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Index of Poems
alphabetical by author


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Neil Harding McAlister
An Easterner Looks West
The Far Side of the Fence
The Hole-in-the-Wall

Deanna Dickinson McCall

Cow Country Code
Feral Words
For Rusty
Gifts in the Hay
The Good Years
The Hired Hand
Hot Iron
Ice Flowers
Old Ones 
Sacramento Mountain Spirits

Allen McCandlessClassic Cowboy Poetry
The Cowboy's Soliloquy

Brad McClain

Harry "Haywire Mac" McClintock
The Cowboy Fireman

McCloud (Davey Lee George)
30 and Found
Ageless Beauty Fair
Arlyne's gi'tar
Big Roan
Bunkhouse Christmas Eve
Canyon Madness
Christmas Eve
A Christmas Story
Cowboy in Love
Cowboys and Christmas
Cowboy's Way
A Cowboy's Way
Damned Cows!
Dangerous Trail
Dark Trail
Frosty Morning
Getting Home
Gittin' Away
Going to Tucson
Going West
Happy New Y'ar
He Wolf
Hoss and Rider
Hoss fer Sail 
John McCloud, foreman
Keepin' Honest
Lineshack Rider
Lookin' 'round 
Mean Hoss
Morning on the Trail
Mountain Storm
The Newfoundlander and the Bull
Night Music
Night Thoughts
Nighttime Desert
Not me, Cowboy!
Ol' Mike
Old Timer
The Pinto Mare
Prairie Fire
Range Rider
Riding in the Rain
Rodeo Rider
Sad Plight
Sights and Sounds along the Trail
A Small Miracle
The Three Year Old

Lauren McCluskey
Morning Ride

John Temvik McClusky
Last Call

Nancie McCormish
Hay Fever
Ode to Busted Stuff

Tim McCoy

Don McCrary
Bull Rider's Prayer
The Death's Head Bull
My First Love
Not Yet...

William Donald McCrary
The Riders

Monte McDonald 
Badger Mountain
The Buckaroo
Cowboy Poetry
End of the Trail
Forty Years Gatherin'
How it Otta Be
How it Really Was for an Outside Buckaroo
The King of Rattlesnakes
The Old Man
The Race to Poker Flat
Springtime in Nevada
Wild Bert
The Working Cowboy

Tammy McDonald
A Sign of the Times 
Teaching Girls to Pack 
Anam Cara - Soul Friends (for Larry McWhorter)

Mike McFadin
Another New Horse
I'll Die With My Boots On
Livin the Dream

Terry McGahey
A Cowboy's Life

Garth "Tex" McHenry 
How to Speak Texan...

Don MacIntosh
Ole Jake

Bill McKay
Last Dance
The Waddie

Ben McKenzie 
Another Old Cowboy Has Died
Barb Wire
Christmas at McCreaty's
The Drifter
Grandma and the Cowboy
Make Mine a Cowgirl

Gary McMahan
The Best Cowboys Ain’t  Always Human
A Cowboy'in Day
The Two Things in Life (That I Really Love)
The Ol' Double Diamond

Mark McMillan
The Gold Rush Trail
Haulin' Cattle
Hayin' in the Cariboo
If I'd a

Slim McNaught
At a Cowboy Pace
Between My Horse's Ears
A Bull in the Kitchen
The Calling
A Christmas Thought
Closin' the Gate
Cold Weather Feedin'
This Cowboy Thing
End of the Ride
The Gift
A Gift from the Past
Grandpa's Boot Print
Happy Ol' Cowboy
Hayin' Time
Headin' Home
In Granddad's Day
It's Fall Again
It's Silent at the Pens Tonight
The Job
King of the Moment
The Kissin' Tree
The Last Cowboy
Lookin' Back
The Memory
Memories From the Past
Memories in the Mist
Mother's Apron Strings
National Day of the American Cowboy
The Old Roller Towel
Poetry in Motion
Prairie Bones
Rod's Pinpoint of Light for Rod Nichols
Sippin' Coosie's Coffee
The Snubbin' Post
Spring in South Dakota
The Tale of "A Christmas Tale"
Those Cowboys Who Came Before
Tom Cat Wreck
What is a Cowboy?
When the Grass Comes Green in Spring
Where the Hard Grass Meets the Sky
Winnin' the Game
The Wrangler

