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 "...She is a kind of Norman Rockwell in a cowboy hat. Her music paints pictures of what, to me, are the very essence of America..." 
 Rich O'Brien

photo: Shelly Kay Studios

About Jean Prescott

Selected Lyrics


Jean Prescott's Web Site and Contact Information

2006 American Cowboy Culture Award
for Western Music

Academy of Western Artists'
Female Vocalist of the Year

Western Music Association
Female Entertainer of the Year

Academy of Western Artists'
Best Western Song "Fair Blows the Wind" with Gary Prescott

About Jean Prescott
    official biography

A native of West Texas, Jean Prescott wears her western heritage as comfortably as a well broken in pair of boots.  As a youngster she spent her summers horseback helping neighbors out and her evenings on the porch playing her guitar and listening to her Dad tell stories of his childhood on the big ranches in the panhandle of Texas.

Jean's love of the cowboy way of life and her love of music came together over the years and led to the best of both worlds for her.  From the warm glow of a campfire to the bright lights of the concert stage, Jean delights her audiences with songs about the west, the people who made it what it is today and the ranching families and cowboys who are dedicated to their way of life.  Her songs paint vivid musical pictures of the way of life in the real west of yesterday and today.

A multiple-award-winning artist, Jean's CD, Embers of Time was nominated for the 2005 Western Album of the Year award by the prestigious Academy of Western Artists.  She was also nominated for Female Vocalist for Western Music and Western Swing and for Song of the Year.   Continued below...


Selected Lyrics 

Fair Blows the Wind 
by Gary Prescott

Saddle Tale
by Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck

Old Hank Morgan's Place
by Dee Strickland Johnson

Calving Time
by Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck



Fair Blows the Wind

Fair blows the wind across these wide plains
Dear Lord how he misses sweet Rose
The love of his life from fair Dublin town
This bonnie young lass he loves so

He's lonesome tonight out on the long trail
Thinking of home and sweet Rose
The cattle are resting, the moon's sinking low
But his mind is on Ireland and Rose

     He's singing,  "Irish Rose, my sweet Irish Rose
     Across the ocean of blue
     Fair blows the wind across these wide plains
     Blowing my love back to you"

Fair blows the wind across these wide plains
Thousands of miles from sweet Rose
She cried when he left,  "I'll be waiting for you." 
Then she kissed him and gave him a rose

     He's singing,  "Irish Rose, my sweet Irish Rose
     Across the ocean of blue
     Fair blows the wind across these wide plains
     Blowing my love back to you"
Fair blows the wind across these wide plains
He's thinking tonight of sweet Rose
The love of his life from fair Dublin town
This bonnie young lass he loves so...

     He's singing,  "Irish Rose, my sweet Irish Rose
     Across the ocean of blue
     Fair blows the wind across these wide plains
     Blowing my love back to you"
     My wild Irish Rose..

© 1998, Gary Prescott, Line Camp Music, BMI, All rights reserved.  
From Embers of Time
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Named the "Best Western Song" in 2005 
by the Academy of Western Artists


Saddle Tale

There's a weathered, high back saddle on a rack out in the shed
I know you think it silly that I keep it there instead
Of throwing it away, 'cause it's seen it's better days
But, it's priceless to me in so many, many ways

He bought that Beckwith Saddle back in '48 one day
From money that he saved up from a soldier's measly pay
He broke a lot of colts on it and rode it many miles
Oh, the memories of that saddle never fail to bring me smiles

That saddle's like a special friend that means much more than gold
One don't throw a friend away, just because they're growing old
And when my days are over and I cross the big divide
I'll be in that saddle when I start that final ride
The years they spent together were the best years of his life
Just him and that old saddle, his four kids and his wife
When I was just a baby, he would bounce me on his knee
And often in that saddle we would ride just him and me
I used to chew that saddle horn just like a teething ring
And I'd pretend to rope the cows by twirling saddle strings
Way before I started school I could ride behind the tree
We sure put a lot of miles in that saddle him and me
It seemed that it was no time before I could ride alone
I'd always rather work outside than help my mom at home
Now us kids are all grown up and I'm as proud as I can be
Dad gave me his old saddle and it means a lot to me

© 2003, Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck, Line Camp Music, BMI, All rights reserved
From Embers of Time
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Old Hank Morgan's Place

I could see him riding easy
     coming down along the draw,
And he'd wave his hat in greeting
     just to let me know he saw
Me standing there beside my pinto,
     with my anxious, freckled face,
When we'd meet beside the windmill
     on old Hank Morgan's place.

