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Good News

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   Much-loved poet, cowboy, and Cowgirl Hall of Fame inductee Georgie Sicking turns 95 on May 20, 2016. Let's ALL send her birthday cards: PO Box 11, Kaycee, Wyoming 82639. 

Nona Kelley Carver shares her poem:


How many miles on horseback?
Only angels know.
She rode them in the summer heat
And in the winter snow.

She rode them in the coolness
Of the dawning of the day.
She always went on horseback.
As we know, that was her way.

She rode them in the mountains
And on the desert dry.
She liked to go on horseback,
And she could tell you why.

To her, it was the best way
To see the great outdoors,
Then ride on home at sunset
To do her evening chores.

She rode them chasing mustangs,
And for calves she had to brand.
She broke them and she trained them,
Became a great top hand.

She worked real hard, she earned
Her keep. She was a driving force.
She could do any job that a man
Could do, all done
From the back of a horse.

© 2004 Nona Kelley Carver

Posted 5/12




  Poet Troy McNaught Westby turns 100 on January 5, 2016. Take part in the "card shower" for her:  send greetings to her at 110 S. Madison Ave, New Underwood, SD 57761.

Slim McNaught writes about his mother: "My mother was born Troy Hare on January 5, 1916 on a farm east of Glasco, Kansas to parents of Irish and English descent. She married in the summer of 1933 and moved to Nebraska...In 1935 we moved to a ranch south west of Wanblee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This log house sat on the bank of Bear Creek, with the barn and corrals on one side and the house on the other and a large cottonwood tree laid across the creek for a footbridge...My mother has been a prolific writer all her life..."

Read the full comments and find some of Troy McNaught Westby's work in our feature here, along with a poem she has written about her 100th birthday, January 5, 2016.

Updated 12/31




  Congratulations to Diane Tribitt and Sam Scott, who were married on July 19, 2015. Diane shared the poem she wrote, which Belinda Gail put to music and which was sung by Sam's sister, Cindy Greywind, during the ceremony:

Forever Starts Today

Forever starts today,
Take my hand, take my heart
With all the love we have,
Forever’s just a start
I'm your shelter from the rain,
Your warmth against the cold,
I'm your peace against the storm,
In your Heart, I am Home

One day past forever
By the Grace of God above
I give you all I am
I give you all my love

When two hearts are united
They never beat alone
If Home is where the Heart is,
Then baby, we are Home

Cause forever starts today
Take my hand, take my heart
With all the love we have,
Forever’s just a start
I'm your shelter from the rain,
Your warmth against the cold,
I'm your peace against the storm,
In your Heart, I am Home

When I say I do...
I do…
Want to laugh with you, I do
Learn with you, Grow with you. I do…
I want to be with you, I do
Together, orever. It's true.
When I say I do,
I do

Cause forever starts today
Take my hand, take my heart
With all the love we have,
Forever’s just a start
I'm your shelter from the rain,
Your warmth against the cold,
I'm your peace against the storm,
In your Heart, I am Home

When forever is together
We are finally Home

© 2015, Diane Tribitt
These lyrics may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Photo by Al Braunworth

Posted 8/29




  Welcome Barry Andrew Nelson, born April 27, 2015 to Brianna and Dylan Nelson. Jaclyn and Andy Nelson are the proud grandparents.

Posted 5/4



Belated congratulations to poet, storyteller, and equine author Mark Munzert and Kimmy Hudson who were married February 26, 2015 in Alpine, Texas. Many friends from the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering were in attendance.

Mark wrote this poem about the happy event:


We met via Facebook
Believe it or not.
My foray was innocent
My fawning was not.

I asked for her music
And that I received.
But this blossoming bond
I could not have conceived.

I’d sworn to bachelor,
me, dog and horse.
Jus’ friends and family.
No love connection, my course.

Drawn by her picture
and sweet Texas drawl.
Didn’t take much more.
I’d begun love’s fall.

Hours on the phone
We walked hand in hand.
Trotted out potential
We talked and we planned.

Distance deterrent
didn’t restrain.
Divulged dormant scars
And previous strain.