Rod McQueary
The Chicken Outfit
For Woody
lander evening
Mad Jack's Dog

Wallace McRae
Boot Shoppin'
Malcolm and the Stranglers

Things of Intrinsic Worth
Urban Daughter

Billy McRea
Froggy Friends (fragment)

Denise McRea
Empty Houses
Irrigating...Why I Do It
Ranch Wife's Resume
Spring Days
Plain Ol' Red

Chrissy K. McVay
Cowboy Cody's Ride

Larry McWhorter
I'll Meet You at the Throne

Gate Session
Hearts to Mend
Johnny Clare
The Red Cow

Trampas McWhorter
From a Cowboy to a Soldier
My Job
The No-Horse Nightmare
Two Track



Dale Major
Ain’t Nothing Quite Like
Analog Cowboy
Get Along, Old Cow
Making Hay
Reptile Dysfunction
Roping Excuse

Walt Makowski
"I Will Fight No More, Forever" Chief Joseph, Nez Perce 

Carol Malnar
Calling up the Horses
Prairie Rose
We Must Abide

Peggy Malone
Appaloosa Running Through my Mind
My Cheyenne Cowboy
Singin' A Cowboy Song

Larry Mapes
Gettin' Old
The Last Link
Line Camp Cowboy
One More Time
Phone on the Range

Tom J. Mariani
It May Not Seem Fair

Bob Marshall
Jey Jey
The Spider and the Fly
Winter Move

Glenn Martin
Down at the Sale Barn Cafe
End of Summer
Grandpa's Sleigh
His Last Mile
Horses and Animals Small
Loading the Colt
Wet Saddle

Janalee Martin
Close to Timber
The Long Rope

Richard Martin

Zach Martin
8 Second Ride
Almost the Perfect Horse
Bulldogger's Creed
Clownin Around
Colorful Character of a Clown 
The Cowboy Test
Toughen Up

Gabriel Martinez
God Bless the Cowboy

Jacob Martinez
Wide Open Pastures

Rick Martinez
Last Prayer
The Newborn
The Storm

Mary Kaye
The Dawn and the Dusk
Ride a Wide Circle
Jealous of the Moon

Tim R. "Doc" Mason
The Bull Ride
Catch Up Time
Educated Cowboy
Life Goes On
Panhandle Wind
The Ostrich and the Cowboys
Stephenville on the Bosque

Jean Mathisen see Jean A. Haugen

Bruce Matley
The Ranch that I Can't See

Susan Matley  ("Cimarron Sue")
After the Gathering
Another Dry Year
Bleached Bones
Grand-Dad's Moonlit Ride
Green Energy
Growing Girls
Late Calves
The Life of a Hand

Pilgrims Both
A Winter Night

Sam Mattise
Is It Worth It?
Troubadour: Wayne Nelson

Mary Bursell Maupin
Broomstick Cowboy
A Cowboy's Vision
Fowl Land Development
Government Help Wanted
Home Alone
The New Mechanical Age
Nighthawk Cowboy
The Patent Leather Sheriff
Peculiar Characters
The Rebellious Ostriches
The Rim of August
Tales of the Plains
Stage Flight #1993
Stumpy Joe's Sow

Larry Maurice
Cashbaugh Summer
Damn it!
For Sale By Owner...
I Am America
I Wish I Could Have Seen It
It's That Time Again
Peace on Earth
Perched on Castle Peak
She Was Always The Music

Mag Mawhinney 
Christmas on the Homestead
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve
A Cowboy's Romance
A Dying Breed
Holding On
Those Who Have Gone Before
Time for Ponderin'
Winter Range

Dick E. May
Old Reb

Doc Mayer
Cow Talk

Frances Henry "Frank" Maynard Classic Cowboy Poetry
Bill Springer's Hand
The Black Cat
The Dying Cowboy (The Cowboy's Lament/Streets of Laredo)
Farewell to the Plains
On the Trail
Passing of the Old Frontier
A Reckless Cowboy