Then he'd swing down from the saddle,
     and he'd take me in his arms,
I could smell the scent of buckskin,
     see the first bright evening stars.
Then we'd talk and plan and ponder
     about things that never came:
How we'd buy a ranch together,
     for I would have his name.

My dad was set against it;
     he didn't mean to be unkind,
But he was an old cowboy,
     and he hoped that I would find
Someone who'd make a bit more money;
      but it wasn't to my taste;
So we'd meet beside the windmill
     on old Hank Morgan's place.

We knew old Hank knew of us,
     though he never came around,
He would wink at either of us
      if we'd chance to meet in town;
But he never told a single soul,
      and he never showed his face,
When we'd meet beside the windmill
       on old Hank Morgan's place.

Well, its still the sweetest memory
     of the days when I was young,
 Before the lamps were lighted
     and all the songs were sung.
Those lovely summer evenings
    and that fine young cowboy's face
Smiling at me by the windmill
    on old Hank Morgan's place.

© 1994, Dee Strickland Johnson, All rights reserved
From Embers of Time
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Calving Time

he days are getting longer, early spring has shown its face
The mud room’s clean and orderly, supplies are in their place
Then suddenly it happens on a crisp and chilly morn
We go into action ‘cause our first calf is born

We’ll be working night and day
We’ve waited all year long
And, we’re ready come what may
Life is a cycle and this happens every year
When we put our lives on hold
‘Cause it’s calving time ‘round here

Two weeks have passed and all is fine, we’ve only lost a few
When that blizzard hit last week, was not much we could do
The mud room needs a scrubbing, there’s bottles the sink
And after what those calves brought in, this place it really stinks


Another week has passed us by, I’ve nothing to report
Except that sleep and patience are both getting mighty short
You can’t get in the mud room, the place is one big mess
Why anyone would live like this is anybody’s guess


And, now just like those calving cows we both are slowing down
I’m watching the place today ‘cause hubby’s gone to town
He went off to a bull sale, it’s like an endless chain
We’ll breed those cows for next year and we’ll do it all again


We’ll put our lives on hold when it’s calving time ‘round here

© 2006, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Jean Prescott, Line Camp Music BMI, from Traditions
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.




The broad range of songs address love of the land, family, work, love, and faith. Jean Prescott appreciates poets and poetry and among the co-writers of the included songs are poets Yvonne Hollenbeck, Gary McMahan, Debra Coppinger Hill, Doris Daley, Leon Autrey, and Pat Richardson. There is also a song adapted from the late S. Omar Barker's poem, "Ranch Mother," and there are co-writes with talented California singer and songwriter Joyce Woodson.

Jean Prescott writes, "It is my hope that the content of this project will bring to mind your own family traditions and give a greater desire to preserve and pass them down to future generations."

Top cowboy poet, songwriter, and entertainer Red Steagall comments on Jean Prescott and the CD, "...She belongs to the land and its people and upholds the heritage, traditions, and values of the western lifestyle." Noted photographer David Stoecklein comments, "Her songs bring the West alive..."


