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Barbara Bockleman
Okie Lady

The Dream



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Okie Lady
          Song of an Old Cowboy to His Wife

I first met you in the springtime air
Long before the snows of time
Sprinkled their way into your silky hair.
You were my Okie Lady--all poetry and rhyme.

I loved you in the summer heat--
Your tender ways were all mine.
You loved me full and complete.
You were my Okie Lady--all poetry and rhyme.

I loved you in the autumn haze
Of smoky Indian summer like wine.
You loved me through those golden days.
You were my Okie Lady--all poetry and rhyme.

Now we feel the winter snow
And taste the last fruits on the vine.
Another season we may never know.
You are my Okie Lady--all poetry and rhyme.

You are my Okie Lady fine,
I'll always love you.
You are forever mine,
Okie, Okie Lady, sweet and true.

Barbara Bockleman is a Lariat Laureate runner up.  Read more of her poetry here.



The Dream

I have a dream
that's always the same...
It's raining and dark
but I know
that the cowboy
is there standing
far off;
in the cold rain.
The lightening
rips through
the sky..
blinding to my eyes...
and the thunder
crashes around
deafening my ears
with its shear force
of sound.
In the lightening strikes,
I can see
pelting off his
midnight-black duster coat
and streaking off
his felt hat,
my torrents of pain.
I'll always long to reach
those piercing, haunting eyes
and feel
those strong arms
intertwine with mine.
In the heart-wrenching moment
that I wake...
in a cold sweat
because I know,
that the nightmare never ends
my beloved cowboy
will never come
out of the rain.







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