Renee Meador
Feedin' Time

Tobie Medina
untitled poem

Al "Doc" Mehl
At His Own Pace
The Bottomland
The Brand New Year
Cowboy Pottery
A Cuttin' Horse
Fence Posts Made of Stone
The Gift
The Great Depression
The Great Divide
Headin' Home
Headin' Out
High Water Mark
I'd Rather Be...
The Mav'rick
No Room at the Inn
Ol' Muley
Old Man Akers
The Peds Tent
A Quilt in North Nebraska
Room with a View
Round up the Cavvy Again
Scopin’ the Bosque
She's Wrangler, Boys
Star of Wonder
Three New Hands

Lyn Melnechenko
Cowboy's Best Friend
Friends Are Where You Find Them
Winning the Lottery

Randy Melton
Buckaroo in Baghdad

William Merritt
Heading Out

Jon Messenger
When the Purple Shadows Fall

Lyn Messersmith

Unfinished Business

Joyce Metzger
Best I R'Collect
Can't Recollect When Hit Was Eber
Dos Shorthorns
Seems Like

D. Harvey Meyer
A Chip Off the Old Block

Debra G. Meyer
The Boots
Bull Fightin'
The Evenin' Feed
Heartache and Pards
Horse Sense
The Horseman
The Patch
The Quest
The Right Lead
Soul Wrangler
Wooin' the Mule

Gary Wm. Midge
Ballad of the Badlands
Espresso Blues
The Old Homeplace
The Stranger

Trish Millard
You Think You're a Horseman 

Beckie A. Miller

Bob Miller
Flying U's Rodeo Stripper

Harold Roy Miller
The Buck Stops Here
Cattle Call
Christmas Cap Pistol
Christmas Night Ride
A Christmas Tall Tale
Cowboy Dream
Educated Cowboy
A Filly I Could Not Tame
First Light
A Fun Dreary Day
I Must Find That Herd
Inside Fences
Memories of Love
Mustang Band
Ranch Hands
Ranch Wife
Red Rider
The Old Cowboy Rhymer
Schreiber Valley
Western Jollification
Worthwhile Ride
What It's Worth

Joaquin Miller  Classic Cowboy Poetry
Kit Carson's Ride

Midnight Pencillings

Rod Miller  Current Lariat Laureate
An Apology to Readers, Sort of, But More Like an Explanation or Maybe an Excuse
Bad Road
The Beauty of Mountains

A Bolt of Broomtails
The Bottom Line
"A Brave New Future for Poetry" (prose)
Cowboy Coffee
Cowboy Defined
Cowboy Trail

Devil of Devil Creek
The E. S. L. Ranch

Five Ways Cowboy Poetry Fades in the Footlights (prose)
"Get Up On Your Hind Legs and Howl" (prose)
Gone to Town
A Good Hand With a Rope
Goodnight Goes Riding
A Guide to Ranching for the Politically Correct
Haiku for Autumn
Haiku for a Former Rounder
Haiku for Old Cowboys
Heads or Tails
"A Brief Introduction to Cowboy Poetry, or, Who's the Guy in the Big Hat and What is He Talking About?" (prose)
The July 20, 1999 Tranquility Base Stampede and Rodeo
Learning the Ropes
A Little Madness in the Spring
Long May it Wave
Luck (Not Exactly the Beginners Kind) 
Morning Glory
Mule Whisperer
Number 16
Peace and Quiet
Red Meat
Song of the Stampede
Spring Works Sonnet
Stopping By Woods
Tabula Rasa
What Goes Cowboy Up 
Whipping Up a Poem (prose)
Womb to Tomb (for Marlowe)
Year 2002 Diet Resolution

Bonnie Mills
A Nebraska Morn

Sig Mischnick
New Way

Mislette the Singing Cowgirl
Crimson Prairie Rose, with Rod Nichols

Waddie Mitchell
Night Before Christmas on the West Texas Plains
The Rawhide Braider
Recipe for a Cowboy Poet (about Chris Isaacs)
Story with a Moral

Janice Mitich
Big Trouble
Buck Ramsey (in memory)
Cat Fishin'
The Christmas Ox
The Coggin's Test (for Mason Coggin)
A Cowboy's Opus
Cowboy Up
Devils in the Dust
The Fluteway
The Last of the Cowboys (by her father, George Prell)
Leadin' the Way
Line Camp (in the Cowboy Memories project)
Nana's Rollin' Pin
A New Year's Goose
A Prairie Rose (for Carol Malnar)
Queen of the West (for Dale Evans)
A Rancher's Wife
Takin' the Tally
Tears for Mt. Lemmon
Thanks for the Poem
Where Do We Go From Here?
The Windmill Women

D. R. Monterrose
A Day at the Ranch

Whitney MontgomeryClassic Cowboy Poetry
Death Rode a Pinto Pony

Joe Moon
Rough String Rider
You Want to Be a Cowboy?