Smack Dab by Jean Prescott and Joyce Woodson
Ranch Mother adapted from the poem by S. Omar Barker
Calving Time by Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck
Legacy of Love by Jean Prescott and Joyce Woodson
Grandpa's Dream by Leon Autrry
The Long Haul by Jean Prescott and Debra Coppinger Hill
My Husband and I by Gary McMahan
North Dakota Badlands by Jean Prescott and Pat Richardson
Traditions by Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck
West of the Moon by Jean Prescott and Doris Daley
Branding Day by Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck

Find samples at CD Baby

Order info:

Available from Jean Prescott for $18.00 postpaid:

Prescott Music
P. O. Box 194, Dept. CP
Ovalo, TX 79541


America—Home Sweet Home

Jean Prescott's "celebration of our freedom and liberty" is dedicated to her parents and father-in-law. She writes, "I wrote the song 'Just Doing What Was Right' to honor the memory of my father and tell a bit of his World War II story. My mother was a Navy WAVE, helping to mend the lives and limbs of the young men who served so bravely. My father-in-law served bravely in many campaigns, including North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and France."

One of the songs co-written with Yvonne Hollenbeck honors the memory of Corporal Josiah Hollopeter, grandson of poet Willard Hollopeter. Josiah Hollopeter, age 27, was killed in Al Muqdidiyah, Iraq in June, 2007. Read Yvonne Hollenbeck's story of her inspiration for the poem that became "Song for Josiah" and find the words here.


These Things Say Freedom to Me, by Darrell Arnold and Jean Prescott
Fifty Six Heroes, by Darrell Arnold and Jean Prescott
Betsy's Bright Banner, by Darrell Arnold and Jean Prescott
There's a Gold Star in Her Window, public domain
Old Glory, by Jeff Gore
Just Doing What Was Right, by Jean Prescott
Same Song Different War, by Yvonne Hollenbeck and Jean Prescott
Words, by Darrell Arnold and Jean Prescott
Song for Josiah, by Yvonne Hollenbeck and Jean Prescott
A Time for Farewell, by Cleo Laine and Jane Dankworth
I Will Go, by Donnie Blanz
Taps, public domain

Order info:

Order here at www.JeanPrescott.com and from CDBaby, iTunes, or by check or money order for $18.00 to:

Prescott Music
P. O. Box 194, Dept. CP
Ovalo, TX 79541



Ranch Life 101

Sweethearts in Carhartts


Road of Dreams  Jean Prescott
While You're at It  Yvonne Hollenbeck
Little Green Valley  (Carson Robison) Liz Masterson
Ranch Wife in the Making  Yvonne Hollenbeck
One Cowboy Left  (Randy Huston) Jean Prescott
I Don't Know Yvonne Hollenbeck
Cattle Call  (Tex Owens) Liz Masterson
Haunting Headlines  Yvonne Hollenbeck
Too Many Irons (Luke Reed) Jean Prescott
The Ranch Rig  Yvonne Hollenbeck
Wide Rollin' Plains (Cindy Walker) Liz Masterson
The Affair  Yvonne Hollenbeck
My Husband and I (Gary McMahan) Jean Prescott
The Old Felt Hat  Yvonne Hollenbeck
Last Cattle Drive (Michael Fleming) Liz Masterson
Ranch Mother (S. Omar Barker) Jean Prescott
Meal Time  Yvonne Hollenbeck
Dining Out (Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck) Jean Prescott


The Sweethearts in Carhartts (Yvonne Hollenbeck, Jean Prescott, and Liz Masterson) offer up a wide view of the West on their new CD, Ranch Life 101. The three popular performers—their group name inspired by Montana ranch hand DW Groethe's "The Carhartt Song"take their show of poetry and music to gatherings and events across the West.

Ranch Life 101 brims with entertaining pieces. Yvonne Hollenbeck's refreshingly honest and and often-humorous poetry opens a window on the joys and trials of her life as a South Dakota ranchwife. Strong performances ring true, especially in "While You're At It," and "The Ranch Rig." 

Top Western songwriter and singer Jean Prescott stands out with Randy Huston's powerful "One Cowboy Left"; her own music and arrangement of S. Omar Barker's "Ranch Mother"; and "Dining Out," co-written with Yvonne Hollenbeck. The two were the first-ever recipients of the Western Music Association’s Best Collaboration of Poet and Musician Award in 2006, and in 2008, they again received the award for “Dining Out.”