More than once
I’ve wondered why me?
Whatever it is,
I’m glad she can see.

I’ve made my mistakes
Face first on the floor.
No idea God
would open this door.

Our view was forward.
In step with the Lord.
Neither I nor she
Stepped anyway but toward.

Our discourse is easy
We think the same.
If we weren’t together
It ‘id be a shame.

To meet, indeed.
And what an occasion.
Immediate falling
In love’s persuasion.

We’re building upon
A solid foundation.
That started out as
a bit of flirtation.

Some was worried
and told us whoa.
Not our first go-round
and we know what we know.

Our hearts are bonded set.
No second guessing.
Our house has been built
with the good Lord’s blessing.

Blessed, I am,
to share my life.
With the greatest woman,
Kimmy, as wife.

© 2014, Mark Munzert


Find more about Mark Munzert here at

Updated 5/6



  South Dakota's much-loved poet, Elizabeth Ebert, just returned from the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and is on her way next week to the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering. She turns 90 on February 24th. Join her fans and friends in sending her birthday cards: 10930 208th Avenue, Lemmon, SD 57638.

Posted 2/16



  Popular poet Jack DeWerff is turning 90. From Nona Kelley Carver:

Jack's 90th birthday will be Nov. 16th. for those who would like to send cards, his address is: 652 S. Ellsworth # 186, Mesa, AZ 85208

Jack DeWerff

My heart almost stopped when I saw him,
This cowboy of eighty plus years.
My breath sort of caught back there in my throat,
And slowly, my eyes filled with tears.

His frame, once so tall, now is bending.
His stride, always brisk, is now slow…
His mind is still quick; sense of humor intact,
But I know that some day he will go.

He’d once been so strong and well suited
To ranching and living the life
Of a cowboy who knew what he wanted.
He had time for his dear, faithful wife.

Together, they worked through the summers,
Then she would teach school in the fall.
He liked to team rope with a partner,
Sometimes answered the rodeo’s call.

He still has the soul of a poet;
Expresses himself in rhymed word.
His wisdom and wit pour forth from him yet
Wherever his soft voice is heard.

In his dreams, I’m sure he still ranches,
And takes such good care of his cattle.
He rides once again on his favorite horse,
Spending long, happy hours in the saddle.

The dream fades and pain comes to replace it,
As his mind grasps the passage of years.
He seeks to recall all the good days,
But sometimes views life through his tears.

There’s no fear as he faces tomorrow,
On the trail that leads to The Divide,
Where the angels will welcome him homeward,
And The Lord will come forth as his guide.

© 2011 Nona Kelley Carver

[2009 photo by Ralph Smith, from a gathering report here]

Posted 11/11


  Congratulations to poet, writer, and rodeo champion Rodney Nelson. He took home Finals Champion and Reserve Champion buckles from the recent North Dakota Rodeo Association Finals.

Find more about Rodney Nelson in our feature here.

[photo © 2012, Annika G. Plummer,]

Posted 10/22



  Congratulations to Kelly ("Bugs") Cook and Jeannine Fix, who were married in Milford, Iowa May 3rd, 2014.

Bugs is the son of Nancy and Ken Cook. Ken shared the poem he wrote for the happy couple:

One More Day (Wedding of Bugs and Jeannine)

No moment prior to this day
can touch what happens here.
Your lives are sure enough about to change.

And if your knees are wobbly
like a newborn calf at birth,
I know married folks out here don't find that strange.

Jeannine you're just as pretty
as a sunrise on the prairie
and this cowboy 'roped the moon' when he found you.

Truth is it's real surprising
that you cinched up to ride with us,
'cause it takes sand to love this whole Cook Crew.

Hey, we've got goofballs on our family tree
and here's a sight some seldom see,
both his brothers went and took a bath!

They scrubbed their pits, and used man spray,
and even brushed their teeth today,
so thanks to you we've chartered a new path!

So right here right now I've a comment,
'bout keepin' a marriage alive.

No matter the joys or the sorrows,
one things gonna make it survive.

