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Donna Bartholomew
Wild and Western
Rodeo Wife



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Wild and Western

An outlaw, a rebel, born a decade late...
challenged by adventure, always tempting fate..

An appetite for danger, so hard to understand...
His NEED to walk the edge everytime he can.

I see him in another life, wanted by The Law...
A ladies man, a good cowhand, real quick on the draw...

Today theres no six shooter, his challenger is no man..
He tempts his fate with a nod for the gate, bullrope in his hand.

Sittin in the middle, chest out, lookin fine
He gets his dose of danger "8" seconds at a time.

Never a dull moment, life with a roughstock man...
I truly do believe in him, support him all I can...

I've no desire to change him and his desperado ways,
His queen of hearts from the start, a love I'll not betray!!


Donna Bartholomew


Rodeo Wife

Daddy said "girl, listen up, someday you'll understand"
it takes a strong woman,
to bring out the BEST in a man"
Then momma added something else,
she thought that I should know,She said...
"sometimes, girl, it's hard to be strong,
when his first love is RODEO..
I guess you'll have to live it tho..
to REALLY understand, true meaning to the words..
cuz when the life he leads is Rodeo,
the road he travels, rough..
no matter just how rocky, he NEVER gets enough,
you cross your fingers when the chute gate opens...
hope for the highest score, listen to his re-ride stories,
rub his arm when its sore...
You always stand beside him,
when life puts you to the test...
and even when he doesn't place,
you still tell him he's the BEST!!

1990 Coyote Cowgirl Co


You can read about Donna Bartholomew and her poetry here.





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