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2007 poster image by Tim Cox  2006 poster image from Joelle Smith's "Heading Home"

2004 image by Julie Rogers 2003 image by Bill Anton 2005 image by Kent Rollins

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The fifteenth annual Cowboy Poetry Week is celebrated April 17-23, 2016.

This is page 2 of Cowboy Poetry Week information, which lists some ideas for getting involved.

This page lists the 2016 activities of friends of cowboy poetry: poets, performers, radio disk jockeys, and others. It is added to continually.

See the description of Cowboy Poetry Week and more on Page 1.

Poets and friends of cowboy poetry: 

Get your schools, libraries, and community involved!  Perform your poetry, donate a book, share your knowledge.  Read about ways to get involved below.

Write to your states' Representatives and Senators, and to your states' Art Council. Let them know about Cowboy Poetry Week and send a short poem. See more about that below.

Many poets and others will pursue Cowboy Poetry Week proclamations from Governors and Mayors. You can represent your state (see more about how to do that below).

See our 2016 media release, below.

Poets' and others' 2016 activities will be listed below.




Web reproduction permitted for Cowboy Poetry Week promotion with the credit line included:
@ Gary Morton, garymorton.com "A Life Less Ordinary"
Cowboy Poetry Week 2016, CowboyPoetry.com
 Publications, email us for high resolution print reproduction information.

"A Life Less Ordinary"


New Mexico cowboy and noted artist Gary Morton's painting, "A Life Less Ordinary," is selected as the 2016 Cowboy Poetry Week poster image.

Gary Morton comments on the painting, "The cowboy life is never boring. Most of the West is still worked on horseback. Days are long and the weather is sometimes a challenge. These cowpunchers saddled up and rode out when daylight was just a promise on the eastern horizon. They have been in a high trot to get to the back side in order to make a drive. The cowboss is scattering the riders and each will gather cattle back to the roundup. It will require a sure footed horse and a good hand to handle the job. Many spur of the moment decisions will have to be made for a smooth works. Each day is a different experience and truly it is, 'A Life Less Ordinary.'"

He adds that the painting, "... is from the 06 Ranch in the Davis Mountains of far west Texas." One of the pictured riders is popular poet and cowboy Ray Fitzgerald.

Posters are never sold. They are sent to participants in Cowboy Poetry Week's Rural Library Program and sent to Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry supporters as thank you gifts.

© 2013, Jason Rich, www.jasonrichstudios.com

     2007 poster image by Tim Cox 2006 poster image from Joelle Smith's "Heading Home"

2004 image by Julie Rogers 2003 image by Bill Anton 2005 image by Kent Rollins

  Cowboy Poetry Week News and Events


Cowboy Poetry Week News and Events

 Email us your 2016 news and reports.

See the main Cowboy Poetry Week page here.


Cowboy Poetry Week News

(Find examples of last year's activities and events here)

See the Events calendar for all event listings.

Events and activities below.

This is page one. Find the latest here on page two.


  Nevada poet and writer Hal Swift  is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.


   Oklahoma poet, songwriter, and rancher Jay Snider is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.


    Poet and musician Shane Queener is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.



  Poet David L. Carlton, seventh-generation Floridian raised in the cattle industry, is working on a Cabinet resolution from the State of Florida for Cowboy Poetry Week.



   Texas writer and poet Linda Kirkpatrick is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Texas Governor Greg Abbott



    Montana poet, picker, and ranch hand DW Groethe is pursuing Cowboy Poetry Week recognition from Montana Governor Steve Bullock.


  Poet Tom Swearingen is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Oregon Governor Kate Brown.



   Reciter Jerry Brooks is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert.



   Poet and radio broadcaster Jarle Kvale of KEYA Public Radio is pursuing recognition for Cowboy Poetry Week from North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple.



South Dakota's Francie Ganje of the Heritage of the American West Performance Series is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard.



  Radio host Totsie Slover is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.


