Christmas at the BAR-D Ranch  2001

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Happy holidays folks!

We're pleased to bring you a whole new satchel of great holiday poetry for 2001. See the list below.

See all the fine poems from 2000 right here.

See all the fine poems from 2002 right here.

We celebrated Christmas every day 'til Christmas in 2001, with somethin' new for you each and every day.  

Along with our daily additions, we had plenty more holiday news and features listed there, too.


Happy holidays folks!


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Preview The Big Roundup here.  There's more order info here.

"An entertaining and heartwarming collection of modern 
and classic Cowboy Poetry.  A wonderful treasury, 
including many of my favorites."
Don Edwards


Happy holidays folks!


Christmas at the BAR-D Ranch  2001

All Holiday Poems



Listed Below Alphabetically by Poet
with poems posted in a haphazard order

Click a title to go direct to a poem or use the pointer to
just enjoy goin' from page to page



Rose Mary Allmendinger
Dear Santa,


Suzanne Ball
An Unlikely Angel


S. Omar Barker
Classic Cowboy Poetry
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
Drylander's Christmas


Dianne Baumann
Why Santa Ain't a Cowboy


Virginia Bennett
Ramona's Christmas Box


Tony Blisard
Cowboy Christmas


Barbara Bockleman
The Toaster (story)


George Bourbeau
Christmas Mystery 
Reindeer Wrangler


Barb Brown
Having a Heeler Christmas


Buckshot Dot
The Star and a Humble Cowboy
A Christmas Eve to Remember


Lanny Joe Burnett


Gail T. Burton
Cowboy's Christmas Prayer


Rusty Calhoun
Lost in the Snow (story)


Charlie Camden
(A holiday letter)


Arthur Chapman
Classic Cowboy Poetry
Christmas Shopping in Cactus Center


Janice Chapman
The Christmas Sleigh


Larry Chittenden
Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Cowboys' Christmas Ball


Badger Clark
Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Christmas Trail


Dean Cook
Grubline Carol


"California Steve" Dirksen 
Special Day


G. Don Ensminger
My Winter Conditions
Riding Up the Western Slope
Sante Fe Santa Claus
Christmas Mornings


Tim Graham
Christmas Time


Don Gregory
Playin' Santa
Cowboys and Christmas "Spirits"


Bret Harte
Classic Cowboy Poetry
Dick Spindler's Family Christmas (story)


Paul Hatch
When Pigs Fly
A Christmas Poem??


Yvonne Hollenbeck 
An Old Fashioned Christmas
The Annual Christmas Program


Sam Jackson

Country Christmas 


Frank Jordan
Yeah, That Too (story)


David Kelley
My Cowboy's Night Before Christmas


Linda Kirkpatrick
Santa Claus' Sidekick


Bruce Kiskaddon
Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Old Time Christmas
The Cowboys Christmas Dance


Henry Lawson
Classic Cowboy Poetry
Ben Duggan
The Fire at Ross's Farm


Alan Lemke
The Christmas Star


Gary "Old Buckaroo" Lundblad
A Corpus Christi Cowboy Christmas


Bunkhouse Christmas Eve 
Christmas Eve


Jean Mathisen 
An Encounter 
Carol of the Wild


Janice Mitich 
The Christmas Ox


Jane Morton
Montgomery Wards
Christmas Turkeys 


Rod Nichols
First Lariat Laureate Winner
Christmas at the Bunkhouse
Visit Rod's site for a special Christmas treat


D. J. O'Malley 
Classic Cowboy Poetry
A Busted Cowboy's Christmas


Jim Owen
A Song In His Heart
Sam T. Nickles


S. J. Passamonte 
Jinglebobs a Ringin'
A Christmas Thought


A. B. "Banjo" Paterson 
Classic Cowboy Poetry
Santa Claus in the Bush
Santa Claus


Mike Puhallo 
Christmas Shopping
Jingle Bells!!
A Cowboy Christmas


Sherri Ross


Connie Rossignol
Of Donkeys and Reindeer


Norm Rourke
Christmas Comes in a Chevy Truck


Pat "Pinto" Schutz
The Big Cold Chase


Robert Service
Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Cremation of Sam McGee
The Trapper's Christmas Eve


Charley Sierra
A Christmas Poem


Rhoda Sivell
Classic Cowboy Poetry
Happy Days


Jay Snider

Santa's Helper


Ezra Spur
Shaving Cream Santa Claus


Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns
The Rest of the Story
The Explanation


Hal Swift
Santy Claus Has a Rule
High Plains Christmas
Candles on the Christmas Tree
Santy's Christmas Trick
Santy West


Neal Torrey
Second Lariat Laureate
Goat Christmas
Celebrating Christmas in Big Piney, Wyoming


Omar West
Anna Claus


Charles Williams
Starry Night


Woody Woodruff
Another Christmas We Spend
One Christmas Eve


Byrd Woodward
Reindeer Paws
I'll Be Good
Arizona Christmas Eve


Click a title to go direct to a poem, use the pointers to
just enjoy goin' from page to page. 


See the links here for holiday news and more; our regular News Since the Last Newsletter is here.

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See all the holiday poems from 2001 right here.

See all the holiday poems from 2000 right here.


See the list of all the poems at the BAR-D here.



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