J. D. Moor
Cowboy's Day

Janie Lee Moor
Horse Crazy
Sole Long
When the Wind Blows (More Than the Bough Breaks)

Larry Bradfield, Jane Moore, Michael L. Moore
Bronc Buster's Epiphany

Mike Moore
20 Some Odd Years Ago
21st Century Cowboy
The Mule Skinner and the School Marm

Harry "Breaker" Morant Classic Cowboy Poetry
Who's Riding Old Harlequin Now

Frank "Two Jump" Morris
The Real Gallopin' Gourmet

Robin Morris
Cowboy's Painting
Honey Can you Help Me A Minute

Chris Mortensen 
Bear Lake is Still Blue
The Belgian Browning
Cowboy Limerick
Guitars, Rifles, and Horses
Old Hat of Chris LeDoux
Return of the Wolf
Ridin' High
See Him See It
Shawn Wayne

Upon My Horse's Back

Neil Mortenson
Last to Saddle

Vern Mortensen
The West That Was
Range Cow in Winter

Jane MortonCurrent Lariat Laureate
Adrenaline Rush, Matt's Story 
Antelope Estates
Arizona Christmas
Bachelor (1892-1910)
Bijou View
Bryce's Canyon
Christmas Love
Christmas MemoriesChristmas Turkeys
Christmas Voices
Cody's Christmas Present
Coloring the Horses
The Cottonwoods 
The Cows Came First
Cow's and Kids
Cowboy Poetry
Dick's Story
Drought Time Along the Santa Maria 
Grandma's Roses
Grazin' Rights
Ground Tied
Hand in Hand
His Tractor
Horse Thieves
Memories of Place
The Men Who Rode with Custer
Mom Thought She Married a Teacher
Mom's Birthday
Mom's Job
Montgomery Wards
Mountain Christmas
New Year Toast (2008)
No Bull
A Real Cowman
Old Reddy
Plains Blizzard
Pot Luck
Prairie Fire
Ranch Beginnings (prose, in Western Memories Project)
Ranch Christmas
Ranching Tales
Robert May's Story
Rusty and Her Horses (for Rusty Calhoun)
Rusty Calhoun (for Rusty Calhoun)
Seein' Santa
The Spirit of Christmas
Steamboat 1896-1914
Summer '34
Straw Barn (in Western Memories Project)
Trail Driver
Turning to Face the Wind
When Grandpa Bet the Farm (in Western Memories Project)
When the Grass Greens Up This Spring
Wild Horses

R. J. (Dick) Morton 
City Kid
Cowboy Dream

A. Kathy Moss
Day's End
Of Grace and Grit
Songs Less Traveled
Wink, Nod and Sigh

Mike Moutoux
Headin' Home
High Dollar Man

PT Muldoon 
The Ancient Calf Roper

Mark Munzert
Broncs' Life
Good Hand
Ranch Rain

When, Then, Smile Back

Mike Murray
The Card
Of Things Organic

Curly Jim Musgrave
(Big Enough to Wear) My Daddy's Hat
Cowboy in a Hardhat
Curly's Song
Father to Father 
The General Store
The Heritage
Only a Cowboy Knows, with Belinda Gail 
Prairie Silent Night
Thanks (The Old Cowboy's Prayer)

Ed Myers
The Cowboy Life
A Good Day's Ride
Movin' High to Low


Linda Nadon
The 6 a.m. Check
Christmas Diamonds for a Cowgal
Makin' Fence
Ode to Ol' 139
A Quarter of a Century

Berta Hart Nance Classic Cowboy Poetry

Terry Nash
Christmas Swappin'
Pool Riders
December Stragglers

Madeleine Nattrass
Real Cowboys

Jimmi Naylor
Reyes Clan
Sweet Thing

Wayne Naylor
The Heifer

Lee Neill
Cowboys and Country Boys

Andy Nelson
Amen, But ... (prose)
Bovine Converging Stabismus

The Box R Cavvy
By Giving Me Horses
The Cat Wrangler
Cowboy Poet
Cowboys on Facebook
Feedlot Abbey
How I Taught Bruno a Lesson
I Sold My Saddle
Jake and Marlene
Just a Cowboy
Max's Last Ride
Mud Season
My Shoeing Rig
No Man's Land
Only a Cowboy Knows, with Don Kennington
Santa Must Be a Shoer
The Old Crockett Spurs
Ridin' with Jim tribute
Thank You for Your Support with Kip Calahan
What They're Thinking
The Worst One to Buck

