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Classic Cowboy Poetry


Anonymous Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Old Chisholm Trail
Mornin' in the Desert

The West
I Ride an Old Paint
Cattleman's Prayer
The Cross Eyed Gal
Silver Jack
The Hell-Bound Train
Bill Venero
Silver Bells & Golden Spurs
Zebra Dun
Mustang Gray
The Star Planters
The Great Round-up
Old Paint
Windy Bill
The Campfire Has Gone Out
The Cowman's Prayer
The Cowboy's Meditation
The Texas Cowboy
The Cowboy's Life  
The Pecos Stream
The Dreary, Dreary Life

The Campfire Has Gone Out (in Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys)
The Tenderfoot
Night-Herding Song
No Rest for the Horse (aka A Quiet But Useful Class)
The Cowboy's Dream
Ten Thousand Cattle Straying
John Garner's Trail Herd

The Dying Cowboy
I'd Like to be in Texas for the Roundup in the Spring
The Cattleman's Prayer/ The Cowman's Prayer
Make Me a Cowboy Again for a Day
Cowboy Jack
When Bob Got Throwed
Some Cowboy Brag Talk
Doney Gal

James Barton Adams Classic Cowboy Poetry
Bill's in Trouble
A Cowboy Toast
The Cowboy's Dance Song" ("The High-Toned Dance")
A Prospector's Thanksgiving
A Song of the Range
Thanksgiving on the Ranch

The Cowboy and the Wheel ("Gol-Darned Wheel")

Ben Arnold Classic Cowboy Poetry
His Campfire Has Gone Out
The Campfire Has Gone Out (in Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys)

Carlos AshleyClassic Cowboy Poetry
Aunt Cordie
Ole Edgar Martin
That Spotted Sow
Bob Sears' Chili Joint

"Australie" (Mrs. Heron; Emily Manning) Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Muster

Robert "Bob" Hood Reeves Axtell Classic Cowboy Poetry
Ballad of a Trail-Weary Trail-Herder

S. Omar Barker Classic Cowboy Poetry
Purt Near!
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
Drylander's Christmas
  Line-Camp Christmas Letter
Cowboy's New Year Resolutions
Shepherds of the Range
Three Wise Men
Empty Saddles at Christmas
Christmas Promise  
Watchin' Em Ride
Jack Potter's' Courtin'
Bruin Wooin'
Ranch Mother
Tall Men Riding
Breed of the Brave
Love's Hobbles
The Riders
"He'll Do!"
Into the West
Old Fence Rider
Cowboy Factory--Old Style
Grand Canyon Cowboy

The White Mustang
Code of the Cow Country
Thanksgiving Argument
Bunkhouse Thanksgiving
 Draggin' the Tree
The Norther

Pullin' Leather
Rope Music
Ranchman's Widow
Horses Versus Hosses
Saddle Lure
Curly Wolf College
Drifter's Thanksgivin'
Songs for a Land of Horseback Men
Bunkhouse Christmas
Line-Camp Christmas
Old-Time Cowboys
Four-Footed Dynamite
Tackin' on the Shoes
Canned Termaters
Useless Question
The Empty Bunk
Bear Ropin' Buckaroo
Careful, Cowboy!
What's a Bronco?

Stephen Vincent Benét Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Ballad of William Sycamore

E. A. Brininstool Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Bunkhouse Boys
The Country to the West
Remarks by "Bronco Bob"
The West
A Westerner
A Cattle Range at Night
 Autumn on the Range
The Grub-Pile Call  
His Trade-Marks
A Roar from the Bunkhouse
The Old Yellow Slicker
Unrest on the Range
Christmas Week in Sagebrush
The Cowman Jubilates

A Cowboy's Version
Frederic Remington
The Range Cook's "Holler"
The "Finale" of the Puncher
Back to the Range
Passing of the Old West
The Cowgirl
A Range Rider's Appeal
Rainy Day in a Cow Camp

Sence Slim Got Piled
Cattle Land's Farewell
On Night Herd
The Range Rider's Soliloquy
"Suffrage" in Sagebrush
The Old Colt Gun
"Old Six Gun"

The Old Log Cabin

Francis Humphris Brown Classic Cowboy Poetry
Scotty's Wild Stuff Stoo

Robert V. Carr Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Chuckwagon
In Search of Local Color
The Old Cowboy's Lament
Prairie Wolves
When Dutchy Plays the Mouth Harp
The Tryst
Real Affection