    Poet Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Wyoming Governor Matt Mead.



 Utah poet Stan Tixier is a hard-working organizer of Cowboy Poetry Week events at Utah's Weber County libraries each year. For 2016, he has set up these events:

Tuesday April 19, 2016  6:30 PM,
North Ogden Branch Library, North Ogden, Utah
Robin Arnold, Western Music and Bob Urry, Cowboy Poetry

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 6:30 PM
Southwest Branch Library, Roy, Utah
Saddle Strings, Western Music and Steve Spencer, Cowboy Poetry

Thursday, April 21, 2016  6:30 PM
Ogden Valley Branch Library, Huntsville, Utah
Coyotee Moon, Western Music and Stan Tixier, Cowboy Poetry

Saturday, April 23, 2016  1 PM
Pleasant Valley Branch Library, Washington Terrace, Utah
Dave Anderson, Western Music and Sam DeLeeuw, Cowboy Poetry.





   Washington poet and songwriter Lynn Kopelke is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Washington Governor Jay Inslee.



   Poet Bobbie Hunter is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Idaho Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter.




    Poet Keith Ward is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.






  Cowboy, packer, and poet Chris Isaacs is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.




  Poet and storyteller Marci Broyhill (www.marcibroyhill.com) is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.



    Rex Rideout is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.






  Dianetribitt2007.jpg (18039 bytes)  Poet Diane Tribitt Scott is pursuing a Cowboy Poetry Week proclamation from Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton.






April 23, 2016
Cowboyin', Horses, and Friends Choctaw, Oklahoma  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

From the organizers:

"Cowboyin', Horses, and Friends" a cowboy poetry gathering featuring Oklahoma poet, Jay Snider and friends.  Saturday, April
23, 2016 from 10:00 - 6:00.  At Hope Retreat Ranch 2320 Sandwood  Ave., Choctaw, Oklahoma.  Poetry, music, chuck wagon feed, local crafters. A family event to benefit Hope Retreat Ranch, a 501(c)3 organization that provides free equine therapy to children with disabilities.



Much more on page two ...





Get Involved!

Get involved in Cowboy Poetry Week activities! We have ideas and information about how you can be a part of the celebration and involve your libraries, schools, and communities; get your governor and mayor involved; write to your states' representatives and senators; send information to your arts council; report to newspapers and radios; write a poem for Art Spur; and more. Read how you can be a part of Cowboy Poetry week below.

  For Cowboy Poetry Week's second year, in April 2003, the United States Senate passed a resolution, with unanimous approval, recognizing our Cowboy Week celebration. In past years, twenty three states’ governors have officially proclaimed Cowboy Poetry Week and there are a growing number of activities across the West and beyond. 

Last year (2015) poets and others who worked on Cowboy Poetry Week recognition from state officials, included: Dick Morton and Jane Morton (Colorado and Arizona), David L. Carlton (Florida), Bobbie Hunter (Idaho), Geff Dawson (Kansas), Diane Tribitt (Minnesota), DW Groethe (Montana), Marci Broyhill (Nebraska), Hal Swift (Nevada), Totsie Slover (New Mexico),  Keith Ward (North Carolina), Jarle Kvale (North Dakota), Jay Snider (Oklahoma), Heritage of the American West (South Dakota), Linda Kirkpatrick (Texas), Jerry Brooks (Utah), Lynn Kopelke (Washington), and Rhonda Stearns (Wyoming). 

We're interested in pursuing recognition in all states with ranching cultures and cowboy poetry activities. If you'd like to be involved, this year or in the future, please email us.

Read more below about contacting your governor or mayor (and please let us know about your efforts).

For 2016, the following states' governors are being contacted, alphabetically by state. This list is updated frequently. Please let us know if you are contacting your governor, so that we can avoid duplicate efforts


  (Arizona)  Chris Isaacs

     (Colorado)  Rex Rideout

 (Florida) David L. Carlton

  (Idaho)  Bobbie Hunter