Drue Nelson
The Lesson

Duane Lee Nelson
She Don't Mean Much to Me

Joel Nelson
The Breaker in the Pen

Equus Caballus
Here's Looking at You
Inside War
The Men Who Ride No More
On Finding Someone
Roundup Time
While I Sleep

Lindsey Nelson  
Cowboy Blues

Rodney Nelson
Christmas at Sims
Christmas on the Prairie
Dakota Fresh Air
ND Forecasts
Good Clean Fun
Old Bronc Rider's Prayer
Open Winter Worries
The Proposal
Up Sims Creek

Wayne Nelson

Ed Nesselhuf 
Autumn Harvest
Bart's Freckles
Child of the Open
Dances with Bulls
Pounding Hooves

Rod Nichols Current Lariat Laureate
Angels Round The Campfire
At His Own Pace
At the Jollification
A Badger Clark Christmas
Bill Pickett
The Book That Coosie Left
Bringing Home Christmas
Buffalo Soldier
Bull Rider
Cheyenne Buckle
Christmas at the Bunkhouse
Christmas Comes to Line Camp
The Christmas Corral
A Christmas Journey
A Christmas Mem'ry

Christmas Round the Campfire
A Christmas Tale
Cowboy 4th of July
A Cowboy Christmas Carol
Cowboy Heaven
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve
A Cowboy's Letter
A Cowboy's Poem
Cowboy Poetry
The Cowboy Sailor
Cowboy Service
Crimson Prairie Rose, with Misslette the Singing Cowgirl
Cutter Bill's Fourth of July
A Dad's Prayer
Dad's Way
Deep October
Easter Sunday Mornin'
End of Day
Faded Love
A Fine Romance
Full Circle
Grandpa's Tale
Great Day for a Cowboy
Headin' In
Home from South Dakota
In God's Hands
An Irish Cowboy
An Irish Cowboy's Song
The Last Cattle Car
The Line Camp Cat
A Little Bit of Shade
Little Bit of Texas
Little Britches
Louie (Tribute to  Louis A. Carle)
Moses Rose 
Neath a Christmas Eve Sky
New Year's at Cutter Bills
New Year's Eve
Odie's Bath
Ol' Nichols' Cows
Old Hand
A Penny's Worth
A Pinpoint of Light
Poker Night
Prairie Rose (for Yvonne Hollenbeck)
A Rancher's Pride
Ridin' Out
Rivers of Texas
Rodeo, Ranchin' and Rhymes
Romancin' the Stone
Saddle Knowledge (Only A Cowboy Knows), with Scott Bumgardner
Salt Grass Trail
A Sea of Grass
Seein' Santa
Simply the Best
The Space On The Bunkhouse Wall
Texas, From a Saddle
Texas Saddle
A Thanksgiving Mem'ry
The Thing Upon the Trail
Three Godfathers
To the Boys at Cutter Bill's Bar
T. R. (Tribute to T. R. Stephenson)
Trail Cook
The Trail that Leads to Home
A Visit to the Camp

Tom Nichols
Another Conversation
Country Trading
Cutting Calves
Dead Indian Memories
Dear Rancher
Dog Trialing
Don's Kill Sheet
Greensprings Brothers
Hereford Heifers
Hey! We're Ranchin' Here!
Huckleberry Hoedown
The Laming Sheds
The Little House That Grew Into A Home
Milking Time
Ranch Raised
Rooney’s Shufflin’ Sheep

Corrie Nickeson
"Down" in Cheyenne

Gregg Norman
Cowboy Thinkin'
Damn Dust
God Bless the Dudes
Horse of a Different Color
Just an Old Barn

Howard Norskog
Doing Just Fine
Just an Old Saddle
Last Days
An Old Cowboy's Christmas
The Salmon River Breaks

