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Graham Dean
To May-belle

Tony Blisard
First Kiss



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To May-belle

To May-belle – an ode.
A love poem a dream
Although tongue in cheek
To some it would seem.

Now come closer May-belle and give me a chance,
I’m sure with some practice I can teach you to dance.
With you by my side we will dance through the night,
That old country hall won’t have seen such a sight.

For I am a cowboy in love with the range,
And I’ll never believe those who say our love’s strange.
My dearest dear May-belle come closer to me,
We are made for each other you fill my heart with glee.

Now we’re at the dance hall, and the man on the door,
Says the shoes you are wearing will ruin his floor.
I love you dear May-belle; he had no right to say,
You were so gosh darn ugly; I should feed you some hay.

But we should be honest they just won’t understand,
How a couple like us could be seen hand in hand.
Oh May-bell my darling you can stop crying now.
Truth is – I’m just an old cowboy and you’re just an old cow.

2001 Graham Dean.

Australian Graham Dean points out that a "Cowboy" in Australia is someone who mows lawns, milks cows, and so on, while what Americans call a "Cowboy" or "Buckaroo" is called a "Stockman," "Ringer," or "Jackaroo" down under.

Graham Dean is a Lariat Laureate runner up. 
Read more of his poetry here.



First Kiss

Strolling hand in hand through blue shadowed mist
Begging with eyes for that first kiss
Love and laughter abounds through the night
Overflowing a soul teaming with life

Passion consumes when eyes first meet
Lips are pursed and craving their feast
Yet nothing happens, something's amiss
Never getting to share that first kiss

Standing alone, reign in hand
Watching the herd, surveying the land
Remembering the girl from way back when
Dreaming of where I might of stayed then

Nudged in the back to tighten the cinch
The one I love is ready to ride fence
Wore out boots and a pocket full of change
The love of a life on the wide open range

Making the choice to ride and roam
Never knowing the love of a wife and home
Sitting a saddle twelve hours a day
Choosing to live the cowboy way

If ever again walking through mist
Chancing to share that first kiss
Hang up the spurs, put the saddle in the barn
I'll take the girl and start my own farm

Tony Blisard

You can read more of Tony Blisard's poetry here.





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