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Paul comes from Arkansas, and a very musical background. Bluegrass is where his roots lie and you can hear it in nearly every tune he writes and plays. His grandfather started teaching him when he was 6 years old, and put him on stage the very first time and on a small stage in Little Rock, Paul sang his first song to a public crowd. To this day, he can still remember singing "Rocky Top" to the best of his ability and how that song and the stage made him feel like he had found a calling in life.

Somewhere along the way he discovered cows and horses, and that started a love affair with the cowboy way of life that to this day is his whole reason for living. He is most happy when he is horseback in open country.

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Poetry and Lyrics


Chaps and Braids

Rancher's Daughter

I've Been Doing This Forever



Chaps and Braids

The way your eyes sparkle
Early with the rising sun
You look so tired, and you are
But the day has just begun

You spilled your coffee on you,
First thing this morning
I laughed
You acted mad for a while

But we found the horses, we thought weíd lost
And you let me off with a smile


Cowboys love cowgirls
And I know that its true
Itís stood the test of time
My dream in chaps and braids
Iím patiently waiting
Until the day that you say you are mine

My heart skips a beat
to see that roan pony
Long trotting next to me
You in the saddle,
singing and happy
Right where I like you to be

You laugh when I say
ďIím gonna rope that antelopeĒ
I take down my loop anyway
Then you shake your head
And give me that look
So I coil it and put it away


I think of the memories
I hold so dear
Things that have come to pass
Days in the saddle
Laying out counting shooting stars
A midnight dance in the grass

You're mine for a time
But weíre friends not lovers
thatís ok Iíve known from the start
And though love's fire may not burn
My dream in chaps and braids
Youíve warmed this cowboys heart


Cowboys love cowgirls
Though I may never have you
I know Iíll be all right
My dream in chaps and braids
Iíll keep waiting anyway
Till the day that you say you are

© 2008, Paul Harris, All rights reserved
These lyrics may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



Rancher's Daughter

That old sun is hanging low
On the western horizon
Calling me to follow itís flight
I got her pointed west
Hammered down and riding
Got what I need Iím traveling light

Been too long gone
From the place that I left her
I need that warm an tender touch
But her daddy ran off
This day working cowboy
I guess he didnít like me that much


Now I dream of a snow covered mountain
A place where the wind blew so free
Where the moon would roll across that prairie
A dream about that ranchers daughter and me
Sheíd sneak out to that bunkhouse
Late at night
While everyone was asleep

Weíd pile on old Cabrito
Riding double and so close
Her arms, around me
Well Cabrito was a good one
And he knew not to make a sound
Heíd pick that prairie grass so quietly
While we made love on the ground


Her momma knew but didnít tell
I guess she liked me
I couldnít say
Her dad found out
Came with his gun
I jumped on el Cabrito
And rode away
But the prairie wind carried the news to me
Her daddy is sick
He ainít going to make it
Iím going back to where I want to be

© 2008, Paul Harris, All rights reserved
These lyrics may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



I've Been Doing This Forever

The first frost of fall kissed the morning, just enough to make the sun dance off of a million droplets of frozen water.
The aspen leaves are golden, soon to turn red and flutter down in a ever winding spiral to their final place of rest.
The pack sting stands quietly at the picket line, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

There once was a time when this was special, when the only concern was the whereabouts of the bell mare.
When this time of year signaled heaven, to be in open country along a winding path,
Packs swaying to the time and beat of freedom.
The bull elk sings his love song, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

The snow in the high places looks as though a billion angels molted their wings at once.
The softness covering the jagged peaks, the wind dusting the snow from the tops, giving impression as though they were giant coursers on the move.
I feel the cold wind on my face, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

The cold back of that young roan mare, raises the saddle towards heaven.
It speaks volumes of the sand and grit her breeding encompasses and brings in a time honored ,cold morning tradition.
I pull the cinch one more notch, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

Time for one last cup of coffee. brewed strong and black. It cuts the chill and warms the hands and washes down the hardtack and beans that were breakfast. Simple yet sufficientÖ..for one.
The last drop sizzles on the fire, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

A short ride on the hurricane deck, where will and skill become one. Flared nostrils of man and beast, dust, found beneath the frost, now settling. Itís time to travel the long paths.
There is a song of hoof beats, heads swaying, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

The creek is up from the sky tears falling, gathering in pools and flowing down in a never ending cycle of flow, falling and fly. itís dance one of fluid motion forever down the path of least resistance.
Cold water dripping from noses, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever

The edge of the pass, a long fall, yet an old friend. Brothers in this life, chosen, yet destined.
Only forward and back, no sides to travel, only straight up or down.
My stirrup brushes the wall the other hangs suspended in space.
A rock clatters , then makes the long fall, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

The sun is high now, warming this my world. Making dust and shedding a coat. taking from the wind itís cut and replacing it with the softness of kid gloved hands caressing the skin. there is a smell of warm, recently wet sage.
Muscles are warm and loose now, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever

Miles upon miles the clouds watch ever changing. The steady pace of travel, prints of metal clad hooves mark the progress of time and distance passing ever on to the final destination.
The clink of shoe to stone, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

The fires welcoming glow as the last pack is slid to ground. The sound of spur pacing to the dancing warmth, the blanket laid outÖfor one.
The stars flying in a moving arc overhead, their travel more distant than imagined by man.
One wings through the night, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

A dream peaceful, as I reach in my sleep for you. But empty arms hold only air. You are not there. You left me alone this summer and now you are part and in all I do.
A tear forms on my cheek, as I think,
Iíve been doing this forever.

I always look back, expecting you to be there. For so long you were my constant companion in this dreamland you love. For you I stay, for it is you I loved.
My heart cries for you, as I think,
Iíll be doing this forever.

© 2008, Paul Harris, All rights reserved
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



About Paul Harris  continued from above

ďLookin at the south end of a north bound cow,Ē as he likes to say it. He tells folks, ďI like to think I did it like they did in the old days, I wasnít ranch raised, but I felt the calling of the west and followed it. Just like the old sayin' about goin' west young man, I did.Ē Now when you ask him where he is from he will tell you, ďI'm from out west somewhere, where the wind meets the wire.Ē

In the early 1990s, Paul "saddled up" and moved to Nashville, but it didn't take long to figure out that a guy with horses and cattle on the brain and in his songs wasn't going to go very far in that town, so he followed his heart.

Paul never let his guitar go idle, he took his love of music and fused it with his love of ďcowboyínĒ and started down a path that has led him to where he is today. Paul is a member of the Western Music Association, and regularly performs around the country at poetry gatherings and "any place thatíll let me get up and play.Ē

He has started writing cowboy poetry as well. ďIt is a new and exciting thing for me. I am really enjoying writing poetry and I am always trying to improve my writing.Ē

To listen to Paul sing and perform, there is no doubt about his bluegrass roots. His music is also very heartfelt. If you listen with your eyes closed, you can see and hear about the places he has been and the things he has done and seen. He is a storyteller, and can put you right there with him, riding along some canyon, chasing an old maverick steer, waiting for that good shot to rope.




Cross Halo CD

Includes eleven songs and three poems.

Kelly Green by Paul Harris
Shoulda Took the Chance
by Paul Harris
El Mejor Vaquero
by Paul Harris
Cross Halo
by Paul Harris
Mi Amore
by Paul Harris
Apple Wreck (poem)
by Paul Harris
Packin Song
by Paul Harris and Jason Clark
Levis on Leather
by Paul Harris, Randy Huston, and Jess Gatlin
Satisfied (poem)
by Paul Harris
Autumn Reflections
by Paul Harris
It Took New Mexico
by Paul Harris and Randy Huston
You Don't Know Jack (poem) 
by Paul Harris
by Paul Harris
Cancion Mixteca

Preview some of the songs and poems at Paul Harris' MySpace Page.

Read Rick Huff's review of the CD here.

The Paul Harris CD is available for $18 postpaid from www.myspace.com/tmf3ph.


Paul Harris CD

Includes seven songs and four poems.

Rancher's Daughter by Paul Harris
Old Bay by Paul Harris
Chaps and Braids by Paul Harris
Forever by Paul Harris
Ridin' On by Paul Harris
Begin Again by Paul Harris
Molly by Paul Harris
Grey Shandy by Paul Harris
Aspen by Paul Harris, Chad Little, and Clint Ingersoll
I Have Lived by Paul Harris
Coyote Dreamin' by Paul Harris (inspired by a story by Robert "Sheb" Barnett)

Preview some of the songs and poems at Paul Harris' MySpace Page.

Read Rick Huff's review of the CD here.

The Paul Harris CD is available for $18 postpaid from www.myspace.com/tmf3ph, and by mail from:

Wood Western Music
HC 63 Box 18C
Saratoga, WY, 82331



Contacting Paul Harris




MySpace: www.myspace.com/tmf3ph







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