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Growing Girls

We’re hungry and we’re waiting,
Gosh, it seems the time of day
When our cowgirl comes to visit
With her gifts of grain and hay.

Our festive coats of red and white
Protect us from the cold.
We shun the comfort of the barn,
Our hunger makes us bold.

We’re hungry and we’re waiting
And we’re yearning for her praise
When she leads us on the scale
And our target growth she weighs.

Some people say we look alike
But that’s far from the truth,
As one is polled, the other horned
In our beauteous Hereford youth.

We’re hungry and we’re waiting
As the snow fills in our tracks.
The grass sleeps in a winter grave,
Depriving us of snacks.

Our markings aren’t identical
One has more white, you see,
But we’re on the same career path:
To replace the elderly.

We’re hungry and we’re waiting
But it shouldn’t be too long,
The sound of feed has pricked our ears
And soon we’ll hear her song.

We see her now and hear her words
Of bulls and summer sun.
“Eat hearty, girls,” she says with cheer:
At last our wait is done.

© 2009, Susan Matley
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

This poem is included in the 2009 Christmas at the BAR-D celebration.


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  About Susan Matley:

Susan Matley is also known as cowboy singer/songwriter Cimarron Sue (of duo Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue). She’s tried her hand at cowboy poetry, many of which you can find at

Writing fiction is Susan’s main pursuit. Her fantasy novella, Small-g City (by S. D. Matley), was published in 2015 (WolfSinger Publications). The sequel, Big-G City, will be released in 2016. Susan’s short stories have appeared in THEMA Literary Journal, GlassFire Magazine and Dark Pages (Blade Red Press). Upcoming publications, events and a weekly blog are available at

Susan lives in Washington State with husband Bruce and many 4-legged kids.



  Susan Matley's "Show Me Mister" from Westerners was one of two finalists in the Western Writers of America 2011 Spur Award Song category





I Ride the Range the Modern Way by Bruce and Wayne C. Matley
Show Me Mister by Susan D. Matley
Cattle Call by Tex Owens
The Cowboy That Made Me Blue by Susan D. Matley
They Call The Wind Mariah by Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe
Common Wisdom by Susan D. Matley
Border Affair (Spanish is the Loving Tongue) by Charles "Badger" Clark
Don't Fence Me In by Cole Porter
Coyotes by Bob McGill
Home to You by Susan D. Matley
The West by Jack O. Hannah, Baxter Black
I've Got Spurs by Frank Lilley, Frederick Loewe
Watin' For Ice Cream by David H. Schroeder
The Ranch That I Can't See by Bruce Matley*
Happy Trails by Dale Evans
Buddy and Me by Bruce Matley, age 4

Find song clips and order information at CD Baby:

Find the lyrics and background for "The Ranch That I Can't See" here in Picture the West


Recordings are made for a reason, and the reason for Westerners is our desire to celebrate the American West, preserve its history and honor its people. Proud we are to be native westerners many generations strong, with both our families traveling the emigrant trail in the 1850s and 1860s and establishing themselves in the present states of Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

The original songs on this recording reflect our personal heritage ("The Ranch That I Can't See," "I Ride The Range") and explore possible histories of early western pioneers ("Home To You," "Cowboy's Farewell"). Prairie Rose Henderson, a pioneer of women's rodeo who may have been an amalgam of two or more people, captured our imaginations with dramatic tales of her life and death ("Show Me Mister," "Common Wisdom"). Out of pure sassiness we've included an upbeat story of western teenage heartbreak ("The Cowboy That Made Me Blue") and Bruce's first recorded original song, dating from the early 1950s ("Buddy and Me"). He was four years old.


Christmas Shoppin' at the General Store



Cowgirl's Christmas
Christmas Shoppin' At the General Store
Stable Song
The Cowgirl Who Lost Her Jingle
Three Wise Men (poem)
Away In a Manager
White Christmas
Winter Waltz
The Night Before Christmas (recitation)
While This Cowboy Watched His Stock By Night
Silent Night

Christmas Shoppin’ At The General Store, a holiday CD from Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue (Bruce & Susan Matley), isn’t just “business as usual”: six original songs by David H. Schroeder, Theresa Chedoen and Susan Matley are featured, plus original poetry by Bruce Matley (included in a rendition of “Silent Night”). The estate of cowboy poetry master S. Omar Barker granted kind permission to include Barker’s poem “Three Wise Men” in this project. The CD is topped off with holiday favorites “White Christmas,” “Away In A Manger,” and the poem, “The Night Before Christmas.”

Personnel are Susan Matley (bass, vocals, accordion), Bruce Matley (guitar, vocals) and Theresa Chedoen (harp). The project was recorded, mixed and mastered by Neville Pearsall at Synergy Sound ( The cover photo, courtesy of Imbert Matthee, was taken at Waitsburg Hardware and Merchantile in Waitsburg, Washington (co-owner John Stellwagen appears in the photo). This store is the “real deal” complete with squeaking wooden floors and a pot-bellied stove where wheat ranchers, cattlemen and other locals gather to shoot the breeze over endless pots of coffee.

To purchase or preview Christmas
Shoppin’ At The General Store go to



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