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Lauralee Northcott


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Lauralee Northcott produces and "old-time radio variety show," the Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree twice a year in Winthrop, Washington.

She is also a part of the wildly popular Horse Crazy band, along with Emele Clothier and Jennifer Epps. Visit the Horse Crazy web site for information about their newest CD, Cowboy Rhythm, and more.  Read more about Lauralee Northcott's other recordings below.




Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree

Lauralee Northcott and Horse Crazy Recordings



Lauralee Northcott



Lauralee Northcott and Horse Crazy Recordings

Cowboy Rhythm (Horse Crazy)
Hittin' the Trail (Horse Crazy)
Car Tunes

2009 Western Music Association Crescendo Award winners

Daughters of the West

Horse Crazy, northwest cowgirl band famous for their sizzling harmonies and inspiring good humor has just released their newest recording: DAUGHTERS OF THE WEST. Nominated by the Western Music Association for Western Swing Group of the Year, Horse Crazy has a golden new offering for those who love western music.

Band Comments:
Daughters of the West
, a book by Anne Seagraves, was the inspiration for this collection of songs and particularly the title track by the same name. As we traveled through the world of these brave and athletic women we were awed by their skill and daring. This song and many others in this collection strive to bring you, the listener, into the world of the authentic cowgirls of the past and present.

The Recording:
This album was essentially recorded live. We went to the studio and stood in a circle. We sang and played together in as close to a performance manner as possible for a recording. Chuck Egner at ‘37 Cellars Studio, who specializes in bluegrass recording, really understood how to showcase our sound. We did the entire album in two days, though it has taken an entire year of performing to be ready for those two days.

The Songs:
We chose some great western songs. There are true stories of the west, exciting western swing tunes, heartfelt original compositions, and throughout we have used the magic of harmony to decorate our arrangements.



Daughters of the West
I'm an Old Cowhand
Ridin' Down the Canyon
Cowgirl Attitude
The Vaquero Song
When the Ponies Stretch Out Their Stride
Lone Star Swing
Night Horse
Campfire Waltz
I'd Rather Be a Cowgirl
The Circle
It's a Long Way From His Heart
Western Moon
When The Bloom Is On The Sage
A Time in the Day
Bonus Track: Mockingbird Yodel

Daughters of the West is available for $15 plus postage from CDBaby, where there are track samples. Visit the Horse Crazy web site for more information.


Western Moon

We are excited to present our newest collection of music. We developed these arrangements over the last year by performing and modifying, in an effort to get them just right! One of our favorites is "Eastside Cascades," because it takes the listener on a tour of eastern Washington and features all our voices. "Western Moon," written by Nadine, not only takes you on a trip to her particular home, it also lets Emele and me share our love of rural life. "You Put the Gentle Back in Gentlemen," speaks for itself; this one is a treasure and has been the most requested song for quite a while. There are also some standards in the collection like "Shenandoah" and "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," which we have branded with our harmonies. "Black Despair" and "Mockingbird Yodel" were both gleaned from listening to the music of delightful Jill Jones, and other highlights include "Moon Over Montana," "Cowboy Blues," and the fun Sean Blackburn tune, "Jingle in My Jeans." We hope you enjoy this lively group of songs, please let us know what you think!

Award-winning DJ "Toe Tappin" Tommy Tucker of The Western Heritage Show comments, "When Horse Crazy performs 'live,' they absolutely light up the stage. One of the hardest things to do when recording an album, is to get that special spark in the recordings that one would see on stage. This new album, Western Moon, has captured just that! This is one GREAT album!"


Jingle in my Jeans (Sean Blackburn)
Shenandoah (traditional)
Black Despair (Jimmy Ash)
Westner Moon (Nadine Van Hees)
Cowboy Blues (Gene Autry, Cindy Walker)
My Prairie Home (Nancy Thorwardson)
Moon Over Montana (Oliver Drake, Jimmy Wakely)
Eastside Cascades (Lauralee Northcott)
Mockingbird Yodel (Dude Martin)
My Poncho Pony (Patsy Montana, Lee Penny)
You Put the Gentle Back in Gentleman (Lauralee Northcott)
Tumblin' Tumbleweeds (Bob Nolan)

Western Moon is available for $17 postpaid (Washington residents add $1.20 tax) from: Lauralee Northcott, P. O. Box 276, Winthrop, WA 509-996-2404. Visit the Horse Crazy web site for more information.


Cowboy Rhythm

Every track is a winner on this new CD that includes Lauralee Northcott, Emele Clothier, and Nadine Van Hees:

1. Cowboy Rhythm (Patsy Montana)
2. Singin' in the Saddle (L. Witcap, T. Powell, I. Schuster)
3. Cowboy Coffee (Joni Harms and Jim Varsos)
4. Heaven On Horseback (Nancy Thorwardson)
5. Cowboy Sweetheart (Patsy Montana)
6. Endless Sky (Chuck Pyle)
7. Texas Stagecoach Blues (Devon Dawson)
8. You're From Texas Too (Cindy Walker)
9. When the Ponies Stretch Out Their Stride (Lauralee Northcott)
10. Chopo (Jack Thorp)
11. Back in the Saddle Again (Gene Autry)
12. Call of the Canyon (Billy Hill)
13. May the Trail Rise Up to Greet You (Dave Stamey)

Listen to tracks and order for $15 from CD Baby or order from Mountain Sound

Visit the Horse Crazy web site for more information.

Hittin' the Trail

Horse Crazy formerly included Honored Guest Virginia Bennett, who sings and plays the mandolin along with Lauralee Northcott and Emele Clothier on acoustic guitar, electric bass, and banjo on their Horse Crazy band album, "Hittin' the Trail."  The classics and original songs include beautiful ballads and songs that are full of spirit and fun.  