The unique voice of "Songbird of the Sage" singer and songwriter Liz Masterson (www.lizmasterson.com)—a founding member of the Western Music Associationshines on tracks including Cindy Walker's "Wide Rollin' Plains," Michael Fleming's "Last Cattle Drive" and Tex Owens' "Cattle Call."

Ranch Life 101 brings forth rich and engaging stories in a collection of polished performances.

The CD is available for $22 postpaid from Yvonne Hollenbeck, 30549 291st Street, Clearfield, South Dakota 57580, 605/557-3559, www.YvonneHollenbeck.com. For bookings, contact Jean Prescott, P. O. Box 194, Ovalo, TX  79541; 325-583-2551; www.jeanprescott.com.


Sleigh Belles



Christmas Time's a Comin' by Tex Williams
The Only Thing I Want for Christmas by Vick Night, Johnny Lange, and Lew Porter
Best Gift I've Had in Years by Yvonne Hollenbeck
Don't Look Out the Window by A.J. Neilburg and J. Fred Coots
Making Christmas Cookies by Yvonne Hollenbeck
Joseph and Mary and Me by Don Von Tress
All American Christmas by Yvonne Hollenbeck
From Cradle to Cross to Crown by Loney Hutchins
When it's Christmas on the Range by Dave Denny, Perry Ward
The Christmas Quilt by Yvonne Hollenbeck
Beautiful Star of Bethlehem by Adger M. Pace and R. Fisher Boyce
Christmas Gifts by Yvonne Hollenbeck
Come On Ring Those Bells by Andrew Culverwell
The Bells and Grandpa's Sleigh Poem by Yvonne Hollenbeck
Cooper's Christmas by Yvonne Hollenbeck and Jean Prescott
A Cowboy's Rocky Mountain Christmas by Don Woolett
Dear Santa by Yvonne Hollenbeck
Mary's Christmas by Jean Prescott and Doris Daley
The Annual Christmas Program by Yvonne Hollenbeck
The Pot-Bellied Stove by Scott Vaughn
An Old Fashioned Christmas by Yvonne Hollenbeck
Cedar Top Christmas Tree by Jean Prescott and Gary Prescott
I Still Like to Go to Grandma's by L. Kirk Talley
Santa's Yodel by Dave Branson


Sure to get you in a holiday mood and keep you there, Sleigh Belles, from the Sweethearts in Carhartts, is a Christmas package overflowing with the spirit. Their wide selection of poems and songs—24 generous tracksshowcases the sparkling vocals and fine harmonies of respected singers Liz Masterson and Jean Prescott, and the award-winning poetry of Yvonne Hollenbeck.

There's fun, nostalgia, reverence, style, and even a bit of yodeling. The music is a fresh collection, far from a batch of the usual Christmas tunes. The "Sweethearts" celebrate good songwriting in their choices of some excellent tunes by others, including Tex Williams' "Christmas Time's a Comin'"; "The Only Thing I Want for Christmas, by Vick Night, Johnny Lange, and Lew Porter; "The Pot-Bellied Stove" by Scott Vaughn; and "When it's Christmas on the Range" by Dave Denny and Perry Ward, to name just a few. Jean Prescott, known for her songwriting collaborations, also performs songs she has written with Gary Prescott, Doris Daley, and Yvonne Hollenbeck.

Yvonne Hollenbeck may be the patron poet of Christmas (she has a 2010 collection of her Christmas poems,
Christmas on the Range and other poems). Her poems can take you back in time, take you back to what's important, make you laugh, and warm your heart. From stories that come right out of her ranch life ("Best Gift I've Had in Years") to the often-requested "The Christmas Quilt," you are drawn into the scenes that her words create.

An impressive crew backs up the Sweethearts in Carhartts with standout music (Butch Hause, Ernie Martinez, John Magnie, Jon Chandler, Chris Strongle, and Tom Nugent). Waddie Mitchell, Gary McMahan, and Jon Chandler add to the fun when they join in on "Cooper's Christmas," a song by Yvonne Hollenbeck and Jean Prescott.


