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Omar West
A Cowboy Kiss Can't Miss

Valentine's Day

From Omar to Pearl



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A Cowboy's Kiss Can't Miss

My gal and I
    Togetherness in life
We care, we jest
We share the best
sure a touch of strife

It’s never wise
To compromise
    The truths we’ve come to know
But, we learned this
We’d better kiss
    And let the quarrel go

To realize
Those flashing eyes
    Are planning an attack
My plan is this
I’ll try a kiss
    And hope she’ll kiss me back

We’ve thought it through
We know it’s true
    Our differences are there
Should we debate?
Or osculate?
    When angry tempers flare

It seems to me
    We’re kissing all the time
It helps prevent
An argument
    So what . . . is that a crime?

Cowboys are rough
And tough enough
    We take hard times in stride
For my morale
I kiss my gal
    Until she’s pacified

When we’re entwined
Our lips we find
    Keep one another quiet
For when we’re mute
We can’t dispute
    It works
you ought to try it !

2001 Omar West


Valentine's Day


From the bar he called at seven
"I’ll be home about eleven"
   Then he cussed her when she dared to ask him why
"Listen, girlie, quit yer bitchin’
Get yer fanny in the kitchin’
   I’ll have beef and grits and gravy……..and a pie!"

Well, the meal fulfilled his wishes
And while she was scrubbin’ dishes
   He was yawnin’ and was givin’ her the eye
"Jest ferget to clean the oven
This here cowboy needs some lovin’
   Hurry up, get over here and don’t act shy."

She said, "That aint likely, Honey
Here’s a secret……..really funny
   ‘Bout your dinner and, especially, the pie
There was somethin’ special in it
And in just about a minute
   You’ll be sleepin’ in that Bunkhouse-in-the-Sky !!"

2000 Omar West



Omar West laid the foundation of the BAR-D Ranch.  He has a shed full of poems here.





Page Fourteen









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