Dixie Northcott
Ode to Jim Glover

Kay Kelley Nowell
The Old Dog's Christmas
The Yearning

Paulette Armstrong Nye
Bulls 14/1
The Rodeo Man



Jim Odell
Day's End
Grandpa's Wisdom 
The Life Of A River
Spring in the Air

Will Ogilvie Classic Cowboy Poetry
Hooves of the Horses
The Pearl of Them Alll

Eddie O'Hara
The Picture Show Drovers

Vivia Oliver
Riding Drag

Jim Olson
Cowboy's Night Before Christmas
From the Word Go
Team Roper's Lament

D. J. O'Malley Classic Cowboy Poetry
After the Roundup (When the Work's All Done This Fall)
Busted Cowboy's Christmas
A Cowboy's Soliloquy
"Crow Rock, Deadman Creek, Blaisdale Butte" prose excerpt
The "D2" Horse Wrangler
"The Experiences of the F U F Roundup Crew Caught in the Cloudburst of June 1891" prose excerpt
"Where Custer Fell" prose excerpt

Gene O'Quinn
Cowboy Verse
The Cowman's Question
Mickey and the Week-old Calf
'Nuther Lean Winter Comin'
A Ranger's Ranger
The Reciter
Something Special
A Texas Teenager's Week-end Education
Toast the Texas Longhorns
Tools of the Trade
Uncle Hub's Saddle Horse

Randal O'Rourke

Fred Ortiz
Cowboy's Prayer

D. K. Osborn
A Fine Horse
The Global Cowboy
The Nor'easter
Stammerin' Spence
The Stand-Off
There Come a Rain

Kate Putnam Osgood Classic Cowboy Poetry
Driving Home the Cows

Nancy Ouding
The Cowboy and the Quarter Horse

Leon Overbay
Children's Christmas Play
The Cross-Eyed Bull
The Grave Digging

Ken Overcast
Givin' a Little Back 
The Longhorn-Harley Davidson Cross
Montana Lullaby
Ol' Fishhook
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer 

Erika Owen

Jim Owen
The Drought
The Night Was Quiet
One Last Talk
One of Those Nights Before Christmas
The Prickly Pear Patch
The Rim
Sam T. Nickles
A Song In His Heart
The Widow's Sister 

David Owens
Hold On!

Ray Owens
Alibi Ike
Are You A Cowboy, Mister?
The Boy In The Little Black Hat
First You Feed Your Horse
January Roses
The Saddle His Granddaddy Rode
Some Things Just Never Change
Tracks that Won't Blow Out

Carol Oxley
The Christmas Stocking


Bob Pacey
Bert's Hand
The Brute
Old Bill

Jim "Cowboy Jim" Packard
Alabaster Face
The Anonymous Cowboy
The Nightingale
Ode to Jesse James
Packard's Poker Palooza

Dale E. Page
At the End of My Rope
The Bear Facts
Brush Poppers

Christmas at the Line Shack
Christmas Greetings
Cyclone in the Pines
The Endless Chase
In Memory of Shorty O'Hare
Jack's Cabin
Jenny's Colt
Just One More Day
Lodgepole Lullaby
Once We Were Kings

The Thoroughbred Filly
A Toast to Friendship

Larry Palmer
Clown'n Around 
Early Morn'n Cowboy "WARNING"
Let'er Buck
A Young Man

John Pappas
Mandala of the Great Plains

Howard Parker
1935 - 2004
The Cowboy Poet
Horse Tradin'
Just Another Indian
The Passin' of an Era
The Thermometer

Kathy Parker
My Brother and Me

Leland Parker
The Silverbelly

Susan Parker
Cowboy Kinda Girl

Poet's Lament
Final Ride
Late Born Foal
Painted Pony
Spiritual Source
A Time to Heal (prose)

Ed Parrish
The Automatic Rope
The Christmas Ejection Saddle
The Dallas Nose-hair Mutiny
Hang Him
Circle Flies
Dropping Off

Tom Parrish
All in a Day's Work

Jim Parsons
First Flight
The Quilt

Jerrie Paschal
Blue Eyed Dog

John Pasqualotto
The Dent on My Head
One Last Gather 
Picture Perfect
Startin' Off Right is the Right Thing to Do
What the Heck You Are Thinking

