion
The Ranch
There'll Never Be Another Ewe
Where Love Flowers Grow
Where's Old Doug

Barbara Bockelman
Black Sunday
The Cattle Killing
A Dear Departed Friend
End of Drought
How Did He Know That?
Making Do
Okie Lady
Old Gritty and Green
The Pillow
Ranch Delicacy
The Sod House
The Sorrel and the Gray
The Toaster (story)
Two as One
You and Me

Pat Boilesen
Goin' to Grass One More Time
Stallion Canyon

Mike Boothe
Ode to Four-wheeler Wranglers
True Grit and Glory

Shelby Borek
For Better or For Worse
Rodeo Dad

George Bourbeau
The Catch Rope
Christmas Conversion
Christmas Mystery
Dakota Jim
The Gift
Giving the Bride Away
Good-bye Old Friend
Pistol Pearl
Reflections on a Hot Stove
Reindeer Wrangler
Riding for the Three Cs

Alex Bottesini-Pullin
A Horse with Two Graves

Kathy Bowman
Five Alarm Fire

Victoria Boyd
Balin' Twine
Bling! Bling!
Boots and Spurs
Calf Girl and the Heifer Calf
A Cowboy's Hat
Fred's Red Horse
Lil Buckaroo
The Little Bay Mare
Scopin’ the Bosque
Weekend Cowboy Heading Home

Robert Boyle
Wild Horses

Larry Bradfield
The Tenderfoot and Nasty
That's My Boy
Thoughts on Marryin'

Larry Bradfield, Jane Moore, Michael L. Moore
Bronc Buster's Epiphany

Shauntal Bradley
We Remember Him

Almeda Bradshaw

Dan Bradshaw
I'll Be Go to Hell

Gary Brandt
Somewhere In Montana

Brian Brannon
Angels A-Hossback
Crossing the Prophet
The Guide
Hyper Hornets and Hoppin' Horses
Of Leather, Hemp and Wood
Phantoms of the Forbidden
Shovel Pass

Dana Brannon

Doug Brewer
Before Sun-up
Bum Lamb
The Cowboy Hat
Cowboy's Lament
Cowgirl Chorister
Die O'Drought
Dollar Short
The Killing of Ol' Whitey
Little Pot-bellied Stove
Ol' Charley (in Texan)
Sagacious Saul
The Sheep Dog and the Salesman
Skeeter's Taters
Talkin' Secret Lake Blues

Braden Brian
Cowboy's Ego

Caib Brian
That Old Fence

Cathy Brian
The Contradicting Cowboy
Cowboy, Quit Your Cussin'
The Day the Cows Go Out
Docking the Lambs
Grandma and the Outlaw
Grown Cowmen
My Chickens
Real Peace

Bruce Brill
High Pockets Bob

Lee Brimhall

Ron Brinegar
The Graduate
Letter to Santa
The Sixteen Dollar Bill
Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ole Days
Two Wolves
When You Need A Friend
Where the Angels Tipped their Wings

E. A. Brininstool Classic Cowboy Poetry
Autumn on the Range
Back to the Range
The Bunkhouse Boys
A Cattle Range at Night
Cattle Land's Farewell
Christmas Week in Sagebrush
The Country to the West
A Cowboy's Version
The Cowgirl
The Cowman Jubilates
The "Finale" of the Puncher
Frederic Remington
The Grub-Pile Call
His Trade-Marks
The Old Log Cabin
The Old Yellow Slicker
The Old Colt Gun
"Old Six Gun"
On Night Herd
Passing of the Old West
Rainy Day in a Cow Camp

The Range Cook's "Holler"
A Range Rider's Appeal
The Range Rider's Soliloquy
Remarks by "Bronco Bob"
A Roar from the Bunkhouse
Sence Slim Got Piled
Unrest on the Range
The West
A Westerner