Baldy Joe's Simple Little Rhyme

Arthur Chapman Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Bunkhouse
The Cowboy's Homing
The High-Heeled Boots
The Dude Ranch
The Meeting
The Old Dutch Oven
The Old-Timer
Out Among the Big Things
Out Where the West Begins
Pete’s Error
Christmas Shopping in Cactus Center
Daylight Saving in Cactus Center
The Debate in Cactus Center
October on the Sheep Range

The Ostrich-Punching of Arroyo Al
The Old Yaller Slicker
Journalism in Cactus Center  
Valentine Day in Cactus Center
Men in the Rough
Easter at Cactus Center
The Magic Mulligan
Arroyo Al on Worry

Classic Dancing in Cactus Center
Moving Pictures in Cactus Center
Discipline in Cactus Center
The Diamond Hitch
The Herder's Reverie
The Cow-Puncher's Elegy
The Old Sheep Wagon
The Pony Express
The Sheep-Herder's Lament

William Lawrence "Larry" Chittenden Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Cowboys' Christmas Ball
Texas Types--The Cowboy
Texas Types--The Sheriff
Texas Types, "The Tenderfoot."
A Stockman's Adventures in New York
The Ranchman's Song
The Origin of the Term Maverick
Old Fort Phantom Hill
Gettin' Back to the Ranch (also known as Returning to the Ranch)

Badger Clark Classic Cowboy Poetry
A Bad Half Hour
A Cowboy's Prayer (Written for Mother)
The Glory Trail (High-Chin Bob)
To Her
The Lost Pardner
The Christmas Trail
The Free Wind  

The Passing of the Trail
The Westerner
The Piano at Red's
The Wind is Blowin'
The Bunk House Orchestra
The Rains

The Old Cow Man
The Coyote
The Legend of Boastful Bill
The Roundup
All for Nothing (prose excerpt)
The Hermitry (prose excerpt)
Jeff Hart
A Border Affair (Spanish is the Loving Tongue)

The Plainsmen
God of the Open
On Boot Hill
The Outlaw
God's Reserves
Roundup Lullaby
Thanksgiving Hymn, 1943

Song of the Leather

The Border
Saturday Night

From Town
The Rover's Toast
The Smoke-Blue Plains
The Camp Fire's Song
To the Lady of South Pass On Her Birthday Feb. 17, 1908
The Old Prospector
The Medicine Man

Ralph Garnier CooleClassic Cowboy Poetry
Desert Rat
Riding at Night
The Ranch up Yonder

Griff CrawfordClassic Cowboy Poetry
Bars in the Key of B
Cupid and Cactus

Cyclones and Dogies
Night Trails
Out Where the West Begins
The Passing of Brimstone

Captain Jack CrawfordClassic Cowboy Poetry

Broncho vs. Bicycle
The Broncho

The Burial of Wild Bill
California Joe
Klondike Balloon

Frank DesprezClassic Cowboy Poetry

Maynard DixonClassic Cowboy Poetry
In Town

To an Old Timer on New Year's Day

Eugene Field Classic Cowboy Poetry
Jest 'Fore Christmas

Curley Fletcher Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Cowboy's Prayer
The Strawberry Roan
The Pot Wrassler
Yavapai Pete
Wild Buckeroo
That Bucking Bronk, Coyote
The Saddle Tramp
Canadian Rose
The Cowboy's Soliloquy
The Ridge-Running Roan
Saga of Borax Bill
The Last Roundup
The Cow Pony's Lament
When Desert Flowers Bloom
Last of the Thundering Herd
The Desert Rat
The Sheep-Herders Lament

Drift Along Lonely Cowboy

Robert "Bob" Fletcher Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Belled Coyote

Open Range
That Li'l Baldy Hoss

J. W. Foley Classic Cowboy Poetry
Crossing the Divide

Robert Frost Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Christmas Trees

Gail Gardner Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Sierry Petes (or Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail)
Real Cowboy Life
The Dude Wrangler
The Cowman's Troubles

Judge Lysius Gough Classic Cowboy Poetry
The T-Anchor Ranch
The Palo Duro Canyon
The T-Anchor Boys
"My Grandad Was a Cowboy" story by Jim Gough

