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We welcome your pictures. We're looking for images that give a glimpse of the ranching, cowboy, and rural and working life of the West of today and yesterday. We're looking for vintage and contemporary photos: family photos, images of where you live and work, and the area around you. 

We post selected photos from those received.

Below is an index of photos posted to date.


See the current photos on Page 1 here.


Share your photos.

If you enjoy this feature, help keep it going! We need your photos.

We're looking for images that give a glimpse of the ranching, cowboy, and rural and working life of the West of today and yesterday. We welcome vintage and contemporary photos:  family photos, images of where you live and work, and the area around you. 

If you have a photo to share, email us for information about sending it to us.  



If you enjoy this feature, you may also be interested in our Western Memories Project, the personal recollectionsómany with photosócontributed by BAR-D visitors.  Your stories and photos are welcome.

If you enjoy features like Picture the West, please support the BAR-D.


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Index of Past Photos

This is page 1 of the index; find earlier links on page 2 of the index, here.

See the current Picture the West postings on Page 1 here.

Click the dates below for the photos and their stories.



Help show a worldwide audience the real West.

Email your photos and their descriptions.

We're looking for images that give a glimpse of the ranching, cowboy, and rural and working life of the West of today and yesterday. We welcome vintage and contemporary photos:  family photos, images of where you live and work, and the area around you. 


See the current postings on Page 1 here.



May 6, 2016


  Fall at Linda Nadon's Saskatchewan ranch



January 12, 2016


  Amy Hale Auker's last camp of the year photos



December 2, 2015


  Mike Moutoux' fall New Mexico branding photos



November 3, 2015


 Deanna Dickinson McCall on water and the ranch in New Mexico


September 21, 2015


  Lavonne Houlton and the Western Morgan Horse


July 16, 2015


  Tom Swearingen's photos of Oregon's Steens Mountains


June 1, 2015


  Deanna Nelson-Licking's Colorado horse and ranch photos


May 19, 2015


  Valerie Beard's Nevada branding photos



May 4, 2015


  Charmaine Delmatier's Wyoming photos



February 10, 2015


  Daniel Bybee's lively family history


January 5, 2015


  Sara Nelson's photos of Haakon


December 15, 2014


  Dale Page's Colorado photographs


November 26, 2014


  Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns' vintage Wyoming family and horse photos


November 12, 2014


 Deanna Nelson-Licking's horse training photos



October 27, 2014

Wylie Gustafson's photos of coming down from summer leases



October 17, 2014

  Herbert Krill's Song of the Cowboy film


October 6, 2014

  Susie Knight's photos and poem about Colorado rancher Ernie Snare



September 29, 2014

  Jean Mathisen's old family cabin photos



September 2, 2014

  Jeri Dobrowski's scrap heap photos



August 18, 2014

   Stan Howe's
old Milwaukee Railroad stockyards photos


August 4, 2014

Jay Snider's photos from the historic Magdalena, New Mexico Livestock Driveway


July 21, 2014

   Del Gustafson's vintage family photos


June 30, 2014

  Cindy Quigley's varied photographs



June 23, 2014

  Deanna Nelson-Licking's photos of moving pairs


June 9, 2014

  Moving cattle with A. Kathy Moss and Billie Price Flick


May 27, 2014


Jean Prescott's ranch photos



May 19, 2014

  John Reedy's Montana branding photos and more

May 5, 2014


  The West Texas Peebles ranch family


April 22, 2014

  Jessica Hedges' Oregon branding photos


April 14, 2014


  Cindy Quigley's California branding photos


April 9, 2014

  A vintage family photo from Teresa Burleson

April 1, 2014

  Mike McFadin's Trinity Alps Wilderness packing photos

March 24, 2014

  Wild cow hunting photos by Josh Baker from Don Cadden


March 12, 2014

  Stan Howe's Montana winter ranchland photos


January 6, 2013

  Laurie Wood's Montana ranch photos

December 30, 2013

  Dennis Russell's New Mexico ranch photos

December 16, 2013

  South Dakota cowboy Deanna Nelson's winter photos


December 9, 2013

  Del Gustafson's vintage family photo


December 2, 2013

   Linda Kirkpatrick's photos of fall on the Frio


November 25, 2013

  Images from the film, HARNEY



November 18, 2013

Yvonne Hollenbeck's teams and wagons



November 11, 2013

  P'let Tcherkassky's photos of the "100 Mules..." project


November 4, 2013

Terry Nash's photos of moving cattle from high ground


October 28, 2013

  Nikole Yost Morgan's photographs of moving the horse herd


October 21, 2013

  Betty and Ken Rodgers' photographs from Idaho's Trailing of the Sheep


October 14, 2013

  South Dakota cowboy Deanna Nelson's summer and fall images


October 7, 2013

  Cowboy Ken Cook's pictures from South Dakota's Atlas blizzard


September 30, 2013

  Minnesota rancher Diane Tribitt's ranch photos


September 23, 2013

  California ranchers J
ohn and Robbin Dofflemyers'
Dry Crik Journal blog entry


September 9, 2013


  Mike Moutoux's photos from New Mexico's Gila National Forest


September 2, 2013

  Jean Mathisen Haugen's photos of a 105th birthday celebration, horseback


August 26, 2013


  Cindy Quigley's Northern California wildfire photos


August 19, 2013

  Shannon Keller Rollins' photos from the Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon

August 12, 2013

  Rod Miller's behind-the-chutes photos



August 5, 2013

  Part four from Stan Howe: Galata, Montana


July 30, 2013

  Part three from Stan Howe: Old Montana Buildings

July 23, 2013

  Part two from Stan Howe: An old sheepwagon

July 15, 2013

  Part one from Stan Howe: an eastern Montana homestead and hayfields


July 8, 2013


  Ken Cook's photos of spring works in South Dakota


July 1, 2013


  Paul Kern's packing in the Teton Wilderness Area


June 24, 2013

Daniel Bybee's prisoner-trained mustang


June 17, 2013

  The fifth generation of Oklahoma Snider cowboys


June 10, 2013

New Mexico cowboy Mike Moutoux's javelinas


June 3, 2013

Writer and photographer Jayme Feary's Western views


May 28, 2013

  Betty and Ken Rodgers' views of the Palouse


May 20, 2013

  Deanna Nelson's South Dakota ranch branding photos


May 13, 2013

  Robert Dennis's young ranch hands


May 6, 2013

  Jean Mathisen Haugen's vintage Wyoming ranch photos


April 29, 2013

Calving during winter storms at Yvonne Hollenbeck's South Dakota ranch

April 22, 2013

Spring works with Gail Steiger and Amy Hale Auker on Arizona's Spider Ranch 


April 15, 2013

  Lori Ann Scott-Johnson's longhorn images


April 8, 2013

  Lori Ann Scott-Johnson's images of Mike Beck and The Joyful Horse Project for veterans


April 1, 2013

  Deanna Dickinson McCall's New Mexico ranch cowpups

March 25, 2013

  South Dakotan Deanna Nelson's ranch photos

March 18, 2013

Montanan DW Groethe's first-calf photo


March 11, 2013

  Dorothea Lange's cowboys

March 3, 2013

  Californian John Dofflemyer's "February Snow"


February 25, 2013

John Reedy's Montana ranchland photos


February 18, 2013

FDR's 1903 cowboy breakfast


February 11, 2013

  Kathryn Bronn's Wyoming photos of Andy Nelson and his horses


February 4, 2013

 Linda Kirkpatrick's Texas Hill Country sunrise photos


January 28, 2013

  Rusty McCall's New Mexico ranch photos


January 21, 2013

  Bill Bolte's Buffalo Roundup photos


January 14, 2013

Doug Morrione's stills from Lopin' Ropin' and Hopin'


January 7, 2013

  Ranch hand Deanna Nelson's winter photos


December 24 and 31, 2012

  Songwriter and photographer Evelyn Roper's Colorado winter photos

December 17, 2012

Alberta rancher and photographer Linda Pierson's winter image


December 10, 2012

South Dakota's Cook cowboys sunup to sundown photos


December 3, 2012

  Colorado rancher Terry Nash's cattle gathering photos

November 26, 2012

  Cindy Stout Quigley's sheep photos


November 19, 2012

  Heather Hafleigh's California ranch photos


November 12, 2012

Nicole Yost Morgan's Colorado fall photos


November 5, 2012

Mike McFaddin's Trinity River Management Unit mules

October 29, 2012

Jean Mathisen Haugen's vintage Wyoming family photos

October 29, 2012

  Terri Anne Knight's New Mexico branding pictures



October 15, 2012

Mike Moutoux's photos of gathering cattle in the Pecos Wilderness


October 9, 2012

  Annika G. Plummer's photo of North Dakota's fall colors


September 24 and October1, 2012


A two-part series: Stan Howe's images of the remnants of eastern Montana homesteads


September 4-17, 2012


  A 3-part series; c. 1939 photos of Montana's Quarter Circle U ranch

August 20, 2012

Doris Daley's Alberta summer activities

August 13, 2012

  Annika Plummer's North Dakota hay stacking


August 6, 2012

  Linda Pierson's branding photos from Alberta and Saskatchewan


July 30, 2012

Diane Tribitt's "cow horse"


July 23, 2012

 Nikole Yost Morgan's Colorado ranch photos, part 2


July 16, 2012

Nikole Yost Morgan's Colorado ranch photos, part 1


July 9, 2012

  Jeri Dobrowski's photos from Medora, North Dakota's 2012 Flag Day Parade.


July 2, 2012


  Brianna Badure's photos from the Badure Ranch in southern South Dakota

June 25, 2012


Stan Howe's photos of Dodson, Montana's cowboy bar


June 18, 2012

  James Grooms' vintage Cherry County Nebraska ranch photos

June 11, 2012

  South Dakota cowboy Deanna Nelson's ranch photos


June 4, 2012

  Wyoming cowboy Daron Little's branding photos


May 28, 2012


  New Mexico cowboy Mike Moutoux's "old guy" cowboying story and photos


May 21, 2012


  New Mexico cowboy Mike Moutoux's New Mexico Centennial Cattle Drive photos


May 14, 2012

Albertan Nola Kirby's vintage photos of her musician father, "The Black Ace"


May 7, 2012

  South Dakota rancher Robert Dennis' Spring ranch photos


April 30, 2012

  Kyle Lyons' historic wagon train images


April 23, 2012