1. Hittin' The Trail (Bruce Kiskaddon, Hal Cannon)
2. Rock Me To Sleep In My Saddle (Roy Rogers)
3. Where The Soul Never Dies (traditional)
4. Over Nevada (traditional)
5. Desert Skies (Toy Caldwell)
6. Cariboo Road (John Hollis)
7. Lonestar Swing (Stephanie Davis)
8. May The Trail Rise Up To Greet You (Dave Stamey)
9. Cowboy Lust (Cici Dawn)
10. High, Wide and Handsome (Steve Spurgin)
11. Sagebrush Symphony (traditional)
12. Santa Fe Trail (traditional)
13. I've Just Got To Be A Cowboy (traditional)

Listen to tracks and order from CD Baby or order from Mountain Sound

Visit the Horse Crazy web site for more information.

Lauralee Northcott and Virginia Bennett at Elko, 2002
photo by Nell Daley

Car Tunes

In 2003, Lauralee released Car Tunes, "a collection of Americana songs for kids to sing in the car with their folks on trips!"  Lauralee says "I have taught for 28 years in the Methow Valley and I've sung with hundreds of children, so this collection comes from a long line of tradition."  It's a fun CD and definitely for "kids of all ages."  There are 15 tracks including "Don't Fence Me In," "Five Hundred Miles," "Tennessee Stud," and "This Land is Your Land." 

Order here or from Mountain Sound.

2009 Western Music Association Crescendo Award winners

photograph by Lori Faith Merritt, www.photographbyfaith.com


November 23, 2009 – Winthrop, Washington




HORSE CRAZY COWGIRL BAND of Winthrop, WA won Western Music Association’s 2009 Crescendo Award on Saturday, November 21, 2009 in Albuquerque, NM.

Its tight warm harmonies and plucky performances have garnered a clutch of honors this week. The Western Music Association presented the Crescendo Award for “most promising talent” to Horse Crazy during the Awards Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico this weekend.  The group also won “Best Trio” Harmony Contest. Their most recent recording, Daughters of the West, hit #2 on the Top 20 Cowboy/Western Music play list and is receiving critical acclaim as well as radio airplay all around the world.

The group says; “It was an exhilarating weekend but the awards night was just the best.  When Horse Crazy won the harmony contest for “Best Trio” we were absolutely thrilled.  We knew before the weekend that we were top five finalists for Group of the Year.  When Sons of the San Joaquin took it away, we couldn’t feel too badly because they are truly a great group.  Frankly, we felt pretty proud just to have our name mentioned with those musicians.  Then when it was time for the Crescendo Award and they called, Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, we all whooped.  We heard later some people thought the entire building actually tipped a little bit!”  It was a very special honor for the band and one they will never forget.

Emele Clothier, Lauralee Northcott and Jennifer Epps are Horse Crazy. Career musicians and authentic western cowgirls, all three make their homes in rural Washington State.  Emele plays western swing guitar, harmonica, banjo and sings inspired vocals. Lauralee rocks the band with bass guitar and vocals.  Jennifer captivates audiences with fun distinctive harmonies, fun harmonica and percussion.

As their name suggests, Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band is a trio of women who love to sing about the great western outdoors.  While the band plays many traditional western classics, and western swing favorites they are also well known for their original songwriting.  In addition to their own writing members find gems among other singer/songwriters who have a genuine understanding of the American West.  One of the most unique things about Horse Crazy is that these ladies are truly fun entertainers. You will feel absolutely uplifted and energized when you attend one of their concerts.

Horse Crazy is dedicated to enriching the lives of people through their music and engaging as many young people as possible so the legacy of Western Music lives on.  With a blend of western heritage, foot tapping swing and meaningful songs that come from the heart, it is “Family Entertainment” through and through!


For interviews or additional information contact Lauralee Northcott at (509) 996-2404 or yodel@horsecrazycowgirlband.com P.O. Box 276, Winthrop, Washington 98862





Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree

From Lauralee Northcott:


Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree

May 7, 2010 Friday Night 7:00

"Barn" in Winthrop, WA

Laughter, country charm, wonderful music and something unexpected make the Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree a hit show. Beginning the 8thconsecutive year, the Dollar Watch Jamboree will be presented Friday, May 7, 2010 at 7:00 PM in the Winthrop Auditorium, sponsored by Winthrop Red Apple Market.

Tom Hus, Canadian Cowboy Phenomenon will join the Dollar Watch gang Friday Night kicking off 49er Weekend in Winthrop, Washington.

Tim Hus has a voice sweeter than a Husqvarna chainsaw, a wit that is sharper than rusty barbed wire, and a list of songs longer than a Saskatchewan fence line! Tim has already taken Canada by storm and has set his sights south of the Kickin’ Horse Line! Visit Tim’s web site: www.timhus.ca This is an artist you can brag about having seen in years to come!

Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, nationally recognized by the Western Music Association as the best "Trio" of the year, and winners of The Crescendo Award for most promising talent in 2009, will be on hand to showcase. Horse Crazy performing for the largest cowboy gathering in Canada with Tim Hus recently, and came away saying, "People in the Methow must see and hear this man!" While Horse Crazy is a local group, they bring pure iron pyrite……we mean gold, to the program.

Dave McClure, cowboy poet and author will be back, because he is the best announcer this side of the Missouri River! Dave’s zany humor and original wit are always the talk of the town.

For all the exciting details about this gala weekend in Winthrop, visit the www.withropwashington.com for more information. Or go to www.WOGA.org to learn about all the packing events taking place during the event.

Tickets are $10.00 and available at Red Apple Market in Winthrop, and the Winthrop Inn. For more information call (509) 996 2404

www.horsecrazycowgirl.band; yodel@horsecrazycowgirlband.com







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