Brandon Broadbent
King of the County Fair 

Darin Brookman
The Gather
Some Men


Jerry "Brooksie" Brooks
First at the Face

J. Carl Brooksby
Gatherin' Desert Shrimp

Ed Brown
Larry McWhorter, Cowboy, Too Early

Francis Humphris BrownClassic Cowboy Poetry
Scotty's Wild Stuff Stoo

Laura Finlay Brown
Cowboy Angel
The Cowboy I Can't Forget
Cowboy Lies

Ron W. Brown

Sharon Brown
Hand on the Wheel
Night of the Rodeo Queen

Terry Brown
Bobbie Supreme

JV Brummels
Flat Earthers
Long Shadows
Slant of Light

Nancy G. Brundrett,
Ballad of the Mighty One

Jay Bryan
It Seems To Me To Be As I Now See the Things I Think I See

Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson)
The Big Spread
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve
Cowboy Goes A'Courtin'
Dancing with Dad
Dining Out
Duct Tape and Balin' Wire
He Said, "They'll Know Who I Am"
Legacy of Levi's
Maverick Love Affair
Morning in the High Hills
Mountain Cows
Old Hank Morgan's Place in Jean Prescott feature
The Other Mother
The Roan and the Pontiac
Sad Day for Trail Dust a tribute to Mason Coggin


Les Buffham
The Belle of the Cowboy's Ball
A Cowboy Callin'
Cowboy From the Rockies
The Hour Before Dawn
Sayin' Goodbye
The Sermon
Spin That Pony
Three Days and Forty Fires
Wet 'n Wishin'

Scott Hill Bumgardner
Gathered Up
Just Look Around
The Lady in Black
My First Rodeo
Saddle Knowledge (Only a Cowboy Knows), with Rod Nichols
A Time to Thaw
Wobbly Leg

Jack Burdette
Angel in the Window
The Blacksmith's Shed
Habits and Traditions
He Didn't Aim To Be My Friend
Jest Another Morning
The Loneliest Trail
Magenta Sky
Oilcloth and Coal Oil
The Nighthawk's Christmas

Saguaros in the Snow
Sunflowers on the Slopes
The Wrangler's Christmas

Art Burdic
The Cowboy
Ole Red

Debbie Burdic
Dad and the Sheriff's Posse
Daddy and Me
The Dust Devil Ballet
The Evils of John Barleycorn
The Possum Kingdom Robbery
The Pack Rat Mine
A Tall Tale
Western Symphony
Wildhorse Canyon

Lathum Burk
Great Granddad T.C.

Geoff Burkman
Rhymin' the Cowboy Way

Teresa Burleson
The Investment
Shower of Hope

Lanny Joe Burnett
The Conversation
Going to See the Elephant
In the Pockets of Their Jeans
The Lesson
Living Almost Free
The Miles Behind His Eyes
Something's Missing
Things Only a Cowboy Knows, with Carl Condray
We Pointed Them North

Dale Burson
A Life More Than This

Sign on the Gate
The Hand

Gail T. Burton
Bunkhouse Christmas Eve
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
Cowboy Dreams
The Economist 
Ganted Down
The Headless Horseman
How Far is it to Bethlehem
Just Celebrating
Passin' Through
Whiskey Pete
The Winds of Time

Marleen Bussma
Looking for Sunshine
Midnight Rodeo
Riding with Memories
The Tenderfoot

Daniel Bybee  
After the Storm
Chasing Ghosts of Cowboys Past
The Cottonwood Branding
A Long Walk Home
Old Jiggs
The Old Black Stallion
An Old Western Cabin
The Outfit He Wore
Propane Tank Cowboys
The Rodeo Clown
The Spirit of Clyde
We Brought 'Em In



Don Cadden

Kip Calahan
Thank You for Your Support, with Andy Nelson
Things a Cowboy Knows, with Pat Richardson

