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Cowboy Poetry Week is celebrated each year during April, National Poetry Month in the United States.

In 2015, Cowboy Poetry Week—the fourteenth annual—takes place April 19-25, 2015. 

The 2015 Cowboy Poetry Week is made possible by generous support from the Sage Foundation and the Margaret T. Morris Foundation and the individuals and organizations who support the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, including those who responded to an important challenge donation in late 2014.

Find more in our feature here.

Kansas artist Don Dane's painting, "Cowboy True, Thru and Thru" is selected as the 2015 Cowboy Poetry Week poster image:

Web reproduction permitted for Cowboy Poetry Week promotion with the credit line included:
"Cowboy True, Thru and Thru" © 2014, Don Dane, www.dondane.com,  Cowboy Poetry Week 2015, CowboyPoetry.com"
 Publications, email us for high resolution print reproduction information.

"Cowboy True, Thru and Thru"


The painting depicts Kansas cowboy, ranch manager, and poet Jack "Trey" Allen, from a reference photograph by Carol Barlau.

Posters are never sold. They are sent to participants in Cowboy Poetry Week's Rural Library Program and sent to Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry supporters as a thank you gift.


More below:

Don Dane

Carol Barlau

Jack "Trey" Allen

Art Spur



© 2014, Don Dane, DonDane.com
"Cowboy True, Thru and Thru"

Original prints of the painting, "Cowboy True, Thru and Thru," are available from Don Dane, who has committed a portion of the proceeds to the "Trey Allen Cancer Fund." Contact Don Dane at dondane@sbcglobal.net, 913-829-3422.



Don Dane

Don Dane is an award-winning artist, with a particular focus on "cowboys, horses, and cattle." His watercolor and pencil sketches
made often on location, where he also photographs and researches his subjectsprovide studies for his oil paintings. Don Dane's images have been featured on many gathering posters, including those of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Youth Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Saddle Up!, and Silver Dollar City's A Salute to the Great American Cowboy."

We were pleased to feature Don Dane's painting, "Great Day to be a Cowboy," as the Art Spur subject for the 2007 National Day of the Cowboy. 

Don is a full time, award winning artist whose work has been shown and sold to collectors all over the United States. Favoring a realistic style of painting, he has become well known for his portrayal of the American West. His primary medium is watercolor but he occasionally works in pencil and oil.

Don's subject matter varies, but he prefers painting subjects that reflect the tradition of the American west, the cowboy and the rural way of life. His artwork has been featured in Western Art Collector, Southwest Art, Western Horseman, Horses in Art, Art of the West and American Cowboy. It has also appeared on over a dozen different western, rodeo and cowboy music/poetry festival posters across the country. Among these, was being featured poster artist at Silver Dollar City’s “Salute to the Great American Cowboy” in Branson, Missouri for seven years in a row.

In 2011 Don was commissioned by the Kansas State Lotto Commission to paint an original painting to be featured on the state lotto ticket as part of the Kansas 150 year anniversary of statehood. He currently works from his home studio in Olathe, Kansas.

Don’s work can be viewed at www.dondane.com; 913-829-3422.

biography supplied by Don Dane



See our feature about Don Dane here.



Carol Barlau

Carol Barlau is a landscape, wildlife and nature photographer with a number of her fine art images featured in local and regional galleries and juried exhibits, including R.G. Endres Gallery, Art of the Center, Hays Five State and Leedy-Voulkos Art Center.

While Carol still has a “day job,” photography is quickly becoming more than just a hobby. In the past few years, her passion for photography has grown and she has become much more thoughtful and deliberate about her images. Carol attributes her growth in large part to the relationships she has developed with other photographers and the feedback and encouragement she receives from them.

Carol has always had a love of travel and passion for photography, which led her to create her bucket list to travel to and photograph on every continent. Carol completed this bucket list in December of 2014 and has captured unique images on all seven continents.

Photography is Carol’s escape from the stresses of the everyday world. It relaxes her and renews her spirit.

Photography is my way of showing others how beautiful the world is. It is an art of observation and about finding something extraordinary in an ordinary place. I use my camera to bring awareness to things around me and create a connection to nature.

My goal is to make photographs that draw viewers into the now. By focusing on the details, it keeps us in the present and stops us from fretting on the future or regretting the past.

I love sharing my experiences while traveling and allowing others to experience what the world has to offer as seen through my eyes.

biography and artist's statement supplied by Carol Barlau

Carol Barlau's photograph is the reference photograph for Dan Dane's painting:

photograph © 2014, Carol Barlau



Jack "Trey" Allen

photo by Bruce L. Hogle

For some twenty years and change now, Jack Trey Allen has been writing and reciting cowboy poetry. He started out gathering intel early in life as a bullrider/bullfighter and graduated to shoeing horses and starting colts, to those "to those in the know" this should explain a great deal. At the point he began his family however, the conclusion was reached that three meals a week and Copenhagen made less than desirable home conditions and he settled into a real job near the present day metropolis of Hooker, Oklahoma.

While earning a regular paycheck, he kept his hand turned at colts and shoeing, dayworking, etc. It was during this time he became intimate with a little known group called "Corporate America". Thirteen years of that and he packed his family up, headed for the mountains of south central Colorado, near Canon City and has been full time cowboy every since. For nine years Trey has managed the Moyer Ranch in the northern Flints Hills of Kansas, south of Manhattan. When asked about the possibility of "lightin' a shuck," he said "Pack rats set up shop in my tipi and cut my bedroll up into little tiny ones. Sure hate to disturb their little enterprise..." Reckon he'll stay put.

Trey has performed from the Gulf Coast of Alabama to North Dakota and from Missouri to Utah. He was one of four event winners at the first Cowboy Poetry Rodeo and was purty fortunate in subsequent National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo events. In 2011, Kansas hosted its first annual State Cowboy Poetry competition, a win there offered Trey the opportunity to perform for the Gubernatorial Entourage and he considers that a career highlight. Durango and Sierra Vista have been among his favorite gatherings but hopes to visit a few more gatherings in the future.

Trey has two albums: Cowpoke (2002) and Lowly Cowboy (2006). He is currently working on an album, The Remnant Gather, that will be available in 2015. This album will feature a piece with Geff Dawson and Trey's favorite buckarette musician Shandee Allen.

biography supplied by Trey Allen


Find some of Trey Allen's poetry and more about him in our feature here, visit his web site, and find him on Facebook.



Art Spur

© 2014, Don Dane, DonDane.com
"Cowboy True, Thru and Thru."

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words...we know many that are worthy of a poem or a song. In Art Spur, we invite poets and songwriters to let selections of Western art inspire their poetry and songs.

Our fortieth piece offered to "spur" the imagination is a special Cowboy Poetry Week Art Spur, a watercolor painting by Don Dane, "Cowboy True, Thru and Thru."  The image is featured on the 2015 Cowboy Poetry Week poster.

Submissions are welcome from all through Monday, April 20, 2015.

Art Spur subjects are meant to inspire poetry and songs; we look for poems and songs inspired by the piece, not necessarily for a literal description of the image or its subject.

Even if you have a poem or song pending, you are welcome to send one submission inspired by ""Cowboy True, Thru and Thru."

Do follow our regular guidelines for submissions here.

When you email your submission, please indicate in the subject line that it is an Art Spur submission.





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