Sharlot HallClassic Cowboy Poetry
The West
Cash In
The Old Ranch Mother
Smell of Rain
When Maw Turned the Stampede
Old Cow Men's Parade

Joseph Mills HansonClassic Cowboy Poetry
The Railroad Corral

Bret Harte  Classic Cowboy Poetry
Cicely (Alkali Station)
The Old Campfire
A Question of Privilege
The Spelling Bee at Angels
Dick Spindler's Family Christmas (story)

John Hay Classic Cowboy Poetry
Little Breeches

Pecos HigginsClassic Cowboy Poetry
 ...Old Cowboy's Reunion...
The Pecos River

Brewster Higley et al. Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Western Home (Home on the Range)

Jack Horan Classic Cowboy Poetry
C.M. Russell—Montana's Own
In Memory

A. V. Hudson Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Land Where the Cowboy Grows

The Homemade Cigarette

Will JamesClassic Cowboy Poetry
The Winter Camp (prose) 

Rudyard Kipling Classic Cowboy Poetry

Bruce Kiskaddon Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Balky Horse
The Broncho Twister's Prayer
Drinkin' Water
The Duel
How a Cowpuncher Rode
Judgment Day
Pullin' Leather
That Letter
When They've Finished Shipping Cattle in the Fall
The Old Time Christmas
The Cowboys Christmas Dance
The Long Horn Speaks
The Chuck Wagon

It Might Have Been Me or It Might Have Been You
His Old Clothes
All Dressed Up
The Christmas Tree
Second Guard
The Midwinter Bath
The Long Horn Speaks (illustrated)
The Old Night Hawk

Concernin' Bill (story)
The Time to Decide
The Creak of the Leather
Her Colt
Startin' Out
He Didn't Belong
Thinkin' it Over
The Army Mule
Summer Time
Hosses and Flies
The Dutch Oven
A Habit
When You're Throwed
The Bunk House Mirror
Her Neighbor's Kids
They Can Take It

Ghost Canyon Trail
Movin' to Winter Range
Turnin' the Summer Hosses Out to Graze
An Experiment
On Foot
That Little Blue Roan
The Cow Boy's Dream
The Bell Mare
An Old Western Town
You Never Tell That
A Tough Start
The Drouth
The General Store
The Veiled Rider
Half Broke
The Ghosts at the Diamond Bar
Winter Time

The Stampede
Hook 'em Cow
Long Eared Bull
Doing Her Best
A Tangle
The Tangle

The Bundle Stiff
Merry Christmas (1933)
They Don't Thank You
A Good Cowboy
The Quitter
Headin' Fer the New Deal
The Lost Flannins
Colts (2)
Wet Boots
Cow Boy Days
Shoveling the Ice Out of the Trough
Looking Backward
The Buckaroo
The Days of Forty-Nine
New Boots
Christmas at the Home Ranch
Cold Mornin's
Cow Sense
Stringin' Along
Makin' a Break
Git Him Slicker Broke
Going to Summer Camp
The Brandin' Corral
Sidin' His Dad
Leaving the Wreck
Workin' it Over

Henry Herbert KnibbsClassic Cowboy Poetry
Where the Ponies Come to Drink
Make Me No Grave
Boomer Johnson
The Shallows of the Ford   
Riders of the Stars
Drink Deep
The Lost Range
The Dog-Star Pup
To My Dog, "Quien Sabe" (In the Happy Hunting Grounds)
Do You Remember?
Roll a Rock Down

Right of Way
Punchin' Dough
Song of the Gray Stallion
Rancho in the Rain
Bronco Shod With Wings
The Walking Man
The Edge of Town
The Bronco
So Long, Chinook!
The Lone Red Rock
The Long Road West

Little Bronc
The Sheep and the Goats
On the Range
Overland's Delight
Walkin' John

Luther A. Lawhon Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Good Old Cowboy Days

Henry Lawson Classic Cowboy Poetry
Ballad of the Drover
Out Back
The Teams
Ben Duggan
The Fire at Ross's Farm

Past Carin'

Juanita M. Leach Classic Cowboy Poetry
This God Forsaken Land

Phil H. LeNoir Classic Cowboy Poetry
Down on the Ol' Bar-G
The Finger of Billy the Kid
Ol' Dynamite  
The Puncher Poet
Eventide in Cowboyland

