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Totsie Slover hosts The Real West from the Old West radio show from Deming, New Mexico, playing Cowboy and Western music and poetry. The show airs live on the radio and on the internet each Wednesday morning from 10:00 AM until noon (Mountain) on KOTS/1230AM. Each week's show is available on demand on the internet.

Totsie Slover's Western entertainment roots are deep. She grew up in rural Animas, New Mexico, where her parents helped put on the local dances.

Totsie is the widow of The Real West from the Old West show's originator, Howard Staub. She comments, "The first gathering I attended with Howard was like a flashback in my life. Listening to the cowboy singers, fiddlers, yodelers...boy did it bring back memories. I was either laughing or had tears rolling down my cheeks. What an experience. And now I feel part of that family! It's wonderful. Keeping western music alive was so important to Howard and it makes me feel like I am doing something to help him with his goal. Besides that, I love it."

CD submissions for consideration for airplay are welcome. Send those to:

Totsie Slover
220 S Gold Ave.
Deming, NM 88030


We mourn the loss of Howard Staub, who died May 7, 2008.

After a twenty-five year association with the United States Air Force, Howard relocated to Deming in 1985 from Southern California. Prior to his twenty-year career in the USAF and five years with Northrop Aviation, Howard hailed from O'Neill, Nebraska, "The Irish Capitol of the State of Nebraska." His early youth was spent in Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota. His live radio show, The Real West from the Old West, filled a void ignored by other radio stations in Southwest New Mexico and continues to keep alive the cowboy way of life through music and words. When Howard wasn't busy putting together the next Cowboy & Western program to air, he could be found participating with his bride, in the many various shooting sports held in the Great American Southwest.

Howard Staub was on the Board of the Western Music Association and was a regular contributor to Joe Baker's Backforty Bunkhouse newsletter. He was inducted into the Cowtown Society of Western Swing Hall of Fame, posthumously, in May, 2009. Read about the induction below.




On May 2, 2009, the late Howard Staub was among the inductees at the 11th Annual Cowtown Society Of Western Music Swingfest in Mineral Wells, Texas

 Official 2009 Heroes Induction List


Gene Niven
Buddy Hrabel
Clint Cozart
Chuck Cusimano
Chuck Jones
Jack Brown
Johnny Boatright
Rick Langford
Jimmy Young
Buddy Emmons
Jerry Tatum
Howard Higgins
Jay Riley
Dayna Wills
Dugg Collins
Hugo Chambers

Presidents Choice Award Brady Bowen
Disc Jockey Of The Year: Tracy Pitcock, KNEL, Brady, Texas Howard Staub, KOTS, Deming, NM (Posthumous)
Publication Of The Year: Joe Bakers Backforty Bunkhouse Newsletter
Venue Of The Year: Church Of Western Swing, Turkey, Texas
Rising Star Of The Year: Jess Meadors
Fans Of The Year: Buddy & Darlene Thornton
Lifetime Achievement Award For Western Music Promoter: Lynn Carter-Morgan
(New Category) Creative Achievement Award Of The Year: Etienne (A-10) Etcheverry

Totsie Slover, host of the Real West from the Old West radio show and widow of Howard Staub, who was honored at the event, shared a report:

From a newcomer's point of view:

Attending the Cowtown Society of Western Music Swingfest was an exhilarating and emotional experience for me. The main reason I attended was to accept an award on behalf of my husband, Howard G. Staub. He was inducted into the CSWM Hall of Fame as Disc Jockey of the Year (Posthumous). It was indeed an honor for me to do this and I am grateful to the Society for honoring Howard in this way. Watching the remainder of the inductions of the "Heros" into  the Hall of Fame and the heartfelt tribute to one of the original Texas Playboys legend, Bobby Boatright, made me realize how special it truly was. I was also very proud of the fact that four of the Heroes honored were from New Mexico: Joe Baker, Etienne (A-10) Etcheverry, Lynn Carter-Morgan and
Howard Staub. Howard was indeed standing in "tall cotton"!

After the induction ceremony I then put on my hat as disc jockey and started touting my radio show, "The Real West from the Old West." The rest of the day turned out to be fun, educational, enlightening and I met a bunch of wonderful people in the process. The western swing musicians and singers are indeed a talented, fun loving, friendly group and accepted me as part of the group. I feel I have a large addition to my Western Music family. It was a thrill to meet the artists whose music I have been playing and as much a thrill to meet new artists who were, until then, unknown to me.

We were entertained by Larry Lange and the Lone Star Troubadours, Country Night Live, Bob Bone and the All Star Band and Brady Bowen! To quote Howard, "it was sort of like trying to drink from a fire hose." So much talent in such a short time!

What a weekend!

photo courtesy of Totsie Slover
Joe Baker and Howard Higgins of the Backforty Bunkhouse

Joe Baker provided the text read at Howard Staub's induction into the Cowtown Society of Western Music Society Hall of Fame as a Disc Jockey. Following is his introduction and the biography of Howard Staub:

Cowboy Music, Western Swing music and Cowboy poetry, all three work in harmony and complement each other. Howard Staub was a complement to all three. He had a ways to go but every day of his radio career he excelled to unlimited heights. In 2007 he became a lifetime member of the CSWM. At the time of his passing he served on the board of directors with the Western Music Association. Totsie, please accept this posthumous honor in remembrance of Howard Staub in recognition as the CSWM Disc Jockey Of The Year.


Howard G. Staub
December 18th, 1940 - May 7th, 2008

Howard Staub was born in Harlan, Iowa and spent most of his grow up years in South Dakota and Nebraska. Even as a young child he was infatuated with history of the old west and its cowboys. He graduated from O'Neill High School in Nebraska in 1959 and joined the Air Force, retiring in 1979.

After retirement he worked in Southern California until 1985 when he moved to Deming, New Mexico. He worked as a MAC Tool salesman, for Desert Winds Magazine as a sales rep and even ran the Great American Duck Races for three years. He also promoted antique shows and the Old West Gun Show in
the area.

Howard loved western music and started collecting CD's of Ian Tyson and R.W. Hampton, then with the aid of the internet found more artists. In September 2006 he approached KOTS Radio and convinced Candie Sweetzer to let him do a Western Music show, "The Real West From The Old West," playing western music, cowboy poetry and western swing music. It was a hit and Howard was truly on his way in making a name for himself in the western music industry. He made many friends with performers, songwriters and promoters and was a music promoter himself.

In 2006, Howard purchased a lifetime membership with the Cowtown Society Of Western Music. Also in November, 2006 the membership of the Western Music Association voted Howard in for a three year term with a seat on the Board Of Directors. Shortly after, he began to have some health issues and never made his first board meeting. On May 7th, 2008 just one week after the 10th Annual CSWM Swing Fest, Howard passed away.

Howard Staub was well on his way in becoming one of the most sought after disc jockey in the nation in just a short time in his western radio career.

Totsie Slover and Howard Staub at the Western Music Association Festival, 2007





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