Love, like that kiss, is the last one.
Give hugs 'til your arms are plumb sore.

Love, 'til your heart burns like fire
then breath deep and love even more.

Love, growing closer and older,
revel in this journey's ride.

Love every season together,
throw all of the bullcrap aside.

Love, as the wrinkles cover your face
and your hair turns silver or grey.

Then fight every second you draw breath
to love, just love, one more day.

© 2014, Ken Cook
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Posted 4/15

  Best wishes to Brianna Paxman and Dylan Nelson, who were married April 4, 2014. Dylan is the son of Jaclyn and Andy Nelson.

Andy wrote this poem for the happy couple:

His Baby Girl and Her Little Boy

She sat on his lap and whispered “I love you,”
“Daddy, to me, there is no one above you.”

That little girl is the pride of his eye,
How could he trust her to some other guy.

He sat on Mom’s lap as she read him a story,
‘Bout dragons and knights and all kinds of glory.

The thought of losing him makes her head whirl,
How could she give him to some other girl.

He slew all her monsters and chased off her ghosts,
And drove all her boogie men out from their posts.

They shared all the fun that two could enjoy,
How could he leave her with some little boy.

She bandaged his boo-boos, his bruises and cuts,
Brought cookies and treats to his tree forts and huts.

Only she knows the key to boost his morale,
How could she hand him to some little gal.

He taught her to drive, the best teacher by far,
And didn’t blow up when she dented his car.

He patiently helped her and taught her, he did,
Could he give her to some snot-nosed young kid?

She taught him to vacuum and the use of a broom,
But you sure couldn’t tell it by the shape of his room.

She laughed at his jokes although they were silly,
Could she send him away with some little filly.

She still loves her daddy and he loves his mother,
But they finally found and will cleave to each other.

And someday they’ll know of the sorrow and joy,
Giving away his baby girl or her little boy.

Posted 4/15

  Congratulations to Alissa and Andy Hedges on the birth of Jubal Elliot Hedges, February 11, 2014. Jubal Elliot has a sister, Maggie Rose.

Posted 2/12

  Congratulations to South Dakota cowboy, writer, and friend of the BAR-D, Deanna Nelson and Tyrel Licking, professional horse trainer and all around cowboy, on their marriage, February 10, 2014. They plan a celebration with friends later in the spring.

Deanna Nelson has contributed a number of interesting entries to Picture the West (see the most recent here).

Deanna and Tyrel were introduced by Glen and Yvonne Hollenbeck. Yvonne took the photo above and also this photo of Deanna and Tyrel in 2013:

Posted 2/12

  Best wishes to Sadie Nelson and Bo David Ray Evans on their marriage, December 28, 2013. Sadie is the daughter of Jaclyn and Andy Nelson. Friends were amused by one of their engagement photos:


Andy wrote this poem for the couple:

Be the First

There's a simple little secret,
That will keep your love life nursed;
Be the first in your relationship,
To put the other person first.

Be the first to clean the carpets
And the first to check the oil;
Be the first to bring the lemonade,
And the first to sweat and toil.

Be the first to make the effort,
To fulfill your loved one's needs;
Be the first to pack their hours,
With some thoughtful little deeds.

Be the first to offer comfort,
When the circumstance demands;
Be the first with loving kisses,
And with gentle, soothing hands.

Be the first to feed the horses,
And the first to mow the lawn;
You can do those two together,
If you put their halters on.

Be the first to do the dishes,
And the first to dump the trash;
The first to cut the credit cards,
And the first to save the cash.

Be the first to say "I love you,"
and the first to say "Goodnight";
Be the first to say "I'm sorry,"
after a petty little fight.

Frequent acts of selfless kindness,
Will keep your love immersed;
You'll reap exactly what to sow,
When you put your loved one first.

Here's Andy with his beautiful daughter:

Posted 12/31

  Welcome to the world to Cinch McCoy Hedges, November 18, 2013, born to poet and accessories designer Jessica Hedges and cowboy Sam Hedges. Cinch has an older brother, Quirt.

Posted 11/18





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