Henry Wadsworth LongfellowClassic Cowboy Poetry
"Psalm of Life"

Allen McCandlessClassic Cowboy Poetry
The Cowboy's Soliloquy

Harry "Haywire Mac" McClintock Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Cowboy Fireman

Tim McCoy Classic Cowboy Poetry

Frances Henry "Frank" Maynard Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Dying Cowboy (The Cowboy's Lament/Streets of Laredo) 
On the Trail
Bill Springer's Hand
The Black Cat
A Reckless Cowboy
Farewell to the Plains
Passing of the Old Frontier

Joaquin Miller  Classic Cowboy Poetry
Midnight Pencillings

Kit Carson's Ride

Whitney MontgomeryClassic Cowboy Poetry
Death Rode a Pinto Pony

Harry "Breaker" Morant Classic Cowboy Poetry
Who's Riding Old Harlequin Now

Berta Hart Nance Classic Cowboy Poetry

Will Ogilvie Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Pearl of Them All

D. J. O'Malley Classic Cowboy Poetry
A Cowboy's Soliloquy
The "D2" Horse Wrangler
After the Roundup (When the Work's All Done This Fall)
Busted Cowboy's Christmas
"Where Custer Fell" prose excerpt 
"Crow Rock, Deadman Creek, Blaisdale Butte" prose excerpt
"The Experiences of the F U F Roundup Crew Caught in the Cloudburst of June 1891" prose excerpt

Kate Putnam Osgood Classic Cowboy Poetry
Driving Home the Cows

A. B. "Banjo" Paterson Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Man From Snowy River
In the Droving Days
An Answer to Various Bards
Clancy of the Overflow

Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve
Santa Claus
Santa in the Bush
A Dog's Mistake

The Geebung Polo Club
Mulga Bill's Bicycle
The Man from Ironbark

Katherine Fall Pettey Classic Cowboy Poetry
Morning on the Desert
A Song of the Plains
The Women That Don't Fit In
The Ladies of the Canyon
The Cowpunch and James Whitcomb Riley

Edgar Allen Poe Classic Cowboy Poetry
El Dorado

Harry Noyes Pratt Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Ballad of Frisco Kate's

Buck Ramsey Classic Cowboy Poetry
Christmas Waltz
Dunder Defining
From "And As I Rode Out on the Morning":
A Ponder

Bad Job

Eben E. Rexford Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Ride of Paul Venarez

James Whitcomb RileyClassic Cowboy Poetry
Little Orphant Annie
When the Frost is on the Punkin

Decoration Day on the Place

Johnny RitchClassic Cowboy Poetry
Shorty's Saloon

Robert ServiceClassic Cowboy Poetry
The Cremation of Sam McGee
The Shooting of Dan McGrew
The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill
The Ballad of Hard Luck Henry
The Parson's Son
The Men Who Don't Fit In
The Quitter
The Trapper's Christmas Eve
The Cow-Juice Cure

Land of Beyond  
Ballad of One-Eyed Mike
The Three Voices
My Masterpiece
My Friends
Spell of the Yukon
The Rhymes of the Restless Ones

Frank Dempster ShermanClassic Cowboy Poetry
A Prayer

Rhoda Sivell Classic Cowboy Poetry
The Broncho Buster 
Come with Me to the Old Range 
The Cow-Girl
The Motherless Calf 
The Old Saskatchewan 
Our Last Ride 
The Range Call
Voices from The Range 
Happy Days
They Keep A-Stealing on You in the Night
Medicine Hat (Sunny Alberta)

Harry StephensClassic Cowboy Poetry
Night-Herding Song

N. Howard "Jack" Thorp Classic Cowboy Poetry
Little Joe, The Wrangler
What's Become of the Punchers?
The Cowboys New Year Dance  
My Little Brown Mule
Old Paint


John Wesley
The Last Longhorn

James Whilt Classic Cowboy Poetry
Ain't it the Truth?

