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2009, Lori Faith Merritt,

Tuscon, Arizona
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Heading Out

Mom was not one for Sunday meeting
Or just preferred to stay behind
I was too busy with my friends
So, as a kid, I paid no mind
But when I got older I did wonder
If she stayed home to handle chores
Things mom could do while us kids were gone
Not running in and out of doors
Time went on now Dad is gone
I have a small ranch of my own
Still, when each Sunday rolls around
I wonder what she does alone
Friends know her best the six days left
Go visit almost every day
But on the Sabbath no one calls
Which she prefers or so they say
Well, I'm her son so just for fun
I drove home Sunday before dawn
Perhaps a rude surprise but curious
To see what she had going on
Not much past five pulling in the drive
I thought she'd meet me at the door
But found her waiting with two horses
In bosal y fiador
Tacked and up in no time flat
We rode  a ways before we spoke
How did she know that I would be there?
She chuckled  like she'd played a joke
But being kind she read my mind
I felt shy and wet behind the ears
We turned up a trail before she answered
The question burning all these years
Turns out what it was all about
Had more to do with open spaces
And trail rides where she found her Lord
Than to pray in the man-made spaces
The church is fine for things divine
But she knows without a doubt
When most found God heading into town
She found Him heading out

2009, William Merritt
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


This poem was selected for the 2009 National Day of the Cowboy Art Spur

copyright 2009 by Lori Faith Merritt ( "Heading In"
2009, Lori Faith Merritt



  About William Merritt:

From William Merritt, 2009:

William Merritt is a relative newcomer to Western music as a songwriter and performer. His inspiration comes from the Sonora Desert, the cowboy, the horse, every dream that drove people to the American West and every reality they faced when they got there. An active member of the Western Music Association, William endeavors to bring Western music and poetry to world prominence. You are invited to visit his website at



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