Order info:

Sleigh Belles is available from:

The Sweethearts in Carhartts
Prescott Music
PO Box 194
Ovalo, TX 79541

Whisperings of Jesus

Gospel and worship music
Featuring guitarist Richard E. O'Brien


Give Me Jesus
In The Garden
I Will Praise Him Still
Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy
Oh, How I Love Jesus
I Am Blessed
I'll Stay Where You've Put Me
Leaning On the Everlasting Arms
Trust and Rest
Whisperings of Jesus
Jesus King of Angels
and Instrumental Medleys by Richard E. O'Brien


During my morning quiet time a couple of years ago, I was having a difficult time staying focused on the reading of my daily devotionals and God’s Word. My mind kept racing ahead as I made mental lists of things I had to do. One day I realized that I hardly ever remembered any of what I had read. The business of the world had taken over my quiet time with the Lord. I desperately needed to make some changes.

I started listening to quiet worship music in the mornings before I began reading. With my eyes closed, I would concentrate on the message of the song and the beautiful arrangements. Before long, my mind was no longer racing ahead, but was clear and quiet, prepared to hear God’s words.

From that point, the Lord began to reveal the plan of this project to me. It took two years to prepare, to await His perfect timing. But, it was worth the wait and what joy and peace I have in knowing that He directed every detail of this project. God is the true Executive Producer of this CD.


Order info:

Available for $18 postpaid in the US
(add $5 shipping for international orders)

Prescott Music
P. O. Box 194
Ovalo, TX  79541

Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping


Sweethearts in Carhartts


March Winds, Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck
All My Trails, Jean Prescott and Doris Daley
Money Talks, Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck
Leaving the Home Place, Carole Jarvis and Jean Prescott
Just One More Rain, Georgie Sicking (poem) and When the Rains Came, Carole Jarvis and Jean Prescott
Her Feet Would Rock the Cradle, Yvonne Hollenbeck and Jean Prescott 
Ranch Wife's Prayer, Jean Prescott and Yvonne Hollenbeck
The Carhartt Song, DW Groethe
The Boots Her Daddy Wore, Jean Prescott and Kip Calahan 
Hollyhock Memories, Jean Prescott (inspired by Audrey Hankins' "Hollyhocks")
Dining Out, Yvonne Hollenbeck and Jean Prescott 
Old Hands, Max D. Barnes and Leslie Satcher 

Carhartt® (s) - brand name for heavy, durable outerwear worn by farmers and ranchers to protect their clothing from the elements of winter weather and various situations that occur with a livestock operation. This workwear comes in bib overalls and coveralls, etc. A rancher might say to his wife, "Honey, put on your 'carhartts' and come help me," at which time she would don her bibs or coveralls and follow him out the door. She wears her "carhartt" jacket or vest to town for supplies.

Produced by Richard E. O'Brien
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Casey Jones' Recording Studio, Burleson, Texas
Engineered by Aarom "Casey" Meador

Richard E. O'Brien: guitars, mandolin, piano on "All My Trails"
Gary Carpenter: steel guitar and dobro
Ronny Ellis: acoustic and electric bass
Brent Dacus: drums and percussion
Otis Halston: clarinet
Angus MacDougal: bagpipe

Gary Prescott: vocal on "Old Hands"
Tena Foster: harmony vocals
Liz Masterson: harmony vocals 

Sweetheartscoverjsm1.JPG (7168 bytes)

Order info:

Available for $17 postpaid in the US
(add $5 shipping for international orders)

Prescott Music
P. O. Box 194
Ovalo, TX  79541

Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping

See a selection of poems and lyrics and more in our feature here.