Owen WisterClassic Cowboy Poetry
Ten Thousand Cattle Straying (Dead Broke)



Invited Poets and Songwriters

J.B. Allen
The Medicine Keepers

Trey Allen
What It Is  

No Loop Limit Or Rope-O-matic
You Ain't Sittin' Bull
9 October 2005
Life's Gamble
The Way I Remember Him

Darrell Arnold
Summer Sky
Gettin' Acquainted
Cowboy Home
Cowboy Poultry Gatherin'
So Sad the Sensitive Artist

Cow Work is All That I Know

Amy Hale Auker
"Frankie" (prose)
"Full Moon" (prose)


Snowed in with Tulips

Sally Harper Bates
Arizona Winds

Mixed Blessings
From an Old Ranch Wife
Ridin' Drag  
For My Friends, Larry & Andrea (for Larry and Andrea McWhorter)
What a Ride We've Had!!
A Leap of Faith
They're Comin' in to Water

When Granny Wore an Apron
Generic Titles

Mike Beck
Don't Tell Me

Amanda Come Home

In Old California

J. W. Beeson
 Rosie's Eagle
Last of a Breed
The Teacher
Nevada Blue Memories
The Time Machine
The Bear Trap

Virginia Bennett
Addressing Paul, stocked and pilloried, at a ceremony
 of public humiliation (have you ever heard of "private 
humiliation?"), Elko, 2003
for Paul Zarzyski 
We Are The Poets
Lookin' for Cows, Fawn Creek, 1993
Joelle Smith

El Fuego
The Lion

Baxter Black
The Buckskin Mare
Good Bye, Old Man
Legacy of the Rodeo Man

Brian Brannon
The Guide
Of Leather, Hemp and Wood
Phantoms of the Forbidden
Shovel Pass

Hyper Hornets and Hoppin' Horses
Angels A-Hossback
Crossing the Prophet

Darin Brookman
Some Men
The Gather


Jerry Brooks
First at the Face

JV Brummels
Flat Earthers
Long Shadows
Slant of Light

Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson)
The Big Spread
Cowboy Goes A'Courtin'
Dancing with Dad
Dining Out
He Said, "They'll Know Who I Am"
Legacy of Levi's
Maverick Love Affair
The Roan and the Pontiac
Sad Day for Trail Dust a tribute to Mason Coggin

Old Hank Morgan's Place in Jean Prescott feature
The Other Mother

Duct Tape and Balin' Wire
Morning in the High Hills
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve

Les Buffham
The Belle of the Cowboy's Ball
Sayin' Goodbye
The Hour Before Dawn
A Cowboy Callin'
The Sermon
Cowboy From the Rockies
Driftin' with a Song

Wet 'n Wishin'
Three Days and Forty Fires
Spin That Pony

Shawn Cameron
Cactus, Sand and Stone (or Corrientes and the Cowboy)
The Echo of Jangling Spurs

Patty Clayton
Ben and Ole's Land
Pa'u Riders
The Vaquero and Me

Ellie Corrigan
Satan Stallion
Listening for the Chains

Doris Daley
A Christmas Prayer
Answering Machine
A Letter to Mr. Russell
100 Years From Now
One Good Horse
All My Trails
Average Girl
Mr. No Regrets
The Great Canadian Cowboy
A Baxter of Blacks
A Real Partner

Frank Daniel
The First Buck
I'm the Man
Cobb and Co.

Stephanie Davis
Baling Twine
Goodnight Little Cowpup

Trail's End Theme Song

Robert Dennis
Horse Trade
The Gift
Manuel Coy
Night Sport
The Quest
Green and White
Bringing Home Christmas

At His Own Pace
Cowboy Poets?
Deer Hay
Spring Dance

John Dofflemyer
Near Mote, Nevada
Bull Pen
John Cutler's Cowboys
Morning Pause

Ray Doyle
The Emigrant Trail
The Jewel
The Jigger Boss

Bette Wolf Duncan
Shaney Ridge
Sacrifice Cliff
A Dying Cowboy's Prayer
He'll Make a Cowboy Yet
Empty-Cradle Sad
Cattle Country Trilogy
Westward Ho, Their Wagons Rolled
My Pretty Patch of Green

Flowers for Annie
The Old Man Was a Cowboy
Heading Home  
8 Seconds From Glory

The Blue Ribbon Words Of The Blue Ribbon Man a tribute to Rod Nichols
Field of Dreams
Goin' for Broke
Cowboys Don't Cry
The Red Lodge Rodeo
The Men From Way Out West—A Different Breed!
Rainbows on the Brain
She Talked with Horses
The Broken-Hearted House
First Year on the Prairie
Christmas Gathering
J.B.'s Song
After the Gatherin'