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We're pleased to feature Cowboy Artists of America member R.S. Riddick's painting, "Heads or Tails," as the official poster for the eleventh annual Cowboy Poetry Week, 2012. 

Web reproduction permitted for Cowboy Poetry Week promotion with the credit line included:
"'Heads or Tails" © 2004, by R.S. Riddick, www.cowboyartistsofamerica.com;  Cowboy Poetry Week 2012, www.cowboypoetry.com"
 Publications, email us for high resolution print reproduction information.

In the August/September 2011 issue of Ranch & Reata magazine, R.S. Riddick comments:

If a painting doesn't have a poetic, thoughtful, human message, people will walk right past it. It has to have something—some pain, some pathos, some narrative—so you'll keep going back to it. Sometimes it's not a story, per se. Sometimes it's just the poetry of the Westthe mood and feeling of a landscape, a reflection in a mud puddle, the loneliness of a broken-down windmill.

"Heads or Tails" is also featured in our Art Spur project for Cowboy Poetry Week.

Heads or Tails
oil on linen
63" x 72"
Reproduction prohibited without express written permission
"'Heads or Tails" © 2004, by R.S. Riddick, www.cowboyartistsofamerica.com; www.rsriddick.com 

"Heads or Tails" was painted at Colorado's Diamond Tail Ranch. The pictured cowboy is bringing in horses the traditional way, with one halter lead. The lead rope of one horse is tied to the tail of the horse in front of it, thus the painting's title, "Heads or Tails."

Learn about R.S. Riddick and view some examples of his art below.

Visit www.rsriddick.com.

R.S. Riddick and his work are featured in the August/September 2011 issue of Ranch & Reata magazine, in an article by editor A.J. Mangum, "Painting from Life; cowboy artist R.S. Riddic comments on art's narrative dynamic." The article is available at the Ranch & Reata site here.

"Heads or Tails," R.S. Riddick's 2004 Prix de West painting, was featured on the cover of the Autumn, 2004 issue of Persimmon Hill Magazine, a publication of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, home of the Prix de West.

R.S. Riddick was featured also in the Summer, 2007 issue of Persimmon Hill Magazine, in an article by Carolyn Branch Leonard, "R.S. Riddick; his painting is like a beautiful melody." Read the entire article here.

Find the 2002 Prix de West catalog information for R.S. Riddick at his web site, here,

There are two April, 1998 Southwest Art cover articles: "R.S. Riddick; At Home on the Range," by Bonnie Gangelhoff is available here and "R.S. Riddick; Pioneer Spirit," by Norman Koplas, available here. R.S. Riddick's "Indian Children, 2," is featured on the cover.

Find much more at R.S. Riddick's web site, www.rsriddick.com, including a video interview with R.S. Riddick from Arizona's KUAT Public Television.


R.S. Riddick is featured here at the Cowboy Artists of America web site.



R.S. Riddick's Art

View many pieces of R.S. Riddick's art at www.rsriddick.com. Below are a few sample images


Tracks in the Snow
Reproduction prohibited without express written permission
 © R.S. Riddick, www.rsriddick.com

Poet Lariat
Reproduction prohibited without express written permission
 © R.S. Riddick, www.rsriddick.com

Maritime 1
Reproduction prohibited without express written permission
 © R.S. Riddick, www.rsriddick.com


Indian Child 5
Reproduction prohibited without express written permission
 © R.S. Riddick, www.rsriddick.com

About R.S. Riddick

From R.S. Riddick's official biography at his web site, www.rsriddick.com :

Looking at a work of art created by R.S. Riddick is a visual feast of poetic color.

His poetic use of color vibrations sing of the beauty in life.

Ron Riddick has been described as an artist’s artist. His masterful skill in the use of the tools of his trade (paint, brushes, and canvas) combined with his knowledge understanding of his subjects (light, color, anatomy, motion, and atmosphere) allow him to achieve the excellence he strives toward in his work. He brings it all together with his gift of artistic talent to create some of the most beautiful works of art today.

A versatile visionary; a master of design, color and light; seeker of excellence—these are R. S. Riddick. He portrays the truth and beauty of life in its infinite variety. He believes that art should be emotional; it should touch the human spirit and affirm humanity. When asked why he paints such a vast selection of imagery, he answers “I feel that an artist should remain faithful to creating art that speaks about the things he loves. For me, life is a visual feast and I hope to savor its abundance to the fullest.” Ron has dedicated his life to the pursuit of uncompromised excellence in his art. His loyalty to this end is evident. He continues to challenge himself. “I will always remain a student, working toward growth and refinement in my art and in my life.”

Born in 1952 in Santa Monica, California, he realized at a young age that he was destined to be an artist. His family and teachers encouraged his unique natural gifts and ability. Ron went on to study art in college at the renowned Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. He studied the fundamental disciplines of fine art. A formal education in classical training was not easily available, so Ron set out with firm resolve to teach himself. He made in depth studies of the schools of realism and impressionism. He researched the traditional Russian school of art and, painted with the gifted Russian artist Sergei Bongart. Ron’s teachers were primarily those master artists from an era gone by. The legacy of their art was to be his inspiration.

“When an artist succeeds in bringing together in harmony—creative ideals and commitment to growth, great things happen.”

Text © R.S. Riddick, www.rsriddick.com, all rights reserved


Find this biography and more at www.rsriddick.com

Special thanks to Natalie Riddick for her assistance with this feature.




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