Embers of Time


 Angel Wings, Chuck Milner
Fair Blows the Wind, Gary Prescott* 
How Far Is Lonesome, Yvonne Hollenbeck/Jean Prescott 
 Each Night At Nine, Floyd Tillman
Black Diamond, Dan Crook/Jeff Tranthen 
Eyes Of A Painter, Kate Wolf
Dust Devil Waltz, Debra Coppinger Hill/Candy Boeve/Jean Prescott
Jesus Walked On Water, Paul Davidson
Old Hank Morgan's Place, Dee Strickland Johnson "Buckshot Dot"
Saddle Tale, Yvonne Hollenbeck/Jean Prescott 
Put Me In Your Pocket, W. Lee O'Daniel
I Will Go, Donnie Blanz

*Fair Blows the Wind was named the 
2005 AWA "Best Western Song"

Tapestry of The West


Reins Of Glory, Gary Fjellgaard
One Cowboy Left, Randy Huston/Ted Hoffman
Life Between The Rivers, Gary Prescott
Bless These Hands, Doris Daley/Jean Prescott
Rancher's Lullaby, Neal S. Hagberg and Leandra L. Peak
I'll Meet You At The Throne, Larry McWhorter
Paint Her Real, Donnie Blanz/Melinda Richarz Bailey
Through The Dust, Jean Prescott/
Debra Coppinger Hill
Cowboy Communion, Donne Blanz/Ed Bruce
Yellow Slicker,
Debra Coppinger Hill/Kevin Davis
Drinking From My Saucer, Babe Humphreys/Jean Prescott
Keep On The Sunny Side, E. P. Carter


Track samples, ordering details, and more are on line at 
at Jean Prescott's web site.

Cowboy Forever

Cowboy Forever, by Gary and Jean Prescott, is a two-disc collection of some of their best work. 


Jean Prescott
Too Many Irons In The Fire
In The Reel West
He's Courtin' Annie
Young Lover's Waltz
Mexican Moon
Roy's Little Darlin'
A Cowboy Forever
Saddle Tramp
Adobe Hacienda
She Always Smelled Like Lilacs
Twilight Tears
What Time Is The Train Leavin'
Night Rider's Lament
Here's Hopin'

Gary Prescott
Pete Cash
Bustin' Brush
Desert Rose
Shootin' The Gap
Strike A Lope
The Campfire
Runnin' The Wild Bunch
Brush Country Vaquero
Comanche Moon
Wild and Free
Nighttime on the Prairie
Cowboy's Star

Track samples, ordering details, and more are on line at 
at Jean Prescott's web site.

Pieces of the Past, with Yvonne Hollenbeck (2007)

And More ...

Range Romance

Eyes of Texas

Prairie Flowers

Visit Jean Prescott's web site for ordering information on the above CDs, and more, including recordings by Gary Prescott and Larry McWhorter.


photo: Shelly Kay Studios


More About Jean Prescott (continued from above)

In 1998 she was honored by the State of Texas for her musical contribution to the preservation of Texas music and history. And her rich alto voice graces an interactive music exhibit at the respected National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas.  One of only ten ladies selected for the exhibit, Jean is featured with Hall of Fame honorees, Dale Evans, Cindy Walker, Patsy Cline and others.  Her music is regularly featured on the Red Steagall Cowboy Hour and you will often find Jean's songs in the top ten charts for western music.

In 2006, Jean received the 2006 American Cowboy Culture Award, presented at the National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration in Lubbock, Texas.

Jean's music has been referred to as "the spiritual essence of the west." Her warm manner and total ease with her audiences always brings them back for more.  "My goal is to write and sing good songs that folks enjoy listening to."  Jean has been featured at the International Western Music Festival, the Santa Clarita Cowboy Music Festival, the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, the San Antonio Stock Show and the Red Steagall Cowboy Poetry Gathering, just to mention a few.

Dedicated to preserving and pursuing the way of life they love, Jean and singer/songwriter husband, Gary Prescott, make their home south of Abilene, Texas, where they raise quarter horses and continue to write and sing about the cowboy way of life.


Jean Prescott's Web Site and Contact Information


photo: Shelly Kay Studios


Visit Jean Prescott's web site for more about her and her music, track samples, schedule, and more.




Prescott Music
P.O. Box 194
Ovalo, TX 79541
Telephone: (325) 583-2553
Email: jeanprescott@taylortel.net

photo: Shelly Kay Studios






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