Rusty Calhoun
The Appaloosa
Barbed Wire
The Butterfield Stagecoach Stop Elegy
Childhood's End (for Dale Evans)
Christmas Eve White-Out
Cookie’s Christmas Puddin’
Cowboy Hats
Cowboy Love
Cowgirl True (for Carol Malnar)
Dancin' on My Toes
Diamond, Black as Night
Grey Eagle
I Buckerooed with Belle Starr
L'il Ernie (story in the Cowboy Memories project)
The Photo Album
Ranch Music
Rancher's Lament
Shye Ann and the Card Game
When The Animals Talk
When the Cowgirl's Heart Broke
Where Colorado Mountains Touch the Sky

Lana Calonico
Guardian Angel

Charlie Camden
Boardwalks of Bannack
Farewell the Lady
'Fore the Comin' of the Wire
From the Saddle
The Legacy
Old Chest of Memories

Old Friend
The Old Tree
Old Waters
Packin' In
Silver Star
outlaw poem
What is a Cowboy Poet?
Why---it only seems like----yisterday

Shawn Cameron
Cactus, Sand and Stone (or Corrientes and the Cowboy)
The Echo of Jangling Spurs

Jeffrey Campbell
Calm in the Storm
Christmas Eve Rain
East Texas Christmas
Five Strings and a Lonesome Soul
The Gift
Ode To The Alabama Cowboys (Looking Back)
One Last Ride

Karen Campbell
Dancing in Blue

Marty Campbell  
A Real Moustache

Arthur J. Cantin
I Don't Want to Just Survive

T. J. Cantin
(see T. J. Casey)

Leslie Cline-Carbah
Cowboy Birthday Toast

Cardiac Cowboys
Cardiac Cowboys' Theme Song

Jim Cardwell
Average Drive to Elko
Buckaroo Vang
Dick Plummer
The Freeze of '42
Iowa 1842
Itching Denied Benefit of Scratching
Ordinary Adel Day
Patty's Brand
Prelude to a Drought
Saddle Pal
Snakestale (How I Lost that Rattle) 
Son of California

Louis A. Carle 
3AM Night Herd
Backward Boots
Grandpa! Watch Your Language
The Making of a Friend
Winter of Life 
Winter Wheels of Yesteryear

David L. Carlton 
Cattle Drive
Cowboys, Fences and Lightning
Fresh Horses
Hard Times
Longhorn's Tail
Mr. Bell
Nagging Old Wife
Rancher's Fall

Michael Carlton
Palace Hotel

Marvin Carnagey
Boy With a "Pie-Eatin'" Grin

Sandy Carpenter
Years Mount

Yvonne Carpenter
Lamb’s-Quarters and Devil’s-Claws

Robert V. Carr Classic Cowboy Poetry
Baldy Joe's Simple Little Rhyme
The Chuck Wagon  
In Search of Local Color

The Old Cowboy's Lament
Prairie Wolves
Real Affection
The Tryst
When Dutchy Plays the Mouth Harp

Timothy Carrier
The Buc Stallion
A Cowboy's Prayer
The First Christmas
The Outlaw
The Working Cowboy

Val Carter
A Bear Behind

Nona Kelley Carver
Ashes on the Snow (in our Cowboy Memories Project)
Cowboy Bob's Dream
Daddy's Hat
Daughter of the Prairie
Georgie Sicking
Good-Bye, Old Cowboy, Good-bye
Loan Insurance
In Memory of a Prairie Rose (for Carol Malnar)
An Old Cowboy's Prayer
Tic Tac Toe
To a Friend
The Words of Bruce Kiskaddon
When The Cowboys Came For Christmas
The Wild Horses

T. J. Casey
The American Cowboy
The Corral
Cowboy Christmas Time
Cuz the Cowboy, He's Still Here
In the Cowboy Hall of Fame
I Was Raised
Jingle Bob
Not Without a Fight
Ridin' Out
The Same Home on the Range
The Story of the Cowboy
The Wagon Wreck

Jim Cathey
The Best Christmas Gift
Big Talk
A Bit Rambunctious
The Boss's Hand
Dang it! Charlie
Day Dreamin'
Headin' to the Dublin Rodeo
Mammy an' the Black Baldy
Mesquite Thorns and Gumdrops
My Ol' Daddy Always Sez
Of Christmas Past
Old Timers an’ Good Years
A Shore 'Nuff Hoss
The Strength of the Oak
Thoughts of a Western Man
What Were You Thinking?

