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From the Heart of the West, and originally in honor of St. Valentine's Day, we're pleased to share so many fine Cowboy Love Poems with you; we've been collecting them since Valentine's Day, 2001.

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See the selected Valentine poems here.


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Special:  Cowboy Love Poetry


See the 2010 special Valentines's poem selections here.


Listed Below Alphabetically by Poet
with poems posted in a haphazard order


S. Omar Barker
Classic Cowboy Poetry
Jack Potter's Courtin' 

Donna Bartholomew
Wild and Western
Rodeo Wife

Virginia Bennett
Lookin' for Cows, Fawn Creek, 1993

Tony Blisard
First Kiss

Barbara Bockleman
Okie Lady

George Bourbeau
The Catch Rope
Giving the Bride Away

Ron Brinegar

E. A. Brininstool
Classic Cowboy Poetry

Jack Burdette
The Loneliest Trail

Rusty Calhoun
The Photo Album
Cowboy Hats
Where Colorado Mountains Touch the Sky

Robert V. Carr
Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Tryst 
Real Affection 

Arthur Chapman Classic Cowboy Poetry
Valentine Day in Cactus Center

Janice Chapman
The Hard-Core Man

Badger Clark Classic Cowboy Poetry
To Her
The Wind is Blowin'
Satuday Night

Bobby Cohoon
Roses are Red

Graham Dean
To May-belle

Steve Dirksen

Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson)
Maverick Love Affair

Bette Wolf Duncan
One Night in the Rodeo Bar

Jim Fox
My Cattle Pennin' Angel

Don Gregory
Texas, to St. Paul
She Tied Her Hearts to Tumbleweeds
Fancy Words

DW Groethe 
Just Like A Chinook 
Under the Dim and Nodding Sky

Debra Hill
The Money for her Diamond
The Yellow Slicker

LaVonne Houlton
Spring Love 

Billy James
My Wife

The Dream

David Kelley
A Cowboy's First Love

Paul Kern
When the Coyote Calls Down Moonlit Dreams
Caroline Was a Cowboy's Wife
As I Bridle in the Morning 

Jo Lynne Kirkwood
Lessons in Love
Longer than Time Understands 
Merle's Opus

 Bruce Kiskaddon
The Midwinter Bath

L. M. Larson
My Sweet Beth

McCloud (Davey Lee George)
Cowboy in Love
Ageless Beauty Fair

Harold Roy Miller
Memories of Love

Joel Nelson
On Finding Someone

Rod Nichols
Romancin' the Stone
A Fine Romance
A Cowboy's Letter

Jim Packard

Susan Parker
Cowboy Kinda Girl 

Rick Pitt
Angel of the West

Mike Puhallo
Valentine's Day on the Ranch
Scour Pills and Roses

Bruce Satta
When You and I Are Old
For My Valentine 

Charley Sierra
Gunnin' for Cupid

T. R. Stephenson
I Was the Lady

Jeff Streeby
Johnny Has Gone for a Cowboy

Hal Swift
Jimmy's Valentine Poem

Diane Thompson
Movin' On

Tex Tumbleweed
A Cowboy's Lament

Omar West
A Cowboy Kiss Can't Miss
Valentine's Day

Ken Whitecotton
A Dyin’ Cowboy’s Love Poem

Charles Williams
You Were There



See recent special Valentine's Day poem selections here.




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