S. J. Passamonte
A Christmas Thought 
For Cocoa
He Sits Alone
Her One Mistake
In the Barn on Christmas Eve
Jinglebobs a Ringin'
Memories Etched In Leather
Prairie Fire
Them What's Gone Before
Where the Tall Wildflowers Grow

A. B. "Banjo" Paterson Classic Cowboy Poetry
An Answer to Various Bards
Clancy of the Overflow
A Dog's Mistake
The Geebung Polo Club
In the Droving Days
The Man from Ironbark
Mulga Bill's Bicycle
Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve
Santa Claus
Santa Claus in the Bush
The Man From Snowy River

Mike Payne
Friday Morning with Wet Cork Boots

Perry Payne
The Best Color
A Little Boot
Ridin' Bulls

Shad A. Pease 
Brandin' Time
The Chill
Christ Died for Cowboys Too
Panic in the Privy
Passin’ it Down
Phantom Gold

Angelo Pecora
Border Collie Soliloquy
The Remount
When All Hope is Lost

Chad Peer with Bandy Earl
Grandpa Lee (for Lee Earl)

Sharon Peeples
Her Life Has Been the Best  

Donna Penley
The Christmas Tree Angels

Gary Penney
Beneath the Midnight Dome
Coyote Control
Muley Cow
The Rancher's Wife
Steamboat: A Bronco on the Plate

Gord Perry
A Bunch of Belties
The Cyber Cowboy
The Rancher and the Veggie Queen
Winding Down at River Ranch

Bob Petermann
Old Cowboy Waltz
Ranching's Final Stand

Joe Peters
Ride to Fly

Gwen Petersen
Cowboy Poetry
A Cussin' Woman
Those Damned Wire Gates
The Legacy  

H. J. "Hoss" Peterson
Freedom in the Flame
The Horse Psychic
A Prayer for Man and Horse
Summer Horses
Why Do You Do It?

Katherine Fall Pettey Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Cowpunch and James Whitcomb Riley
The Ladies of the Canyon
Morning on the Desert
A Song of the Plains
The Women That Don't Fit In

Shadd Piehl
All My Relations
Rider's Lament
Sweetheart of the Rodeo

Rick Pitt
Angel of the West
Big Al
A Cowboy Is
Cowboys Rule
Daddy's Eyes
Hell's Half Acre
No More
Old Soldiers
One Hell of a Ride
Outlaws and Saints

Verlin PittCurrent Lariat Laureate
An Acquired Taste
Big Jim McLane
Billy the Skid
Black Jack
Can't Be Done
The Cougar Gap Incident
A Class Act
The Cowboy Way
Desert Rat 
A Friend in Need
A Good Ride
Grim for the Reaper
Little Moe the Wrangler
The Mule Whisperer 
Mustang Mania
Know Your Limitations
Silent Thunder
The Spread
The Surprise
Tainted Honey
Turk Wiggin's Last Song
Wind River Whompus
World's Greatest Bullrider

Bernard Pleau
Barrel Racer

Kimber Plemons

Edgar Allen PoeClassic Cowboy Poetry
El Dorado

Kathie Poirier
The Rancher's Wife

Sherrilyn Polf
Winter's End

Tom Pollard
Ahm a Cowboy
The Cowboy's Lament
The Great Race

Norm Popp
The Last Cowpoke
The Legend of Speckled Chief
The Musical Steed

Wade Porter
Wyatt Earp dies in Los Angeles, 1929

Chelsea M. Portra
The Lone Ranger

Harry Noyes Pratt Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Ballad of Frisco Kate's

George Prell 
The Last of the Cowboys

Jim Prentice
That Old 8N Ford

Jean Prescott
Fair Blows the Wind with Gary Prescott
Old Hank Morgan's Place with Dee Strickland Johnson
Saddle Tale
with Yvonne Hollenbeck

Jan Price
A Cowboy's Guiding Star
A Moment's Grace
In Their Own Time

Bob Prinselaar
Flying Lesson

Perry Pruitt
A Closer Look
The "Plain" Facts
Western Treasure

Mike Puhallo
Ask Not, Who Wrote This...
Back in the Saddle
Back in the Saddle (2010)
Bad Days Make Good Stories
Balancing the Books
Bawlin' Calves and Burnin' Hair
Branding Time 2006
Bug Humbugs
Burning Daylight!

Canada Day 2009
A Chilcotin Halloween