Clem Caufield
The Crib Master
The Initiation of a Pot Licker
Prayin Sites

Jesus Cervantes
I Seen John Wayne

Byrl Keith Chadwell
Columns of Two
Cowboy Credentials
God's Back Yard
Grand Canyon Mule Guide's Dilemma
It's Different Than it Sounds
The Last Buffalo
Lodge Pole Pine
The Prodigal Cowboy
Scratcher Bell
Trail Blazers
Twenty Dollar Spurs

John C. Chamberlin
Tim, David, and Clay (for Clay Lindley)

Linda Kandelin Chambers

TW Chambers
Cowboy Seasons
The Hard Things
Last Respects
Silent Vigil

Kathy Chandler

Arthur Chapman Classic Cowboy Poetry
Arroyo Al on Worry
The Bunkhouse
Classic Dancing in Cactus Center
Christmas Shopping in Cactus Center
The Cow-Puncher's Elegy
The Cowboy's Homing
Daylight Saving in Cactus Center
The Debate in Cactus Center
The Diamond Hitch
Discipline in Cactus Center
The Dude Ranch
Easter at Cactus Center
The Herder's Reverie
The High-Heeled Boots
Journalism in Cactus Center
The Magic Mulligan
The Meeting
Men in the Rough
Moving Pictures in Cactus Center
October on the Sheep Range
The Old Dutch Oven
The Old Sheep Wagon
The Old-Timer
The Old Yaller Slicker
The Ostrich-Punching of Arroyo Al
Out Among the Big Things
Out Where the West Begins
Pete’s Error
The Pony Express
The Sheep-Herder's Lament
Valentine Day in Cactus Center

Janice Chapman
Cattle Moving Day
The Christmas Sleigh
Curse the Winter Ride
The Ghost Mare
God's Cowboy
The Hard-Core Man
His Little Cowboy Boots
The Little Cowpoke
My Grandson and the Stallion
My Horse Champion
Ol' Cord
Old Time Cowboys
Our Friend Went Home (tribute to Louis A. Carle)
Proud Grandma
Quick Sand
The Old Cowboy
The Stallion
With Clouds Hung Low

April Chase

Mickee Cheek
Except That
Sandhills Seasons

Lola Chiantaretto
Tom's Bad Luck

Toni Chisamore
Hip 202 

Jesse Chisholm
I Do Not Lead a Cowboy's Life

William Lawrence "Larry" ChittendenClassic Cowboy Poetry
The Cowboys' Christmas Ball
Old Fort Phantom Hill
Gettin' Back to the Ranch
The Origin of the Term Maverick
The Ranchman's Song
Returning to the Ranch
A Stockman's Adventures in New York
Texas Types--The Cowboy
Texas Types--The Sheriff
Texas Types, The Tenderfoot

Steve Christian
Cowboy Memories
Days Like This
Cowboy Knowledge at a City Boy College

Cimarron Sue (see Susan Matley)

J. R. Claiborn
Flaming Beans
Meet My Maker

Tammy Clardy
Turnin' Profit

Allen Clark
Me and the Boy
Posthole Promenade

Badger Clark Classic Cowboy Poetry
All for Nothing (prose excerpt)
A Bad Half Hour
The Border
A Border Affair (Spanish is the Loving Tongue)
The Bunk House Orchestra
The Camp Fire's Song
The Christmas Trail
A Cowboy's Prayer (Written for Mother)
The Coyote
The Free Wind 
From Town
The Glory Trail (High-Chin Bob)
God of the Open
God's Reserves
The Hermitry (prose excerpt)
Jeff Hart
The Legend of Boastful Bill
The Lost Pardner
The Medicine Man
The Old Cow Man
The Old Prospector
On Boot Hill
The Outlaw
The Passing of the Trail
The Piano at Red's
The Plainsmen
The Rains
The Roundup
Roundup Lullaby
The Rover's Toast
Saturday Night
The Smoke-Blue Plains
Song of the Leather
Thanksgiving Hymn, 1943

