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Ross Knox—cowboy, horseshoer, and mule packer—was raised on a small cow outfit in Central Oregon, and left home when he was about 16, headed to Northern Nevada and later to Yellowstone. His recent CD liner notes tell that he was inspired by Gail Gardner's "The Sierry Petes" and "The Dude Wrangler, and "began writing poetry as a young ranch hand because it was a way to occupy his time when he was alone for three months at the Juniper line camp of Idaho's YP ranch." He has cowboyed across the West and spent 15 years as head packer at the Grand Canyon, longer than any other packer (an estimated more than 40,000 miles into and out of the Grand Canyon) mainly to supply the Phantom Ranch. He now works for the Saguaro National Park packing supplies into the Manning Camp for the fire and trail crews.

Ross Knox has one hundred-plus poems committed to memory. He was an invited performer to the Western Folklife Center's first Cowboy Poetry Gathering in 1985, and been featured at almost every gathering since.

His recitation of  "The D2 Horse Wrangler" by  D.J. O'Malley is included on The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Three (2008).

Ross Knox' CD, Make Me a Cowboy Again for a Day, includes classics and his original poetry, an impressive showcase of his repertoire.

Most of the 15 tracks are introduced with Ross Knox' engaging stories, and the cuts include his recitations of classics by S. Omar Barker ("Bear Hunters Bold"),  Bruce Kiskaddon ("When Buck Conners Rode Rep for the Lord," "Silver Bells and Golden Spurs," The Old Nighthawk," and "The Long Eared Bull"), Curly Fletcher ("The Flying Outlaw"),  D. J. O'Malley, "The D2 Horse Wrangler," and Robert Service, "The Cremation of Sam McGee"; modern "classics" by Joel Nelson ("Charles Goodnight's Dream") and Baxter Black ("The Legacy of a Rodeo Man"); four of his own poems, "Memories," "Man's Best Friend," "Easy Chairs and Saddle Sores," "The Final Ride of Freeman McBride"; and more. See the complete track list below.

The CD is available from The Western Folklife Center.



Memories, by Ross Knox
Bear Hunters Bold, by S. Omar Barker
Charles Goodnight's Dream, by Joel Nelson
When Buck Conners Rode Rep for the Lord, by Bruce Kiskaddon
The Legend of a Rodeo Man, by Baxter Black
Man's Best Friend, by Ross Knox
Silver Bells and Golden Spurs, by Bruce Kiskaddon
Easy Chairs and Saddle Sores, by Ross Knox
The Flying Outlaw, by Curley Fletcher
The D2 Horse Wrangler, by D.J. O'Malley
The Final Ride of Freeman McBride, by Ross Knox
The Old Nighthawk, by Bruce Kiskaddon
The Long-Eared Bull, by Bruce Kiskaddon
The Cremation of Sam McGee, by Robert Service
The Man in the Glass, by Dale Wimbrow


Ross Knox' work appears in a number of anthologies, including:

"Man's Best Friend," in Cattle, Horses, Sky, and Grass, Cowboy Poetry of the Late Twentieth Century

Click to view at Amazon.com  "The Dying Times," "Easy Chairs and Saddle Sores," and "So Long" in  Cowboy Poetry: A Gathering

cpreunionbk.jpg (25377 bytes)  "Memories" in Cowboy Poetry:  The Reunion

Ross Knox recites "Forgotten" by Bruce Kiskaddon on the Cowboy Poetry Classics CD

  Ross Knox recites "The D2 Horse Wrangler" by D.J. O'Malley on The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Three

Ross Knox is featured in a May 28, 2014 Yahoo! Music video and article by Wendy Geller, "Inside the World (and Mind) of a Real Cowboy Poet.









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