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Janice Chapman
The Hard-Core Man

Billy James
My Wife

David Kelley
A Cowboy's First Love



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The Hard-Core Man

Even though he is known to all as a hard core man,
He is the most gentle man that I have ever seen.
He can cowboy with the best of them,
And bring them critters in from the green.

I've never seen a rope that's quite so quick
When they're brandin' in the draw.
It will down the fastest steer --
That's the rope the steer never saw.

The horse he rides may not be a beauty,
But it will work all day and into the night.
And he never has to worry about it --
That horse will do him right.

Among the men he works with,
His word, though mean at times, is law.
And if they can't follow his orders,
From him their wages they'll draw.

The men all know from none of them
He'll never take no guff,
And if you plan to cross him,
You'd best go pack your stuff.

They all know he'll treat them right,
In spite of his hard core attitudes.
And they'll go along with what he wants,
And they'll put up with his moods.

Cuss words may at times escape him,
Though with him they're a rarity.
He doesn't have the time to waste
On words of such triviality.

And when the weather turns,
Or circumstances pit him against his will,
He'll hang in there and do his work
Like he has nerves of steel.

His mind is a calculator --
It's in motion all the time,
And he can show you profit and loss
Before the pen can sit down on the line.

Pride rules him with a hand of iron;
The boss he has to be.
And out on the range, hard core
Is mostly what the men will see.

But once he steps inside the place he calls his home,
I can visibly see his changes,
As love transforms him into a gentle man,
As inside my loving heart he ranges.

1998 Janice N. Chapman, All Rights Reserved

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My Wife

I roped this filly soft as down,
And warm as sunshine on the ground,
Eyes as blue as morning sky,
Cheeks as sweet as cherry pie.

She kicks at danger, smiles at a cloud,
Sighs at rainbows, laughs out loud.
Runs from spiders, loves all dogs,
Talks to cows, but don’t like frogs.

Tied her right up by my side
That day when she became by bride.
She bore my children, wiped their nose,
Tanned their hides and washed their clothes.

She makes my supper every day,
Brings me coffee without pay.
Lord, You gave me quite a gal;
She’s my lover, she’s my pal.

Hair that once was dark as coal,
Is silver gray, but she’s not old.
She’s seen lots of days go by.
I made her laugh, and made her cry.

That knot’s been tied for some time now;
And she still loves me, don’t know how.
She thinks I’m the greatest man
Walking here upon this land.

I think she’s a gift from God
Sent to help me as I plod
Through this land ‘til my last day
When she still will hear me say,


Billy James 


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A Cowboy's First Love

Lord that gal was the purtiest thing I believe
my eyes'd ever seen.
So it was all important this jewel was polished
and bright and clean.
I spit and rubbed and fussed at it until I was
sure it would clearly be,
The perfect gift for my newfound queen, to
entice her eyes t'ward me.

'Twas found upon the prairie, this bright red
jewel of no equal match.
Perhaps it was destiny, finding it there amongst
the rocks and thatch.
A perfect plastic heart, it was, but in my mind
it was purest jasper,
And just the thing to bestow on the prettiest
little gal in Casper.

A valentine beyond compare, she'd never see
another like this.
While only eight years old, there was already
thoughts of wedded bliss.
I would certainly be a shoo-in to garner this
sweet lady's hand,
Red haired, with dimpled chin, the purtiest
little gal in the land.

My heart raced, and hands were shaking while I
gave her the precious gem,
The, oh so perfect red plastic heart, with the
lacy white plastic trim.
She took it and she smiled at me, OH LORD,
what a splendid toothless smile.
I skipped away, YES SIR, I skipped, Lord,
I was ever a happy child!

No longer wanting to be Hopalong, or Roy,
or even Lash Larue.
All I wanted at that time, was to be somewhere
near my sweetheart true.
Then dash it all, woe unto me, I was jilted on
the very same day.
I saw Lucy with Teddy.and she had give my
plastic heart away..

My first love a disaster, now, how would ol'
Hoppy handle this chore.
Well.I'd be tough, and she'd not know my heart
was crushed for shore.
While Roy might have blasted that varmint
right between the eyes,
Instead I just up and told 'em, I found that
heart in a fresh COWPIE!

1/01 All Rights Reserved * David Kelley

David Kelley is a Lariat Laureate runner up.  Read more of his poetry here.




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