To Her
To the Lady of South Pass On Her Birthday Feb. 17, 1908
The Westerner
The Wind is Blowin'

Craig Claver
The Bee
Grandad's Summer School

Patty Clayton
Ben and Ole's Land
Pa'u Riders
The Vaquero and Me

Tanya Renee Clemons
Barrel Racer's Life
In the Arena

Maureen Clifford
Brush Off the Dust
Goin' Piggin'

Trailing the Tail

Janice Coggin
The Ride

Mason Coggin
We Mine Copper

Bobby Cohoon
Bury Me Not
The Flag Pole
Gentleman Jim
It Happened One Christmas
Last Letter Home
Roses are Red

Bob Coker
The Canyon
Yearning for My Home

Peggy Coleman
Heroes and Cowboys
The Ride

Scott Collins

V. June Blevins Collins
Barn Sour
Be Happy, Buck-Appy
Branding Time
Homeward Bound
Mike (A Clydesdale)
Night Before Christmas
One-Sided, Treasured Friendships
Pink's Call
Pink's Day
Stan's Stone Boatin' Steer

Jesse Colt
Cowboy Self Taught
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Carl Condray
Christmas in the Scrub Oaks
Piano Pete's Sweet Finale
Taters and Beans
Things Only a Cowboy Knows, with Lanny Joe Burnett
We'll Meet at the Gate
A Wild, Turkey Dinner
Winter Stampede
A Wrangler's Thanksgiving

Steve Conroy 
Grandpa's Will
The Photograph

Dean Cook
Flying Bill's Ride
A Good Ride
Grubline Carol
The New Cowboy's Lament

John A. "Ringo" Cook
A Boy's Dream
Ridin Fence

Ken Cook Current Lariat Laureate
Best for Now
Brothers Stay Together
Come with Me
The Conversation
"Dad, we'll rope today"
Shadow Demons
Grandpa's Spurs
I'm Gonna Be a Cowboy
Just a Horse
Lived It
Nine Lives and Counting
Not Waitin' On Someday
Remote Control Wife
Revel in the Journey
Ridin' With Georgie...I wish

Ralph Garnier CooleClassic Cowboy Poetry
Desert Rat
The Ranch up Yonder
Riding at Night

Ellie Corrigan
Listening for the Chains
Satan Stallion

Julia Cox-Wilson
Wild and Young 

Griff CrawfordClassic Cowboy Poetry
Bars in the Key of B
Cupid and Cactus

Cyclones and Dogies
Night Trails
Out Where the West Begins
The Passing of Brimstone

Captain Jack CrawfordClassic Cowboy Poetry
The Broncho
Broncho vs. Bicycle
The Burial of Wild Bill
California Joe

Klondike Balloon

Phil Crawford
The Bronc Rider
Leader of the Herd
Montana Slim

Van Criddle
A Christmas Tale
Hands Worth More than Silver or Gold
At His Own Pace
I Don't Live on the Ranch Anymore
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas 2010
No Man Hath Made This Beauty
Sixteen Horses 
'Tis in the Spring
What Really Matters?

Lynn M. Croke
Honey Jo Dandy

Jim Crotts
Buckeroo Chew

Clark Crouch
Calving Season
Christmas Blew In
Christmas on the Prairie
A Christmas Tale
Christmas Wish
Cowboy Church
Cowboy Poet
Duck Tape
Five Senses
The Guardian
Guitar Player
Headin' Home
Images of Evening
The Last Cowboy
Lost Love
Lyrical Ponderings
New York
On the Other Side
A Prairie Christmas
Ridin' Home
Ridin' Out
Roscoe's Problem
Russell's West
Santa's Brand

Harold Crow
Cowboys Don't Skate
Goin Swimmin 
Miss Laura

Jenn Crundwell (see Jenn Jacula)